Awake Hindus… before its too late

Lakhs of Hindus are routinely being converted and we are under siege.

Awake Hindus... before its too late
Awake Hindus... before its too late

Hindus are forced to follow pseudo secularism which weakens them by the hour and will eventually result in their destruction. Please wake up before it’s too late.

Hindus were a fierce race whose Gods and Goddesses were all armed, whose Lord Krishna urged war, including the slaying of brothers, to kill adharma.  Lord Rama also did likewise and slayed Ravana. He did not go on fast to recover Sita. This glorious tradition was upheld by Rana Pratap, Chhatrapati Shivaji, Rani Chennamma, Rani Jhansi and others. Then came a so-called mahatma who castrated an entire nation with his fake philosophy of non-violence.  He killed the tradition of Netaji Bose, Bhagat Singh etc

The ISI is working overtime to encourage caste divisions through its front organisations as is happening now

That’s why today we have the pathetic spectacle of Hindus being unable to build temples at their three most holy places of Ayodhya, Kashi and Mathura. Three lakhs Hindus were kicked out of Kashmir valley by pro- Pakistan elements and we are not doing anything about it.  Forty lakh foreigners are occupying Assam. Rohingyas are moving the Supreme Court.  A sizable section of the population doesn’t chant Vande Mataram and now, many are saying no to even the national anthem. There is no uniform civil code and we cannot even defend our cows. Lakhs of Hindus are routinely being converted and we are under siege.

The ISI is working overtime to encourage caste divisions through its front organisations as is happening now.  It’s time we regained our real martial tradition and asserted ourselves as a nation. Pakistan and Bangladesh both have declared themselves to be Islamic nations, but Hindus are forced to follow pseudo secularism which weakens them by the hour and will eventually result in their destruction. Please wake up before it’s too late.

1. The views expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of PGurus.

Advocate and Senior Journalist who was formerly City Editor & Chief of Bureau of The Times of India, Mumbai. He has also served in the MumbaiMunicipal Council.
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  1. Hindus are not Sleeping it’s a negative thinking of the editor. The country is having majority Hindus and the growth of the nation is registered. If anyone feels Hindus needs to Wake up… then it is a call for Hindu Talibanization.

    The thoughts of Islamic Talibanization had destroyed the Muslim Countries and there is hate among themselves.

    Such calls are not for good but for self disturbances.

    India is first developing Country to reach the position up to the mark of Developed Nations. Bcz it is a Secular Country.

    • Hindus are sleeping but when they are being urged to awaken it creates a problem with people like you belonging to the Abrahamic cults. In 1947, a country called Pakistan was created by your co-religionists and at the time of creation of pakistan, the hindu populatioin was 30% but today they are less than 3%. What has happened to the Hindu populaiton there? Same is the case of Bangladesh and within our country, the same is of kashmir. All the Hindus who were 25% were driven out by the Islamists. Even now, in many states like Assam,BEngal and Kerala, Islamists are fast becoming the dominant group. So Hindus do need to wake up and remember there is no such thing as Hindu Talibans, or radicals or any Fundamentalists in Hindus. These are all purely diseases of the Abrahamic religons mainly Christianity and islam. Hindus have to wake up and protect our country and it is not only going to be beneficial to Hindus but it will be so for Muslims too as the existence of various groups of muslims can become threatened once the country becomes Islamic. You had your country called Pakistan in 1947 but you chose not to go because you felt more secure in India. The reason being India has a Hindu population and culture that is inherentlh secular, tolerant and peaceful. However you would not like Hindus to assert themselves and protect themselves from annihilation but you want to live under their protective umbrella.

  2. Am here by accident. surprised to see the vulnerability of my community brothers being Brainwashed. I would assume this how any terrorist organizations started by some idiots being brainwashed to terrorize their own brothers and sisters. Only the community respects humanity more than religion could save my country.

  3. Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Shoonya ki ginti aayi thi.
    Kautilya ne shaastra racha,
    Sikander ne shikast khai thi.
    Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Rana ki talwaar dahaada karti thi,
    Veer Shivaaji ki yuddh neetiyaan
    Mughalon ko lalkaara karti thi
    Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Mangal Pandey ne chingaari chhedi thi,
    Yahi to Lakshmibai ne swayam,
    Company ki puri sena bhedi thi.
    Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Vivekanand swayam raha karte the,
    Bhagat singh, Chandrashekhar, Subhash,
    Chillakar, “inqulab” kaha karte the.
    Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Tilak, Nehru ne laathiyaan khai thi,
    Gandhi ne Satya Ahinsa,
    Ki soch yahi par pai thi.
    Tu aaj jaha hai khada waha par,
    Godse ne goli chalai thi,
    “Hey Ram” ki pukaar Gandhiji
    Ke antarman se aayi thi.
    Yaad rahe, yeh jagah,
    Bahut mehenge daam par aayi hai,
    Kishton me aazaadi paane kya,
    Laakhon ne jaan gavaee hai?
    Yaad rahe, poorn tujhe,
    In sabka kaam karna hoga,
    Yaad rahe, ab tujhe,
    Swayam Raam banna hoga.

  4. Y shouldn’t we think beyond to name India as BHARATH.. Y because BHARATH is hindu… HINDU IS BHARATH.. let’s say and identify INDIA AS BHARATH globaly

  5. Hindus suffer from few critical flaws
    ** Abrahamic religions like Christians and Muslims gather on Sunday and Friday .This is when the priest or maulanas gives sermons whom to vote and provide a general direction to the crowd on every issue concerning the group. Among Hindus they don’t gather thus there is complete absence of group strength and they are totally directionless.
    **Concept of everything is Maya and what has happened is as per our karma has created havoc to the Hindu society. This has made the entire community sit on hands and believing world is one, we are all same same.
    **Hindus should seriously work towards getting rid of caste system. When you have Tarun Vijay nearly stoned to death for leading a Dalit group into a temple in Uttaranchal, politicians telling caste system doesn’t exit is a hallow talk. Why would I be with a religion which demean me as a human, I better convert.
    **I have noticed Hindu group in north east which also retain their original pre Hindu deity and worship them also retain those fighting spirit. Encouraging local deity (kul devata) along with Hinduism might work in some cases. The Christians evangelist are so smart that they now stared driving wedge between the local deity and Hindu Gods.
    **If Hinduism go downhill it would be because of Brahmins. I find Tamilians Brahmins keep on telling they came from north say Gujarat, Uttaranchal etc. It could be true but after living in Tamil Nadu for a thousand year you are a Dravidian Brahmin not a kashi Brahmin. I find Brahmins always want to stay separate from other local populace, may be to preserve their status in caste ladder, be it east or west. This is in west what they call “behaving as if having Jesus Christ’s blood.”

  6. We must understand that enough is enough. Lord Ram and Lord Krishna could not avoid war after all efforts. Shastr and Shaastr ie weapons and scriptures both are equally necessary to survive. There is a limit to tolerance. When our survival is at stake, we should not wait and watch. It is already late. Let us learn from history and take decisive action here and now.

  7. Hindus after conversion become more barbaric and more anti-Hindu than Muslims and Christians!
    Worst enemies of Hindus are, of course, the HINOs (Hindus in Name Only) and pseudo- seculars and Left-Liberals. Each one of them need to be called out in every which occasion and countered with facts and logic.

  8. Caste system are badly affecting the Hindu religion. Hindus should and must unite for their existence. Yes, I support NDA govt. For recent NRC for Assam. Main problem is that certain media sections are supporting suedo secularism, which eventually weakens the main structure of our society. There is only one solution to Pakistan problem, and that is war, there is no other solution, India has tried for peace for last 70 years, but nothing has happened. Pakistan is parasite for us, divide them into 4.

  9. ‘To win over your opponent you must be conversant in his tactics’ the same way Hindus must expose the absurdities contained in Christianity & Islam and make it a mass movement through religious organizations. Temples must be out of shakles of politicians. In tirupati there are more than 1500 Christians. As rightly said by Balakrishnan sir abrahamic religions are taking advantage of caste system in Hindus but Hindus also take the same to exploit divisions in other religion like Sunni & Shia, catholic & protestants etc., and convert them to Hindus. The present situation in Kashmir was to some extent on Hindus when muslims wanted to convert to Hinduism the then king asked scholars and they said there is no such thing called conversion in Hinduism this concept made Hindus minority in Kashmir. Hindus should follow vigorously like ISKON to convert to sustain.

  10. The Muslims were aggressive and the missionaries are fraudulent. But what about Mrs Gandhi who, through change in the article 15 A to add the word propagate after practice made it possible. Does anyone know about this constitutional amendment? The rampant conversions in Andhra and Tamilnadu is a relatively recent phenomenon to which this booster dose was given by Gandhi

  11. Chanakya when was trying to make chadragupt the king was opposed by group brahmins ask3d them that for this division future will get harmed and the same is happening . We hindus are divided the cast3 system needs to be thrown away asap so that every hindu feels proud to be a hindu and dont gets converted to any other dharm . If it is not done then hindus are going to kill hinduism. Unite hindus and rise up to the glory u are made for or else slowly hindu will be the story of past.

  12. Hindus are under siege and for some strange reason it seems that this siege is a beginning of an awakening and the start of a Hindu revolution leading to a Hindu renaissance. What is most important is the word Hindu that needs a very clear and definite understanding as to what constitutes a Hindu identity. So many things needs to get developed consecutively and diametrically for a quick understanding of a profound identity as a Hindu. Hinduism took an identity as religion only after Adhi Shankara decided to take the concepts of ancient India of the Siddhars called the Aseevagam concept of EluMuni and EluKanni or Saptarishis in Sanskrit. India needs to resolve the Tamil and Sanskrit origin and how and who lived, long before the Mahabaratha wars, who was Lord Krishna and further into the Ramayana period to determine the language of that time and as to the type of people and culture that was prevalent at that time. There too was the 3 sangam period that saw the 1st Sangam with Lord Shiva making his advent onto earth and teaching the basic concepts of language in hieroglyphic form some 22K years ago BP, then the advent of Lord Muruga about 12,000 YBP when the full form of the early Tamil language took shape. Finally the 3rd Sangam saw the great Tamil literatures being written such as the Tolpakkiyam, Sillapatikaram, etc. about 3K YBP. Hinduism took it current form after Adi Shankara (788-820 AD). The original Hindu concept of Aseevagam must be first understood as that was the beginning of a cultural revolution that took place in the Indian subcontinent that also saw the Tamil language as a global language spoken across the world including by the Mayans, Sumerians and every other race in Asia including Indonesia, Indochina and even Australia. Thus a major revolution in archaeological studies must be initiated to unify Hindus through history, etymology, linguistics, astro-archaelogy, myths etc. A concerted effort must be initiated by the ASI with full financial assistance to bring back India’s past if true unity is to be achieved.


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