BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde complains to Prime Minister & Home Minister to probe against Twitter’s anti-India policies and money-making

A written complaint by a former Central Minister and current Member of Parliament Anantkumar Hegde could have serious consequences for Twitter

A written complaint by a former Central Minister and current Member of Parliament Anantkumar Hegde could have serious consequences for Twitter
A written complaint by a former Central Minister and current Member of Parliament Anantkumar Hegde could have serious consequences for Twitter

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Member of Parliament (MP) Anantkumar Hegde filed a complaint seeking probe against Twitter’s anti-India stance, promoting policies and propagandas to tarnish India and Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah. In a detailed complaint, the BJP MP from Uttara Kannada said that Twitter demanded him to delete his tweet on Tablighi Jamaat and now locked his account (@AnantkumarH) for not deleting the tweet. BJP’s firebrand MP Hegde pointed out various instances of Twitter promoting anti-national propaganda of Khalistanis and in his detailed letter, he demanded that the Information Technology Department and other agencies must book the India-hating people employed at / and associated with Twitter India and Twitter headquarters.

Anantkumar Hegde in his detailed two press releases with many screenshots accused Twitter of accepting money and engage in promotional tweets by Canada-settled Khalistani terror outfits. “The logic and algorithms that Twitter uses should be shared and vetted by Indian Government/ Law Enforcement agencies for screening anti-India tweets,” said Hegde in the complaint to Prime Minister and Home Minister.

“If these tweets are promoted, then Twitter should declare money/ business generated from any suspected anti-India commercial operation. As newspapers, televisions are governed under law of the land same should be applied here as this also is a sponsored activity,” said Hegde.

Hegde reiterated that he will never agree to Twitter’s demand in deleting his tweets against Tablighi Jamat and Khalistanis. He also demanded that the Government of India must look into the activities of Facebook and revenue earned from Indian operations.

“I urge the Government of India to investigate the motives behind such acts by Twitter Inc. It must also be investigated if money is exchanged or personal like or dislike of decision-maker of Twitter leads to such actions to promote Anti-India, Anti-BJP, Anti-Modi, Anti-Indian establishments Tweets,” demanded the BJP MP in his petition to the Prime Minister and Home Minister.

The detailed press releases including his complaint to Prime Minister and Home Minister by BJP MP Anantkumar Hegde is published below:

Press note 1 by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. The amount of hate towards other religions in this comment section.
    Oh my god
    What do you mean you can’t be anti bjp or anti modi ?
    Just because you are anti bjp doesn’t mean you are anti national .
    Bjp is known for creating communal rift.
    Also why can’t you just live together.
    Every one’s human being.
    It’s humanity first not religion.
    If only we accepted that we would have developed to unimaginable heights by now.

  2. I am also a victim of twitter for posting a factual link to what the jihadis are doing. Twitter mkes billions from India. Order them to unlock blocked Hindu accounts or face complete blockage by Indian ISPs. We can do it unofficially also. Lets see how long they can survive without India.
    We also need to look for an Indian twitter that will replace these anti-Indian paid muslim slaves

  3. It will take time to establish favorable ecosystem and only money can do it. Money of hindus is in the control of govt controlled temple bodies. Liberate temples , legislate an all india hindu temples democratic statutory body for the management of temples , elections after every five year like sikh gurudwara management body. The offerings and fund of temples shall be more than enough to feed and shut any stray dog. Go for it without any delay.

    • For anything you want to do in this world, you require money. Hence to take care of temples ,Agraharas ie colonies were built for archakas around temples and every temple had vast tracts of land on which grains were produced for consumption by villagers, and through sale of produce, expenses for rituals were met. This was how kings patronised and spread hindu culture and dharma. A plan I feel is feasible,
      1) Every state can have a trust to manage all temples, and reporting to Vatican type module say VHP. Aadheenams, mutts, missions to be omissioned as they are managed thru parampara.
      2) some lakhs of acres of land is held by temples, which can be used for multiple revenue generation.
      3) VHP can raise funds through donations from Hindus all over the world as Christians do.

      The money will be so huge, it can stop conversions and feed and educate all Hindus.Not much can be expected from BJP, so the task is left to to powerful sanyasis to take the lead.

    • No coercion is the name of the game. Throw them out and we will be far better off. We can create a better platform than Muslim derriere lickers

  4. I do not understand why any one in this world could be anti-India except Pakistan. India is a liberal democracy and it is the duty of every citizen of this country to allow India to continue to be a liberal democracy. There are many Indian working in companies like Twitter and Facebook and I don’t think they would want to harm Indian interests in any way. Anantha Kumar, MP, is famous for his fake news factory called Post Card news. It is astonishing how he got the moral courage and conscience to say that Gandhiji’s independence struggle was a drama. There is a strong reason as to why Congress and not Hindu Mahasabha or other fringe group became the leader of independence movement and this is a subject matter of another debate.

    The shrillness with which the word ‘Hindu’ is uttered these days does not bode well for the well being of our country. India is not a theocratic country and religion is a deeply personnel matter. The strategy of countering Muslims and Christians by outdoing their evangelism, regimentation and arrogance of exclusivity is bound to fail. We don’t want to borrow from the books of the Talibans or Ku Klux Klan. It is a pity that, after 70 years of independence, the PM of our country starts using the word “Hindu” in election campaigns.

    There is a proper way to counter Khalistan voices in social media. And the proper way is not to counter Khalistan voices by creating a Hindu Vs Sikh fight. If you try to disregard the rules of social media set by companies like Facebook or Twitter, you are bound to be thrown out of the platform. There is also a way to point of mistakes (privacy, data protection), if any, committed by these platforms and give them an opportunity to correct. There are reasonable restrictions for free speech. Writing a letter to the Home Minister to scare social media companies saying that they are operating from Hindu land and so they better behave is to show to the whole world that we come from a barbarian culture. It looks like Anatha Kumar Hegde wants India to copy China in dealing with social media companies. Follow the Taliban or the Christian orthodox church or China is not the way to go.

    • What is wrong in calling India a hindu nation ? It is the oldest civilisation ravaged by Islamists. In 1947 Indian Muslims got Pakistan and while Hindus got India, some traitor Hindus gave shelter to Muslims in India and invented a word secularism. Instead of grateful to Hindus for giving separate land to Muslims, the ungrateful Indian Muslims have become a nuisance to India . Their behaviour during CAA and corona events prove it. Pl do not post using a hindu name and be gracious to introduce your real name. Taaqia will not work, and do not threaten Hindus.

      • Before independence, Bengal, Punjab, Sindh and North West Frontier (NWFP) provincial governments provinces were ruled by Muslim League (last two in coalition with Hindu Mahasabha!!) with other provinces and the federal government rule by Indian National Congress. There were various forms of post-British governments that were being discussed with one of the options being seriously considered was to give NWFP, Sindh, Punjab and Bengal to Muslim League and other provinces to Congress. As giving whole of Punjab and Bengal was not at all acceptable to Congress, this plan was shelved.

        India was a land of 550 kingdoms. The kingdoms that were in the control of the British were divided between India and Pakistan and the kingdoms such as J & K that had their own kings were given the option to either align with India or Pakistan. From time immemorial, religion did not bind people and this is how it should be. Why should Hindus copy muslims to unite based on religion? As most of muslims in India were son of the soil, religion is a personal matter and there was no concept of a single nation, creation of Pakistan is not a favor done to muslims. The decision to stay in or come to India or stay in or go to Pakistan for anyone living in 1947 could not have been anything but voluntary.

        As India is not a theocratic state, openly talking about religion to polarize people, especially for electoral gains is to do a great disservice to the nation. Though India has many religions and castes, by and large, there is no institutional bias or discrimination based on religion and caste and this should continue. Hindus being discriminated in this country is laughable. Right wing political parties have carved a political space for themselves by peddling Hindu persecution myth. The minority communities talked about as enjoying appeasement politics are at the bottom of the pyramid rendering appeasement politics, if true, as plain lip service and nothing more.

        • You have minimal knowledge of Bharat, peddling Marxist history. Islam was born in 7th century and Muslim invasion started around 11th century. India may have 1000 kingdoms like present day states, but were all sanatanies, not exploring people in the name of their faith.

          India is a theocratic state believing in ONE god, but gave space to individuals to explore many manifestations of God. Islam is a theocratic state where Allah ( god ) is supreme, with NO manifestations. This loophole was exploited by foreigner invaders and causing divisions and exploitation of Hindu society. Pl don’t discredit a society which gave you food, shelter and respect which Hindus don’t get in majority,Islamic nations.

          Is there peace in Middle East , where they pray 5 times a day ? Hindu land of Pak was taken killing Hindus. Do you expect peace there, where every ruler had a miserable death. Karma applies to nations also.

  5. It is clear that entire western media is anti India, anti Hindu and pro jehadists and leftist. The only way to counter this propaganda is not by truth but propaganda. This costs money. When Soros is spending more than 1 billion $ on anti India rangers, Modi and team have spent nothing.

    As economy got busted, it is time for Modi and team to get into new clothes. Empower Hindus. Spend a lot on pro India ads in world magazines and media. Groom Indian journalists by throwing buiscuits.

    US is known by perception created in movies, so is Dubai and China. Remove IB minister and bring S Irani, change will be visible.

  6. This is very good and very necessary action. Twitter has become anti-Hindu, anti-BJP, anti-India, Anti-Modiji. It is defaming Hindus and Hinduism and spreading Hinduphobia. It has become a big site describing the fake stories of Muslim repressions by Hindus.

    • Anti bjp is not anti india
      Anti modi is not anti india
      So if some person in army doesn’t support bjp is he anti Indian?

  7. Twitter can and will only tolerate anti India, anti Modi and anti BJP rants. I see sometimes the content is so much of hate and yet these handles are very active and have never seen them either being deleted or locked. But as each of us know, twitter is only to tweet, but the actual chirping happens elsewhere. Those so called social media savvy dumstards don’t know the final outcome. It is decided by people elsewhere who have full faith in the present government. But, nevertheless a good moveby AKH as he is always known for not mincing his words when he calls a thief a thief.

    • dont feel so frustrated.. You are not at their place and they know their job better than any of us.. read more about patience and how you can continue supporting keeping your patience intact.. we waited for 73 yrs for article 370, teen talak etc so dont be judgemental

    • You are correct.

      They are not only paper tigers, but pen tigers too.

      The Pen is mightier than the sword.

      Mr, Modi and Mr Shah use the Law, they use Dharma.

      They work for all humanity

      The anti Dharmic forces, anti Bharat forces, use mindless violence to hurt our society.

      We have Dharma, the law on our side.

      The mindless zombies will get their just dues.

      Be patient, even though it is tough.

  8. Twitter is full of Pro-Left and Jehadi elements doing all nasty things against those have different ideology. Govt must fix these biased Social Media platforms if they want to operate in India.


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