RVS Mani on how 26/11 was depicted in the movie Hotel Mumbai

RVS Mani, who was at the Home Ministry Control Room running ops while 26/11 was being carried out in 12 locations, discusses the events and how factual the depiction of the same in the movie Hotel Mumbai is.


  1. In the previous hangouts, lot of times Mr.Mani spoke about sleeper cells not having been adequately probled. This time you dwelved on that point and it was nice to here a more nuanced response from Mr.Mani.

    As far as your questioning on the sequence of Kasab and his accomplice shooting at the Officers in the closed jeep, I am not a local mumbaikar but would try to recall as per news reports then. There were three officers Mr.Hemant Karkare, Ashok Kamte and VijaySalaskar. They were all having automatic weapons but could hardly move within the jeep’s space when them faced the sudden volley from both gunmen on both sides of theside walk within Cama hospital space. All three were pulled out and these two drove the jeep outside the Campus but probably because it was a police vehicle, they decided to shift to a regular vehicle and ended up hijacking one Honda or some such sedan car after pulling out the owner. After some point, they came across a check post. To prevent police men from taking a peek at them, they put on the water and wiper when Mr.Omble and others walked up close and opened the vehicle door. Now it was the terrorist’s turn to suffer from lack of space and Mr.Omble’s courage and the rest is history.

    Yes, couple of policemen walking inside Taj with a revolver and that second world war vintage rifle, you may put it down to that Maratha valour, what else one can say.


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