Dr. Swamy’s talk about Black Money at IIM-B

Black Money - Dr. Swamy supplies proof of how catching big fish deters the others from indulging in corruption

Black Money can be brought back… here’s how!

Instead of just making sound bites that Black Money can be brought back, Dr. Swamy, in this lecture, details formulaically a step-by-step process by which it can be curbed and in the long term eliminated.

This video is a student’s delight as Dr. Subramanian Swamy proves how Black Money can be curbed by the technique of going after the highest net worth individuals. You may want to bookmark this video and see it again and again to grasp the reasoning behind it.

This is a play list that makes up the whole lecture. Click on Part 1, 2 and so on…

A crisp introduction, in which the Speaker recalls how one Union Minister in the cabinet of Shri P V Narasimha Rao (PM) wanted Dr. Swamy to go slow on a particular issue. To this the then PM replied, “No one can stop Swamy, once he makes up his mind.”

Due to time constraints, Swamy had to charter a flight to come from Chennai so he could make it in time for this lecture. Listen to him start off this juicy lecture by talking about a former student of his at Harvard, who went on to become the Finance Minister of India. He (the former FM) was described as a “playboy” who ended up failing Dr. Swamy’s class! We leave it to you to deduce who Dr. Swamy is referring to.

He also recalls a bright student from IIT Delhi, whom Dr. Swamy recommended to Harvard. He went on to great heights in his career in the US but greed got the better of him. He was implicated in an insider trading case and sentenced to jail. The person in question, Rajat Gupta owed his rise and fall to Dr. Swamy as he was netted in a case that Dr. Swamy had initiated to track illegal shipment of arms by the Liberation Tigers for Tamil Eelam (LTTE).

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