Business Standard continues with Paid News to whitewash Chidambaram’s corruptions

Is Chidambaram pure as driven snow? This Biz-Std post seems to say so...

Are the Chidambarams as pure as driven snow?
Is Chidambaram pure as driven snow? Graphic courtesy Business Standard.

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]here is flattery. Then there is obeisance and a level higher, genuflection. One is at a loss to rank this Aditi Phadnis post as to where it belongs! Paid News in Indian media is back with a bang (one might ask, with reason as to when it went away!) as all of a sudden these are coming out of the woods, especially in the recent past. Recalling old debts/ Calling in favours – call it whatever you want.

Only a worshiper of Chidambaram or a Paid News writer can write like this.

A write-up appeared in the Business Standard personifying Karti and father Chidambaram. Shockingly this piece was written by veteran journalist Aditi Phadnis, Political Editor of the newspaper.

In  the May 19th  published article titled No stranger to political rumbles the writer rues the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for targeting Karti and P Chidambaram. The lady journalist even issues a certificate to Chidambaram that he can’t be influenced or bribed!!!

One such gem from the Political Editor of Business Standard: “Anyone who has worked with P Chidambaram knows it is impossible to influence, bribe or blackmail him into doing anything. And he knows administrative process and the law too well to break it.” Only a worshiper of Chidambaram or a Paid News writer can write like this.

The writer also asserts that “Neither Karti nor his father, P Chidambaram, is overly anxious about the current troubles.” The writer’s anxiety over the charges of CBI on the father and son can be seen across the piece. She also tries to put the blame on Government Secretaries for granting the dubious Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance, where his son Karti is caught by CBI for pocketing around Rs. Five crores ($775,000).

We saw Business Standard caught with another Paid News-like item yesterday, doubting the merit of CBI’s 12 page First Information Report(FIR).

Business Standard is now caught like The Hindu newspaper’s infamous publication of former Telecom Minister A. Raja’s full page interviews glossing over the 2G Scam. Media houses must realize that they will drown with their political masters as it is becoming increasingly clear that the corrupt can run but they can’t hide.

PGurus has listed the humongous assets amassed by Chidambaram family across the Globe in a detailed article.

Below is the accolade piece by Aditi Phadnis to the Chidambarams:
Biz Std post on KC
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  1. They are just repaying the debts they owe to the corrupted Congress who shared the looted booty along with these media persons

  2. Its true that there is a link btwn the politicians and the scribes. With this link as a tool they can make or break anything. Some journos without any knowledge about the beach mineral industry fabricated many false stories which has led to the ban on the beach mineral industry in tamilnadu. More than 20000 people have lost their source of income. But who cares. The only remedy is that journos should be made acountable

  3. Ad hominem attacks on known persons and an entity are an anathema to journalistic ethics and norms. Secondly, criminal justice systems in all the evolved democracies of the world accord give the accused the privilege of presumption of innocence until such a time that the charges are proven in a court of law.

    In India we do things differently. Presumption of guilt long before even a charge sheet is filed has become a norm. As a democracy we are still evolving.

  4. Interesting usage of the word “lady”,,in the olden days the usage was specific to a woman of some social standing,,in these days of politically correct, a cleaning woman is also a cleaning lady? I think the chor family issue will be the pied piper to expose all rats/bandicoots in media and lead them to their decimation.Good riddance of stinking garbage..

  5. Karti Chidambaram did not seek the “assistance of law”. He abused the law by invoking a section of the IT Act and using his father’s clout as Union Minister to pressurise the Pondy Police to arrest the man who had sent a tweet to his followers. Abuse of that section led to its being declared unconstitutional to the detriment of several women who are now victims of stalking. The tweet “Have information that Karti Chidambaram has amassed more wealth than Vadera” is now proving true. Will he dare to go that route again.

  6. Business Standard had lost its credibility long back, and never regained it. Yet its biased (is that the right word?) writers are invited on panel discussions on TV shows. So, the rot runs wider and deeper.


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