CAG findings rap AMU teachers for misappropriation of funds in civil works

Misappropriation of funds by professors at AMU in the spotlight

CAG findings point to mis-appropriation of funds at the AMU
CAG findings point to mis-appropriation of funds at the AMU

[dropcap color=”#008040″ boxed=”yes” boxed_radius=”8px” class=”” id=””]T[/dropcap]he Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG)’s audit team has caught teachers of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) for financial impropriety in awarding civil contracts. Prof. Ali Athar, chairman and Coordinator of the Centre of Advanced Study, Department of History who is serving as Director of Musa Dakri Museum, AMU since 2014 has been charged of gross financial irregularity and corruption in the Museum by the recent Audit Report of the Office of the Principal Director of Audit, Lucknow.

The CAG’s findings are published at the end of this report. “Unauthorised expenditure of Rs.46.33 lakh ($69,000) incurred on the establishment/ up-gradation of Musa Dakri Museum in the University in contravention of the prescribed GFR (General Financial Rules), CPWD Manual, and instruction of the University,” points out auditors. Musa Dakri, an American Alumni of AMU had donated Rs.59.78 lakhs ($89,000) for the up-gradation of the University Museum.

Apart from Prof. Ali Athar, the CAG’s findings also indicts another AMU official Syed Sultan Salahuddin. “Coordinator Prof Ali Athar, Department of History and DFO Student Section Syed Sultan Salahuddin are liable for making excess payment to contractor and not depositing the said dues in the concerned head of revenue,” said the report, rejecting the replies given by the University.

It also finds irregularities in Rs.9.5 lakh worth of electrical works, executed without proper norms. The LED lights installation worth Rs.4.76 lakh ($7,000) was also involved in financial bungling. The CAG’s findings exposes that most of the works were executed in an improper manner by awarding contracts to M/s Shakeel Enterprises and local contractors in Aligarh.

Finding the University’s replies unacceptable, the CAG also recommends action from Union HRD Ministry and UGC to recover the loss of public money from the errant teachers and officials.

This of course is not the first charge of financial bungling against Prof. Ali Athar. He was abruptly removed from the office of Member-in- charge of University Printing Press during the tenure of Vice Chancellor, Prof.  P K Abdul Aziz. Due to mishandling of funds the charge was seized from him at midnight. Unfortunately Prof. Ali Athar has been made director of the Museum by the present Vice Chancellor, Lt. Gen. Zameeruddin Shah.

The report is 10 pages long (Cover page – Hindi, 9 page report in English)

Cag Aligarh University

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