CBI must interrogate crooked Prannoy Roy and his wife and ED must attach their properties

CBI and ED have all they need to respectively interrogate and attach properties of Radhika and Prannoy Roy

CBI and ED have all they need to respectively interrogate and attach properties of Radhika and Prannoy Roy
CBI and ED have all they need to respectively interrogate and attach properties of Radhika and Prannoy Roy

At last the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has cracked down on the frauds committed by Prannoy Roy, his wife Radhika Roy and their shell firm RRPR Holdings Ltd.  The Roys were caught laundering and siphoning huge amounts of money from the publicly listed NDTV and cheating its other shareholders. SEBI’s Order on June 14 is a vindication of the FIRs filed by CBI and ED in mid-2017.

Now the billion dollar question is why the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and the Enforcement Directorate (ED) have not yet summoned the accused Prannoy Roy and wife Radhika for the past two years after conducting raids at their homes. The CBI raided Prannoy Roy’s home in June 2017 for cheating ICICI Bank of more than Rs.45 crores. In connivance with the top officers of ICICI Bank, Prannoy Roy took a loan of around Rs.375 crores (in 2008) in the name of his shell firm RRPR Holdings Limited showing the face of NDTV. He was misusing his position as NDTV’s Chief and taking a loan in the name of his shell firm RRPR Holdings. RRPR for those who don’t know is Radhika Roy and Prannoy Roy. This shell firm has only two owners – Mr & Mrs 420 (Prannoy Roy & Wife).

Within 12 months, they pay ICICI back by getting a reduction of Rs.45 crores. Obviously, this big fraud was committed in connivance with top ICICI officers including K V Kamath and Chanda Kochhar. Actually, this big fraud was first reported by Sunday Guardian, then headed by M J Akbar in 2010[1].

Now the CBI has found out that these Rs.45 crores saved from ICICI Bank loan were diverted by the husband-wife team to buy a palatial home in Cape Town, South Africa.

It is baffling that the CBI has not yet summoned Roy and his wife although they registered a First Information Report (FIR) and raided their home in June 2017. It is known to all that those days CBI was forced to go slow by Prannoy Roy-friendly people in Modi’s Government. That the then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley had a soft corner to Prannoy Roy is well known. And the ED under him also was forced to go at a snail’s pace, instead of attaching their properties.

SEBI took its time delivering a ruling but at least, it has exposed the money laundering of Radhika and Prannoy Roy. Now the CBI must do a custodial interrogation of the fraudster couple and the ED must attach their properties.

The SEBI’s detailed 51-page order can be read from an earlier article in PGurus[2].


[1] Will those bleeding hearts explain Sunday Guardian expose on NDTV’s ICICI Bank frauds? Jun 9, 2017, PGurus.com

[2] Time has started ticking for crooked Prannoy Roy after SEBI Order forces him to leave NDTVJun 15, 2019, PGurus.com

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  1. Sree Iyer, best posts on your successful investigative journalism on NDTV brings following views to my humble mind:

    When were kinds we read, heard and saw in old movies and neighboring colonies how parents used to slap their wards if any, money is stolen from father’s pocket, severe punishment used to be meted out after such incidents at home and in school too.

    We have two brands of corruption…. Nehru brand Administrative corruption and Congress-I Political corruption, in fact Dynasty is an international “racket”.

    To solve Nehru brand Administrative corruption, PM Modi during his second term just now started “In exercise of the powers conferred by clause (j) of rule 56 of the Fundamental Rules, the President of India has retired 15 Officers of Indian Revenue Service (C&CE) in public interest with immediate effect on completing 50 years of age”. Last week 12 were retired. Excellent initiative retiring 27 parasites!

    Congress-I Political corruption:
    After June 2014 Corruption at ministry level is still zero. DeMo cleaned the 67 years old corrupt rotten system. New currency notes created again black money! In central govt offices it is still alive and kicking with anger on PM Modi and central govt harbors inefficient staff while at state levels it is less said the better!

    During BJP lead PM Modi first term Govt, failed to send known and proved dozen crooks to jail is a 5 trillion dollar economic question!? Ground realities indicate that PM is not interested in corruption issues because it brings down his own government. PM took interest in Nirav, Mallayas and Choksey since they are international cases and do not disturb the stability of his government.

    If anything goes wrong in the Indian economy UPA thugs will say NDA in just 5 years ruined economy. Because NDA in June 2014 did not publish “white paper” on the Indian economy. For the past five years we heard nearly 10 lakh crores worth scams and 52 lakh Crores NPAs under UPA1&2. Knowledgeable PM Modi and super economist Jaitley refused!! It was a trap set up MMS and PC against 2014 -2019 NDA govt. Tamasha is on for hiring “imported economist” towards GDP growth during 2014-2019!!

    Is CVC and Cabinet Secretary cleaning the Aegean stables? Modi’s PMO or entire cabinet radius “swacch Bharat abhiyan” do not apply to clean up the administration. Who is controlling ED and CBI is a mistery!!

    UPA1 &2 IAS Chelas and party chums are still continued to work in Majboot Sarkar surgical PMO /in several ministries! BJP has created an aura around Nehru Gandhi rogue family and to take action BJP has plans of its own on print and visual media! This aura is more in dynasty appointed Judiciary, health ministries…….

    We have no choice but to put up with nonsense on corruption cases, Dr.SS has to mourn on his cases and country is not run as per our wishes but SG/RG/PC/Sibal/AJ words prevail and count more in BJP lead Govt administration whom to arrest or book cases or ED/CBI raids!

    Just after getting independence, we have had brilliant ICS later changed to IAS, majority are ji-huzoors servile and serving NehruGandhi’ darbar set ups only hence, we still continue to say “Sir”….SLAVE I REMAIN!
    After the advent of PM Modi in 2014, this “SLAVE I REMAIN” gone viral, majority of the educated people with self-respect and self-pride started using salutation for instance Dear Vivek or Mr.Vivek or Hi Vivek, Namasthe Vivek…………..outcome is too good.

  2. Team P Gurus, for more than a year now, you have been making all efforts to expose ndtv, publishing a book, many articles in this website, etc etc. But what is the result ?? No action during NDA 1 and whether there will be any action during NDA2 ?? It is anyones guess?? Honest IT officer MR Srivatsava, given compulsory retirement? Now is there anyone who will take on ndtv and PC ?? It raises doubt may be FM is still filled with UPA loyalist (as you were mentioning in your previous posts here) or FM is still in control of AJ??
    SS should take up the case direct with PM or is he losing his war against corruption, It is unfortunate to note that your efforts to expose the corrupt are going unnoticed/discarded by PMO??


    • We were ruled by “last Englishman” Nahari (alias JL Nehru) darling of Mahatma Gandhi and his progeny plus their slaves for 53 years in all and all these so called communist cabals and converted Xtian Presstitutes and certain group of IAS servile officers are habituated with proverbial 3Ws… wine, woman and wealth….PM khursi was left to the family always alone and rest to their slaves and thieves under secularism and during 1975 -1977 Emergency there was talk of a movie kissa khursika. Late PM Indira Khan Gandhi asked Presstitutes to “bend” but they all “crawled” before her except the then Indian Express RN Goenka…now this paper is sold out….!

      During 2010-14, Congress-I recruited young ones to lie on YouTube is amazing, for example Dhruv Rathi… at tender aged fellow telling and selling lies…. Started his career by telling lies….! Career is not built by brick by brick!

      From 2004-2014 SG with her gang planning was so brilliantly vital and lethal and hence RG abused PM innumerable times and got away with them also!! HC and SC are meant to hear motivated PILs and to give bail after bails. SG understood loopholes and politics much better than anyone else in the country. She will get the best parliamentarian award under BJP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And SG makes lawyers as RS members!! While BJP makes RS members those who ate more laddoos/Jalebis and somosas, under late PM Rajiv’s regime we heard a slogan….on Balram Jhakar… Ek Jalebi do samosay jhakar tere kya bharosay!!
      Hence, judicial, police and admin reforms are needed at the earliest.

      War on corruption is “half dead” under BJP regime!!

  3. As exposed by Sandeep Dev yesterday at Indiaspeaksdaily, on Youtube also, these supposed Commie Pigs, while pretending to be poor friendly, worried about poor and wearing clothes like rough kurta and disheveled hair and beard (even to get that streetdog like look these Mafiosi pigs use best of saloons, best/costly of cosmetic products, costliest of hair fixers, and maybe also costliest wigs). With Pronoy James Roy, A full bstd (half white half Bdeshi, sewer prd of orgies by whites and his Bong mther) and Radhika Roy/ Brenda Karat sister (suspiciously white that normal Indians specially White. White spermFDI) BIL Prakash Karat : Who was “sponsored”for his entire “phoren”eductation by a Brit “Theology”Professor (Real Biological Baap) ARE ALL PACK OF WORST MAFIOSI..COMMUNISTS ARE ACTUALLY DRUG, PRE PUBERTY GIRLS AND BOYS PROSTITUTION, PROSTITUTION, SUPARI KILLING, MURDER INC., AND ALL CRIMES YOU CAN THINK OF MAFIOSI ONLY, THEY PROVIDE THE FIG LEAF OF CASUISTRY TO ALL CRIMES OF THE WORLD, WITH MEDIA..MAFISOI AND CRIMINALS ARE BETTER AND HONEST, THEY SAY THEY ARE CRIMINAL MAFIA THUGS, Commie Pigs are like James Roy with sophisticated exteriors pretending to be commies, MAFIA-CORPORATE-BILLIONARE-CPAITALIST COMMIES SEEM THE ORDER OF THE DAY…WHAT WITH ERIC SCHMIDT, THE RICHEST MAN WITH ALL HIS RICHES TO HIMSELF PRETENDS TO BE A LOON..WHY NOT FIRST REDISTRIBUTE THEIR WEALTH TO POOR THEY SO MUCH CARE OFF? HAS anybody heard James Roy, Pope, sonia, raul, SHIT PAN JESU-RI (Yechury), N.RAMs, AROON PURIES, VINEET JAINS DOING THAT??

  4. It looks as if their connections have made sure that they aren’t prosecuted in a normal way. This group has different rules for their ilk. The law n rules are always manipulated for their benefit. If required they pay n get out of trouble.

  5. How is the SEBI order implemented? Nothing seems to have changed at NDTV channel. They are far more powerful than the Indian government, it seems.


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