Commerce & Industries Ministry suggests opening up Industries and MSMEs with precautions after April 14 to safeguard the economy

India announces that it is opening its businesses perhaps paving way for a lifting of lockdown

India announces that it is opening its businesses perhaps paving way for a lifting of lockdown
India announces that it is opening its businesses perhaps paving way for a lifting of lockdown

A day before the crucial announcement of Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the plan of the 21 days lockdown which ends on April 14 night, the Union Commerce Ministry has asked the Union Home Ministry to open industries and many business sectors with precautions to prevent the COVID-19. Demanding the opening up of industries with “single entry point for workers” and “keeping of social distancing” in “work atmosphere” the Commerce Ministry on April 11 said:

“However, it is felt that certain more activities with reasonable safeguards should be allowed once a final decision regarding extension and nature of lockdown is taken by the central Government. These new activities are essential to improve economic activity and provide liquidity in the hands of the people. These suggestions have been obtained on the basis of very detailed interaction of the Hon’ble CIM ( Commerce and Industries Minister Piyush Goyal) with various States and industry bodies, and the feedback ………..,” said the letter written by Dr.Guruprasad Mohapatra, Secretary, Dept. of Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry to Union Home Secretary Ajay Kumar Bhalla.

The letter follows with three-page annexure of what all industries to be opened and what all precautions to be taken. The four-page letter is published below this article. Commerce Ministry suggested that Industries should be allowed to operate in shifts with 25-30 percent staff in each shift with proper social distancing, santisation methods for the staffers and premises. The Ministry also suggested that District level authorities must inspect on the working of the industries and check on the adherence of the rules to prevent the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Commerce Ministry suggested that big companies and MSMEs and export-oriented units must be opened. The Ministry also said that vehicle movement would be opened up with checking and factories must be asked to transport the staffers. The opening of telecom and allied sectors, fiber cable manufacturing, heavy electrical items, compressors, steel, defence, cement, pulp, timber, glass fertilizer, agro and agrochemical, paints, dyes, automotive, gems, jewelry, food and all kinds of beverages, and special economic zones were suggested by the Ministry.

The detailed four-page letter of Commerce & Industry Ministry for opening up Industries is published below:

CommerceMin Directive by PGurus on Scribd

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  1. My cousin works in Uganda. There is a lock down as well. Government has told the management that all daily wage workers should be retained in the factory. They should be provided food and make arrangements for their stay, provide TV. Senior staff can leave by 5 PM no movement on the road after 6 pm and this will be ensured strictly. Why can’t govt of India adheres to something like this?

  2. Thank you for posting the text of Secretary, DPIIT Dr. Mohapatra’s letter dated 11th April to Mr. Ajay Kumat Bhalla, Secretary, Home Affairs. However, the Annexure attached to the letter is not posted correctly.
    Kindly note that point 10 is half complete and Point 12 and 13 are not see.

    We will be grateful if you can publish the Annuxure in full and also mail a copy to

    • Pl. check the official notification from the Ministry of Commerce. Perhaps they corrected the numbering sequence. It is our stand that the circular is complete the way it is published in PGurus.

  3. At desperate situations, choice is limited. In Indian context we are left with two options.

    One , extend lockdown, corona can be contained but due to breaking of supply chain, people will die of hunger as there will be severe shortage of items and damage to our fragile economy.Even if lockdown is lifted, say after a month people will have no money to buy and govnt cannot feed migrant people. Even if food and medical items are ready at farms and factories, packing equipment, material handling and feeder transport ( Loaders & drivers ) are not available. Hence severe shortage will be felt in cities and major towns.

    If industries restart now, the supply chain and economy will be restored in the next 6 months gradually as it will take time to procure migrant labour , who are the BACKBONE of Indian wealth creators. The price we have to pay is corona deaths, a chance we have to take .

    From next month US, European and west Asian nations will have severe supply shortages as their supply chain is broken and are surviving due to existent stock. At any cost, we have to restart ALL our industries as they are dependent on each other and people require cash in their hands.


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