Conversation with Prof. RV on Black Money, Foreign Ownership in NSE and Probity in Public life

Taking aim at the current polity and businesses for lack of Probity in Public life, Prof. RV details how a Finance Minister used verbal gymnastics

  • How Prof. RV’s new book on Black Money is doing; NSE’s attempts to go public; NSE’s foreign ownership; Participatory Notes; HDFC and ICICI – These are really foreign banks and much more.
  • Dr. Subramanian Swamy’s effort to get EVMs with a Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trail and Probity in Public life.
  • In his own humorous way, Prof. RV describes how an erstwhile Finance Minister who thought that he was clever by half, indulged in verbal gymnastics to coin a phrase Indian Controlled Foreign Companies while describing how HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank were being formed.
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  1. I have a question or Prof. R.V. It would be helpful if Pgurus can pass this on to him.

    Of late we see a lot of advertisements on Mutual Funds on television which ends with ‘Mutual Funds Sahi hai” by AMFI. On one of the videos Prof. RV said that our economy is well guarded because most of our money is in bank deposits unlike US where money is in stock market. Why this sudden promotion of Mutual Funds and popularization to invest in them ? Are we not following the same ? Will it not make us prone to risks like the western world ?


  2. Prof RVs expose’ are damning. If the BJP does not take this seriously on a war footing – the crooks will be back if they lose the election in 2019, to the detrement of all Indians. I am worried that the crooks are ensuring that there will be delays and judgements in their favour to buy time and show up BJP as all talk!


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