Conversation with Prof RV on Sabarimala – Is Courts’ Credibility declining?

Prof RV on how the recent SC verdict on Sabarimala has been rejected by the people. Is the Supreme Court risking its credibility?


  1. Like Lee did in Singapore several decades ago, corrupt and incompetent judges should be jailed immediately. For this, the PM should declare emergency and assume dictatorial powers if and when he comes back to power in the next election. He should also suspend the spuneless constitution for some years till the IAS, Judiciary and the Police become perfectly clean

  2. After reading the comments
    (very clinical logically analysed!)
    prompted to observe with utmost humility thus ::
    a simple but factual view:
    The writ has been filed by a
    “non-believer” wjo is not adversely affected by the existing custom
    (unless he is a women :banned age group:10 to 50 years )(??)
    “Discrimination and Differentiation”and
    Atheism and agnosticism are lime cjhalk and cheese tbough both appear white !!

  3. Prof. RV rightly commented on Sabarimala.
    It’s evident that for 65 years majority were ruled by the minority under the Dynasty ruling clique. After 2014 May elections the incumbent government has been trying to do justice to all and appeasement of none. Due to innumerable landmines laid by previous governments the present government is struggling to run its administration. Secularism and aping the west habit destroying our vibrant ancient nation. India is secular because majority community practices Sanatana Dharma since times immemorial.
    During 1975 Indira’s Emergency, she just asked judges and the media to “bend” but these fellows “crawled” before her, except RN Goenka’s Indian Express! If Courts starts wearing the Executive shoes through wicked intention PILs and run administration on daily basis, a day may not be too far that our 24/7/365 working defense forces may have to seek permission from Courts to fight our enemies (‘secular enemies’ as per our Opposition Maha-ghatbandha lexicon!) on “specified timings” only! If courts intend to call the shots, they should face the people’s courts first.

    • L A Pramod ji,
      with utmost humility i wish to fufthet fortify your eminent observations ::” ” It’s evidrment that for 65 years MAJORITY were ruled
      by the MINORITY unfer the Fynasty ruling clique “”
      Recently i came across an article in a well-known Newspaper(a
      world famous weekly magazine )
      titled “AMERICAN DEMOCRACY’s Built-in- Bias” !
      Every system gor converting votes into power has its flaws !Britain suffers from an over-mighty exevutive;
      Italy suffers from vhronically weakgovernment,Israelfrom small domineering factions .
      AMERICA,However,is plaguedby the “only DEMOCRATIC VICE “”more Troubling”” than the TYRANNY OF THE MAJORITY : “”THE TYRANNY OF THE MINORITY “” !!

  4. all judiciary needs to avoid passing judgements on religious matters or they a crash course on the philosophy of the sanaathan dharma and a deep study of the indian culture before they pass judgements on hindu beliefs, and practices. the entire sanaathan dharma philosophy has answers to all questions that are being posed by the “intellectuals of today”. we have found answers to questions, discovered, and invented things for use by human beings (that are being thought about today). it is only a matter of finding out the right answers – not politically right answers, or you can replace the words “right answers” by “correct answers”. they must also have total knowledge of all other religions as well or they must not pass judgements on these matters at all.

  5. Who will tie the bell around SC Judges neck.In my opinion All these Four Judges are anti women for the simple reason they want to create disturbance in the Indian Families only reinforcing the fact they are jealous of Indian Families which they find perhaps missing in their family circles.
    Since Sabrimala is a sheer Gender issue
    Pertaining to women their presence in the bench should be treated as void and the case should be heard by all women bench.


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