Conversation with Prof RV: Four takeaways from the Karnataka Polls Lessons for all parties

Prof. RV's advice on what BJP should do if the current coalition collapses.


  1. In Bengaluru: The main issue was not voter apathy or the elite not turning up. Electoral rolls had duplicate entries in the same AC, Migrants from different city have enrolled for local address proof (easy to get multiple EPICs) and ended up going back to their home town to vote. Migrants from different states have enrolled for local address proof and are not interested. Thousands of names were missing from the electoral rolls.
    Overall it was estimated that a good % (~8% to 15%) contributed to the so called “less” turnout.
    RWAs across the city worked really hard to get voters enrolled as much as possible.

  2. Very discreet and interesting, thanx for introducing prof RV, he has changed me from a “frog in the bore well to frog in the well”


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