Sahana Singh on the importance of knowing one’s history

Environmental Engineer turned Author Sahana Singh highlight's the importance of knowing its culture and ethos by Indic perspective and suggests how to tackle misleading campaigns against Indian culture even within one's own family, A fascinating conversation not to be missed


  1. These talks are great and the guests are awesome. But we need to move to the next level and start building up our community.

    Please create a conference and invite the guests. Have conferences throughout the year in various cities in North America with varying themes.

  2. My Grandmother explained by saying Eg take an individual Prof Nalapat. He is a son to his parents ;a brother to his sister;a younger/elder brother to his brother;a nephew to his uncles and aunties; a husband to his wife;a father to his children etc,etc. The individual is one but he is manyn things to many people and it is a different role every time.that is what he is to his mother is not the same as his role to his daughter.,even though the individual is the same.

  3. One of the pillars to Sanathana Dharma was the education system, relationship between the ACHARYA and Sishya (Vineethudu & Vineeludu – One who teaches Vinayamu & one who learns Vinayamu). Now that the BJP Government wants to reform the Education system in India, let us look at the opportunity to introduce a system of gurukula type of institutions, purely on voluntary basis which can exist parallelly to the present British education system (To avoid debates, opposition and politicisation). Online education may impart transfer of information (Vignyanamu) but not wisdom (Gnyanamu). Dayalbagh University, Agra is one of the top Universities by performance but by propaganda – not much (Run by Radhaswami Satsangis – Present Guru is a Doctorate in Electrical Engineering and former faculty of IIT Delhi)


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