CPI(M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury offers floral kalash to Goddess Maha Kali!!!

Ideological somersault by Yechury as he is seen offering floral tributes in the Bonaalu festival in Telangana

Ideological somersault by Yechury as he is seen offering floral tributes in the Bonaalu festival in Telangana
Ideological somersault by Yechury as he is seen offering floral tributes in the Bonaalu festival in Telangana

Days after the news of Kerala comrades deciding to observe Ramayan Month in Kerala, the Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI (M))’s General Secretary Sitaram Yechury has gone one step further by offering floral kalash, participating in the Bonaalu by worshipping Goddess Maha Kali. The party’s ideological fountainhead Karl Marx’s dictum of ‘Religion is Opium’ has fallen by the wayside now. The undivided Communist Party’s General Secretary P C Joshi in the late 40s was sidelined for arguing that comrades should read Ramayan and Mahabharat to understand the real India. His sidelining became final due to his friendship with Jawaharlal Nehru, leading to a template for an understanding with the Congress.

Sitaram Yechury participated in Bonaalu in Hyderabad on July 15, 2018, and this unexpected move by the Left leader started buzzing in media channels by Monday afternoon. He came to attend a Left-Liberal function organised by the Bahujan Left Front (BLF). The photo also shows Yechury wearing the shawl of BLF and CPI (M)’s flags were also seen in the backdrop.

A dyspeptic looking Yechury carrying the kalash on his head
A dyspeptic-looking Yechury carrying the kalash on his head

The question is what CPI (M) is up to, now. It always played double games in dealing with religion. The longest serving CPI (M) General Secretary, late EMS Nampoothripadu was a classic example of this. He wrote several articles and spoke against religion, especially Hinduism, while playing the Muslim card off and on. Those days’ the party members were not allowed to go to temples. But EMS’s wife Arya Antharjanam used to visit temples regularly. To the comrades who asked about this in party classes, an explanation was given that the comrades should understand the difference and freedom given to spouses. The questioning stopped there as the cadre risked expulsion from the party if they persisted and exit from the party meant death, those days.

Back in Kerala, the state committee of CPI (M) through a frontal organisation Sanskrit Sangh has decided to observe Ramayan Month from July 17[1]. The explanation that is being given now is that this would help counter the growing influence of RSS and BJP and the state committee member Shivadasan is in charge of this month-long function across the state.

From the photo, one can see Yechury’s discomfiture while offering floral Kalash to Maha Kali. The photo published above is the photo of this season for Indian Communists and exposing their hypocrisy or wavering mind.


[1] Sitaram led CPI(M) to observe Ramayan month in Kerala! Jul 10, 2018, PGurus.com

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  1. One wit said that the ‘kalasham’ carried by him is the ash from the cremation of communism in general and Tripura in particular 🙂

  2. This Yechury is a crook & often speaks a double mind. Cannot trust this man. Their love of Hindu religion is cloaked in vote politics

  3. Total Hypocrisy by these shameless, spineless ,anti india Communists. he was the guy who questioned the Surgical strikes of Indian Army.For the sake of power these spineless fellows will sell their mother. We Voters should throw these people in Indian Ocean in 2019.

  4. May God give India some happiness. May he help Yetchury to put an end to CPI and its ideology and finally the party itself. May they get confused and eliminated completely. Tamasoma JyothirgaMaya.

  5. CPI is an arm of the evangelist groups. They are related to NDTV family. How more sinister can it get. These anti Hindu forces are fooling the Hindus for their voyes

  6. Hinduism speaks of equality to all….
    Gender equality (presence of both male n female gods) , caste equality (most of Alwars and Nayanmars n even Valmiki – hunter n ved vyasa – mom fisherwoman were other caste or low caste people), living things equality ( trees, animals-monkey,bull,snake,rat etc…, birds – Garuda,peacock, swan etc…. ) And non living things upgradation (stones are worshipped ) and nature equality (all natural forces equality – vayu, Agni, sun etc..)

    What more equality is needed in this world…

    Hinduism respects all and adores them but due to a few perverts the highness of Hinduism is kept hidden n media propagates only the negativity(castes)….
    Working the way their western masters want it.

    Communism if it tries to understand the real essence of Hinduism will find it much more inspiring than Marx.

  7. Mr Shashi Thaoor wouldn’t have dreamt “Hindu-Pakistan” is already at doorstep with Comrades’ high-velocity entry into Hindutva!?
    #Achchedin before LS2019….
    Laught out like Renuka Chaudhary ?


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