Mr. Jaitley, you must order ED Chief to arrest Karti, if he fails to appear on January 11 in the INX Media bribe case

Of the ten ongoing investigations on the Chidambaram family, five are under ministries controlled by Jaitley

Law is the same for everyone

Enough is enough. You have given Karti Chidambaram umpteen number of attempts to appear before the Enforcement Directorate(ED) in connection with the INX Media bribery case. Because of this delay, Supreme Court mocked you and your department and allowed Karti to travel abroad despite having a Look Out Circular against him[1].  Any other person in this position would have been in jail by now. ED comes under you and you must give orders to ED Chief Karnal Singh to arrest Karti if he fails to show up before the agency.

Mr. Arun Jaitley, you may think that I and PGurus are being harsh on you for the past few months. Prove us wrong. Order ED Chief to arrest Karti, if he is a no-show on January 11.

ED had conducted raids in December 2015 and January 2016 in connection with the Aircel-Maxis case3 and found the bribes accepted by Karti for illegally granting Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) clearance to INX Media, among others. Karti’s father P Chidambaram was the then Finance Minister in 2008 and that was the reason Peter and Indrani Mukherjea (owners of INX Media) paid around Rs. Five crores to Karti linked firms as a bribe. After the ED alert, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had also registered a First Information Report (FIR) and conducted raids at Chidambaram’s home in May 2017[2].

This INX Media case is an open and shut case like the Aircel-Maxis case[3]. ED has already found that Karti-linked companies have accepted Rs. 5 crores from INX Media and Rs. 2 crores from Aircel-Maxis deal when files were pending with father Chidambaram. Karti was even collecting up to $15,000 from businesses just to give appointments to meet his father, the then Finance Minister and the Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh[4]! There is an email trail, sent by Allan Edwards of Diageo, thanking Karti for the appointment and also saying that the check is in the mail! Karti is cocking a snook at the laws of the land and refusing to appear before agencies even after repeated summons. This is your department that he is insulting and the buck stops with you (pardon the pun).

Mr. Arun Jaitley, everyone is aware of your three-decade-long friendship with Chidambaram and how it is thicker than blood and water et cetera et cetera. That is not an excuse. There are ten different ongoing investigations against the Chidambarams and five of these are by departments under you[5].

You must order the ED Chief Karnal Singh to arrest Karti, if he fails to appear on January 11. He has yet to appear before ED in connection with Aircel-Maxis probe, in which his companies are caught for a bribe of around Rs.2 crores from Malaysian firm Maxis. In a nutshell, Mr. Jaitley, you must show your credibility by ordering the ED Chief to arrest Karti arrest and the subsequent summoning of father Chidambaram.

CBDT needs to hurry up

The Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) under your Ministry is probing the illegal assets of Chidambaram family amassed in 14 countries and 21 illegal foreign bank accounts. These details were known to you for the past three years and it came in the public domain after some good officers leaked the details to BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, who promptly released it to the media in February 2017[6]. On Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s direction based on Swamy’s complaint, CBDT started the probe under the new Black Money Act and Benami Act[7].

Officers working under Finance and Revenue Secretary Hasmukh Adhia need to expedite matters, not just send notices to Karti and write letters to various countries. I accept that this is a time-consuming affair but the longer it draws out the easier it is for the family to hide its illegal assets. Mr. Jaitley, you must direct Hasmukh Adhia and CDBT officers to finish the probe quickly (it already 7 months), and register cases against Chidambaram and family members under Black Money Act and Benami Act.

Mr. Arun Jaitley, you may think that I and PGurus are being harsh on you for the past few months. Prove us wrong. Order ED Chief to arrest Karti, if he is a no-show on January 11.

Mr. Arun Jaitley, your friendship with Chidambaram is your business. But you are a Minister, sworn to protect the Rule of Law. You must do this.


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  2. arun jaitely,is a planted agent of congress in bjp.he could not win loksabha from,did a blunder in nominating him to rajya sabha.jaitly meets congress leader ahmed patel,daily morning walk and tea at parliament canteen

  3. Who is behind all this the Super Duper man masquerading as honest CA dabbling in Politics. On what
    basis are you demanding the arrest of certain individuals. Are you competent to do that. You are a mere
    media entity kowtowing the Govt blindly. Don’t exceed your brief. There are a lot of agencies to do that
    job and do not interfere in their working. If you are Media be impartial in your reporting but you seem to
    be parroting views of the Govt and their extra Constitutional authority.

    • On the contrary this Question should be posed to you? Who are you – trying to intimidate the Media and the scribes? Evading summons by a ‘law enforcing agency’ automatically invites ‘criminal prosecution’ leading to arrest.

  4. Sree Iyer Sir, thanks for the article. Prof RV also wonders as to what the CBI and other agencies are doing when they go to Karthi’s house – doing any investigation or coming out after taking tea or coffee. In an interview given recently by Karthi to a Tamizh Magazine “Nakkeeran”, Karthi has vehemently denied of any wrong doing. He says that he has filed a case against CBI and ED for bothering him now and then without any valid evidence because his father regularly writes columns criticizing the Government. You may please visit the site: “” and listen to the interview. Warm regards, Narayanan Iyengar, Chennai

  5. I never believed Jaitley alone is to be blamed and continue to do more strongly than ever due to fact how recent 2G verdict got(sorry was deliberately) delayed just a bit to let Modi-Shah star campaigners for ruling party to retain Gujarat state.
    Even though PM visiting aged DMK chief can be dismissed as customary/ as a mark of respect etc above very strange delay in date of 2g verdict by trial court to let him win goes beyond doubt to confirm the inaction in all big ticket cases not only lies with FM but right from top to bottom in bjp

  6. HEIGHT OF OPTIMISM – that is how I can summarize this article in ‘one sentence’. 2G thieves are off the hook. Augusta is almost closed. Aircell Maxis is almost nearing total dilution. All efforts are now in progress to rescue NDTV, the root of all evil. Decks have been cleared for Karthi’s escape….in case. Jaitley is behind all these is an OPEN SECRET now. One thing is certain: Either Modi or Shah is under severe BLACK MAIL by the UPA MAFIA on some weak point.

  7. Chidambaram might have blackmailed Jaitley. Being a former HM and FM, Chidamabram must have all details of Jaitley and his family. PC must have all fund details of Jaitley and his son Rohan and daughter Sonali. Congress guys are smart in blackmailing. Same is the case of Amit Shah. He is silent on Chidamabram. Putting Amit Shah in jail, Congress must have used third degree and got all his details. Those who have dealing in Dubai and London had to fear Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel.

    • The friendship between Chidambaram and Jaitley seems to be the delay in taking action against Chidambaram and his son Karthi Chidambaram, or is there any concealed understanding between them? Jaitley is performing the responsibilities of Fiance Minister under oath in the cabinet of Shri Narendra Damodar Modi. The details of the case against Chidambaram and his are already in the public domain. If Jaitley is afraid of Chidambaram as mentioned by PGurus about his involvement in any deeds against the Nation, he must resign immediately from the Cabinet and pave the way for Shri Modi to take action against Chidambaram and family members. A delay for the last three years can not be justified by the Nation and its people

  8. Jaitley is the new Super Prime Minister. It’s amazing that almost 4 years of Modi govt and still these cases are moving at a snail’s pace. Need time bound processes atleast for basic things like adhering to a summons.

  9. I agree with this article by Sree Iyer. Jaitley or whoever from this government should learn to ignore their criminal friendships (links?) and start focussing on good governance in the interest of the people of India.

  10. Remaining cases that doesn’t come under FM can still be acted upon in parallel if only actionable evidences are there.
    This present regime under Modi is only interested in timing all events politically so perfectly just to influence elections be it state or central.
    Eg data:
    demonetisation event very cleverly timed just before biggest hindi belt state UP to prevent anti incumbency votes goin to BSP etc.
    Even recent 2g verdict came just conveniently after concluding Gujarat state polls so that ruling party esp PM whose image was at stake being a star campaigner ..
    Pgurus if it has an iota of brain which I believe it doesn’t have or want to use will question others prominent in ruling party like LKA for inaction on ethics committee violation ,HM on FM radio auction somersault giving up his power,etc etc
    People are watching how daily Dr Swamy aka Dr Spin & his minions in social media fool gullible people daily with lofty, exaggerated gasbag claims all Comin out so open..nothing to hide own or even frowning upon me for writing this…

  11. I find it strange that poor Jaitley is being questioned. What prevents his master from sacking Jaitley? Politicians use people to get to power. Thereafter Delhi power lobby decides how the country is ruled.

  12. Yes. Mr jaitley, you are a Public servant presently and not a private person. Hence you are supposed to serve Peoples’ interest, not your Friends interest. Remember there are reasons for you to be still unelectable sir.


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