Time for CBI to arrest Karti in Aircel-Maxis case

With Karti evading showing up at CBI in the Aircel-Maxis matter, will CBI take him in for custodial interrogation?

CBI should take Karti in for custodial interrogation
CBI should take Karti in for custodial interrogation

The former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s son Kart is really testing the patience of CBI. He was supposed to appear before the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on September 14 in connection with the Aircel-Maxis scam probe. Even after he was rebuked by Supreme Court in the INX Media bribe case for not appearing before the CBI, this time Karti showed audacity to say that CBI has no jurisdiction to call him.

In the Aircel-Maxis scam, now it is conclusively proved that father Chidambaram as Finance Minister totally violated the norms and son Karti’s companies got money from Maxis also.

He comes out with a bogus claim that the Aircel-Maxis case is discharged. Here Karti is lying on the discharge of former Telecom Minister Dayanidhi Maran and brother, and SUN TV in another case. The case involving Karti and his father is on the violations and bribes taken in the Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB) approval of Aircel-Maxis deal.

The million dollar question is why CBI showing such an unheard-of leniency to Karti. It is time to arrest the ever evading Karti for custodial interrogation to get the real picture of bribes he received by misusing the office of his father, who was the Finance and Home Minister from 2004 to 2014.

PGurus had reported the entire details of illegal wealth amassed by father Chidambaram and Karti in more than 14 countries. Our article titled as ‘Chidambara Rahasya’ exposed the proprieties illegally acquired by the family during 2004 to 2014. These illegal assets worth more than Rs.10,000 crore and 21 foreign bank accounts were exposed in the joint raid connected by Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Investigation Wing in Chennai. A few months ago this explosive information was made in public by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy, demanding the prosecution of Chidambaram family under new Black Money Act and Benami Act.

Chidambaram and son Karti were caught in the Aircel-Maxis scam when his secret companies like Advantage Strategic Consulting Pvt Ltd and its Singapore subsidiary were exposed by Swamy in April 2012. His revelations showed that the Karti linked firm accepted Rs.26 lakhs from Malaysian company Maxis. Later in the joint raid of ED and IT, it was found that Karti linked firms accepted around two lakh dollars ($200,000) from Maxis after father Chidambaram dubiously approved the takeover of Aircel by the Malaysian company Maxis.

In the Aircel-Maxis scam, now it is conclusively proved that father Chidambaram as Finance Minister totally violated the norms and son Karti’s companies got money from Maxis also. What more proof does CBI want to register cases against the father and son? Now Karti is displaying false bravado by challenging the agency and it is time for the agency to arrest him to show that no one is above the law.

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  1. Dear P gurus the fact is ” Modi Fatigue” has firmly set in mainly due to Under performing Economy and crushing Tax and cess Particularly on Petro products. People are not convinced by GOVT. reason the only sensible thing to do is include Petro Products in GST and give relief to People and regain confidence. Sooner the better. Hence i request PGURUS TO CAMPAIGN FOR including Petrol and Diesel in GST. Otherwise the country will go to dogs with return of Mafia gang.

  2. Team PGurus know the ‘one dollar answer’ to their own ‘million dollar question’

    The cheap & simple ‘one dollar answer’ is Modi Govt is least interested in fighting corruption.

    The cheap & simple ‘one dollar answer’ is Modi Govt is targeting only those who can politically pose a challenge to their ‘mission 2019’- in the name of fighting corruption

    Team PGurus is so naive not to understand that BJP which has bestowed National Award on elements like Pawar is not interested in fighting corruption!!!

    Can Team PGurus compel Modi & his Ministers to clarify their stand on GMOs & the perpetrators of this poison – Monsanto, Syngenta Dupont?

    The only difference between the MAFIA UPA & the DEER SKINNED NDA is the constituents of the NDA are not corrupt. CORRUPTION HAS BEEN OUTSOURCED TO CORPORATES & MNCs.

    • U r right in your views.but with these corrupt fellows modi is doing right. He cant open all fronts for fighting.once 2019 is over.they will open all. Now mr.swamy is fighting alone .

    • Manish, I agree with you – nothing will happen to Karti or PC.

      But the reason you cited is not apt if not incorrect.

      How much LENIENCY or STRINGENCY will Modi bestow on a politician depends on how much challenge that politician can pose to Modi electorally.

      Pawar Family is lending strategic support to Modi as a leverage against Shivsena. Pawar & family will never be touched even though they looted Maharashtra dry. As against this Chagan Bhujbal – just a pickpocket in comparison to Pawars – is incarcerated because Bhjubal can face a political challenge to BJP’s Maharasthra ambitions.

      Same is the case with Chidambaram & family who is the kingpin of Multi trillion loot.


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