Who is Shivani Saxena, the bribe distributor in AgustaWestland VVIP Helicopter Scam?

Will Shivani Saxena lead ED to Christian Michel and then to the Gandhis?

Will Shivani Saxena lead ED to Christian Michel and then to the Gandhis?
Will Shivani Saxena be the key that opens the vaults of AW kickbacks?

Who is Shivani Saxena, arrested by Enforcement Directorate on July 17 in connection with handling the AgustaWestland (AW) VVIP Helicopter scam? Indian media till date have not reported the background of this businesswoman based in Dubai who is involved in the controversial VVIP Chopper scam involving Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Perhaps MSM is still digesting the $6M bounty it got from AW!

Rajiv Saxena is in his 60s and is a known intermediary in Dubai for many Indian politicians.

According to the Enforcement Directorate (ED), of around $70 million (58 million Euros) of kickbacks in the deal, $28 million were routed through the Dubai based company owned by Shivani Saxena and her husband Rajiv Shamsher Bahadur Saxena alias Rajiv Saxena. Rajiv Saxena has been in Dubai from the early 90s and is running Consultancy and Chartered Accountant firm successfully in Dubai. He is linked to many Indian politicians and Indian Premier League (IPL) Cricket related politicians. The Husband and wife live in the posh Palm Jumeirah in Dubai and have several business links with the kingpin of the VVIP Copter scam and fugitive Christian Michel, who is very close with Sonia Gandhi’s family.

Fig 1. Saxenas at an Office inauguration event

Shivani Saxena started her career in Delhi in the early 90s as a journalist and then as a Public Relations Agent. She is in her early 50s now and used to stay in Delhi’s Defence Colony. Later, in the early-to-mid 2000s, she got in touch with Dubai based Chartered Accountant Rajiv Saxena and become his second wife. Rajiv Saxena is in his 60s and is a known intermediary in Dubai for many Indian politicians. Many powerful politicians from Congress party enjoyed the hospitality of the Saxenas in Dubai. Many an IPL related monetary activity was handled by them. It is a known fact that several senior Journalists and Advocates from Delhi also enjoyed the hospitality of this couple in Dubai.

Fig 2. Rajiv Saxena at his office

ED’s investigation found that fugitive Christian Michel had diverted $28 million through Saxena family’s firms  M/s UHY Saxena, Dubai & M/s Matrix Holdings. This $28 million kickback was believed to be the bribe for Indian officials working in the Defence Ministry and Air Force. Rest of the kick back – $42 million, was directly handled by Christian Michel to distribute to political leadership in India during the Congress regime for purchasing VVIP Helicopters from the Italian company AgustaWestland. Team PGurus has documented the details of how the bribe money was arrived at in this May 12, 2016 article.

Shivani Saxena was caught by the ED, a move that deserves to be appreciated. She never imagined that the ED was on the lookout for her in Chennai! Is Shivani Saxena, an entry point to fugitive Christian Michel and Sonia Gandhi? The Italian Appellate Court’s Judgment has already detailed the role of Sonia Gandhi and her Political Secretary Ahmed Patel in the controversial VVIP Helicopter purchase scam. When are the  Indian agencies going to fix the high and mighty in this scam?

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  1. All these will be used for political gain. No.polituciann will be ever be arrested or prosecuted. Enquiries will continue for life time.
    May be the political upper hand will be used for nations good.
    God knows.
    But atleast some action initiated.

  2. Surely a prized catch if the sequence of events mentioned is true. Dr Swamy & pgurus arei the true heroes.
    p.s silly typo in pgurus.i think poor english.need to improve. it is not “was arrived”. it is ” had arrived”

  3. Who dares to touch the “Fake ghndis” fearing the allegations of political vendetta!? And ghandis also know how to play victim card.Patel’s & Singhivs now will be busy with erasing of evidences.And Ghandis are not scared as they knows well that they can hidi under the minority card cacophony with the Entire Opposition. Mody gets only twu years in hand.

  4. These mighty traitors of India will get booked only when Dr. Swamy become Prime Minister or Finance Minister of India. So long PM Modi’s isqjade Mr. Shakuni – AJ is there nothing will happen to these mighty traitors….

    • Mr. Swamy has reason to be outside of cabinet berth. while being independent/freelance it has an advantage over being a minister. Namo and Swamy know ground reality.

    • Well said VK,-AJ is really Mr Shakuni,he has not looked at a file on the Updation of Pension of RBI staff,pending since the day’s of Lungi Dancewala Chidambaram,who stopped updation abruptly.As a result many RBI staff have kicked the bucket…

  5. Good catch by ED. I am sure, many powerful politicians in India now will act on to save her. She is now in custody. Till date media not uttered a word about her. That shows many in Delhi media wanted to protect her and her uncaught hubby Rajiv Saxena


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