Sitaram led CPI(M) to observe Ramayan Month in Kerala!

CPI(M) turns theist! To conduct month long Ramayan events!

CPI(M) turns theist! To conduct month long Ramayan events!
CPI(M) turns theist! To conduct month long Ramayan events!

On the surface, it appears as though a lot is changing after Sitaram Yechury became the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI(M)) General Secretary. In the only state that the party is in power, the Kerala state committee decided to observe Ramayan month from July 17! The party is conducting a convention on July 25th on Ramayan and the decided to go to the booth level observing Ramayan month by taking classes on Ramayan. The party’s student wing Student Federation of India (SFI)’s former President and now party’s state committee member Shivadasan has been given charge of this surprising mission.

As per the reports in Malayalam media, the party will assign teachers and Sanskrit experts to conduct classes across the state to explain and debate on Ramayana. For the past three years, CPI(M) has been conducting rallies across the state on Sri Krishna Jayanthi. All these attempts were done by the Left party which once preached atheistic philosophy to prevent the growth of RSS, which grew in the state through Sri Krishna Jayanthi rallies for the past five decades.

For the past few months, the CPI(M)’s ideological leaders were recruiting and finding Sanskrit teachers for this purpose. The party’s state committee member and former SFI President Shivadasan was coordinating with CPI(M) teachers wing on how to conduct Ramayan Month and daily reading of Ramayan and explaining the contents to the common public in Malayalam language. There are debates going on inside the party to present different versions of Ramayan.

Till the 1980s, the CPI(M) card holding members were not allowed to visit temples. However, in those days the leaders’ wives used to go including the party General Secretary EMS Nampoothripad’s wife Arya Antharjanam. Slowly leaders also used to visit temples and offer prayers. Then the party found that RSS and Congress leaders are heading the temple committees and changed the rule that the party members should also enter into temple committees. This was after a long debate that temples are the mass point areas and party should enter into these points.

In Kerala, mid July to mid August is observed as Ramayan Month and in all temples and in Hindu homes Ramayan is recited in the evenings. Elder people will recite Ramayan on all days and explain the content in Malayalam language to younger generations. Now CPI(M) has found that this is a mass programme and wanted to enter into this arena too. According to party insiders, the CPI(M) is planning to launch this project through some of their frontal organisations.

Recently after conducting annual Sri Krishna Jayanthi rallies, the party also found good catch words for Lord Shri Krishna.  Red banners were used to put pictures of Lord Sri Krishna and even depicted him as a mass Yadav leader and even called him a revolutionary leader of shepherd community!!!

The Left party is planning to give apt slogans on this Ramayan month project. Whether they will at last shout Jai Shri Ram at last is to be wait and watch.

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  1. Hindutva is gradually but surely on d path. People & political parties wearing d mask of Aetist r falling down. Tamil nadu political parties r running towards temples (not mosque r church) communist parties organising ramayana month Publically, Rahul visiting temples during elections shows d trend.

  2. Sanskrit… A language which is thought of as a means to reach god is being taught in many other countries… Just like yoga today.
    But in India where it was born and where Hindus are in majority this language is seeing it’s slow death…
    Hindus should strengthen their Sanskrit ties and teach them in all possible colleges and schools.
    It’s time Hindu organisations do something for the rebirth of the world’s oldest language.
    Let the whole world learn Sanskrit from Indians and not from Americans or Europeans.
    People of India should come out in open and take pride in learning Sanskrit, teaching Sanskrit and in promoting Sanskrit (RSS too along with service).

  3. Another drama by the communist party. But I am happy that the Hindutva movement has caught up so strong that even a atheist party like CPI have started to chant the name of Lord Rama, in a hope to retain their position. Hope Rama will show the correct path of Kerala people in ousting this worthless party from India. Bring RSS and BJP to kerala, they will not do things worse than what it is now. All parties need to realise, Hindutva is the way ahead.

  4. The Communist scripture could guide them to reach this far only. to rise above the level of their incomprtence their Party,ultimately had to prostrate befre the Gods of Sanatan Dharma. May God grant them wisdom to strive for establishing Ram Rajya as motto of their Party.

  5. S Techaru is known for stooping to any level to stick to his party position and he threw the ideology into the Arabian ocean,Bay of Bengal and The Indian Ocean:Kerala,Benga,Tripura.

  6. A less populous state Kerala’s population consists of mainly hindus,muslims,and christians more or less in equal proportion.Communists rule is confined only in Kerala now,hence to retain it I think Yechuri started to woo hindus by glorifying Ram and Ramayana to win sympathy from leftist ideological hindus.

  7. actually these Bhakts have no idea about politics and humanity. its not on their focus of eradicating poverty, strengthening educational norms, cultural and civilization upgrade and the very troubles what a modern world shouldn’t have. they r still falsifying history and destroying the themes of Epics. their main enemies are the better and socio friendly groups. if conditions will be like this, the india would become a story. India has never witnessed such a poor governance and PM. Those who wish to feel what a govt is, pls come to Kerala. The Communist Kerala.

  8. Chanting name of RAAM is itself a mantra. People having RAM as prefix or suffix to their names have shined in society. Politicians like S Ram Yechury, Jagjivanram, Kanshiram,Siddharam etc are few examples. Credit mostly goes to their parents who named them. An atheist and leftist like Aurobindo , turned into a saint after seeing vision of Krishna in jail. Perhaps S Yechury, born in a orthodox brahmin family due to previous birth karma, has tasted spirituality, hence promoting Ramayan or scared he will take rebirth as muslim. Good change in the hearts of commies whether it is for votes or for real bhakti.

  9. People are not fools.Hindus cannot accept the red flag,sickle and hammer and their ideology.This is another avtar of Congress.How can the people forget the murders and atrocities committed by their cadre.This is nothing but cheating the people for power!

  10. How can we believe them. May be all these efforts are only to interpret Ramayana and Rama with communist idealogy and to make them the earliest leaders of it. Thsese are slow poison snakes. Nobody can be treated once they bite as they use such kind of brainwashing on the innocent minds.

  11. I thought sitaram recently said that he is ashamed that’s his parent’s named him sita ram. What a nasty guy and a dirty party.

  12. Why would any potential recruit go to the CPI(M) to learn what they have been studying for a week or two with the idea of diverting them to their crappy agenda, when he/she can learn it from the RSS people who have been preaching it since they were first formed and believe in it as a core principal of their movement? People can simply join the winning team, follow Shree Ram and lead the country to a bright future instead of looking at these Johnny come latelys who are using this as a marketing ploy and are at heart rotten to the core and evn do not have the courage of their convictions! It is better for the communists to let go of their foreign origin practices and join th emainstream by renouncing their philosophy publicly and do a Ghar Wapsi of sorts back to the Gods of our land. They have been born here for a reason and Kaal knows the time may be right. Jai Shri Ram!


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