Crazy Twitter blocks the profile photo of India’s Home Minister Amit Shah. Earlier blocked Subramanian Swamy’s photo and restored after apologising

When it rains, it pours! Twitter can't seem to do anything right - NY Post mess, Incorrect India Map mess, and now they blocked the pictures of two prominent Indian politicians

When it rains, it pours! Twitter can't seem to do anything right - NY Post mess, Incorrect India Map mess, and now they blocked the pictures of two prominent Indian politicians
When it rains, it pours! Twitter can't seem to do anything right - NY Post mess, Incorrect India Map mess, and now they blocked the pictures of two prominent Indian politicians

Is Twitter going crazy?

Has the United States-based social media company Twitter headed by Jack Dorsey gone bonkers? On Thursday, during the day Twitter blocked the profile photo of India’s Union Home Minister Amit Shah from his personal account claiming Amit Shah violated copyright. It was restored two hours later. But this begs the question, “How did Amit’s Shah’s photo in his personal account violate copyright?” Mr. Dorsey, what happened? New software algo gone amuck? Or is it a case of internal sabotage?

The image below shows how Twitter blocked the profile photo of India’s Union Home Minister Amit Shah, such an important person’s profile been blocked, claiming Amit Shah violated copyright. What is happening on Twitter?

A similar incident happened last week too on BJP leader Subramanian Swamy’s Twitter Account. For more than a week, Twitter blocked his profile and banner photo of him on Swamy’s personal Twitter account, quoting copyright violations. Later Swamy’s lawyers and Jagdish Shetty, General Secretary of Dr. Subramanian Swamy-led organisation Virat Hindustan Sangam contacted Twitter, warning of legal action. It is learned that Twitter apologized and restored the photos Thursday evening, saying that they were acting based on a complaint from an unknown person from Bangladesh, claiming Swamy’s own photo’s copyright belongs to him.

Employees gone cuckoo?

What is happening to Twitter and its crazy staffers? Don’t they apply their cranial matter or common sense when such anonymous or unknown persons complain? Or is Twitter’s algorithm being gamed? Twitter US headquarters and Twitter India office can’t play dirty tricks or pretend innocence when caught. Have they asked Subramanian Swamy or Amit Shah when someone complains of copyright violations on their own profile photos? Without asking them how did Twitter block the photos of such important persons in India?

Now Twitter is facing a serious show-cause notice from the Government of India for not declaring Leh as India’s part. The errant social media firm has to reply in five days in the case which is a punishable offence in India inviting seven years of jail time[1].

A few weeks back, Twitter India representatives filed an unconditional apology for showing Leh as part of China, when interrogated by the Parliamentary panel headed by Meenakshi Lekhi. Twitter officials were begging for an apology when MPs warned them of the dire consequences of violating the laws of India[2].

It is time to fix the errant and habitual offender social media companies filled with ideologically biased staffers. We have seen what all dirty tricks these firms played in the US Presidential elections. No one is above the law. Hope the Government of India fixes these errant social media companies.


[1] Repeated offender Twitter gets show cause notice and asked to reply within five days for not showing Leh as part of India’s mapNov 12, 2020,

[2] Facing ire of India’s MPs, Twitter begs apology to Parliament panel for wrongly showing Leh, Jammu & Kashmir as part of ChinaOct 29, 2020,

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  1. India needs to send a strong message to Twitter and Yahoo who often get info from agents in Pakistan Bangladesh and China to target Indian leaders. It is also possible NGOs who are working for Sonia Gandhi and Vatican will do these things to hurt the images of our national leaders. As china has taken control on Google what is up and face book, India needs to do this also Once freedom to do any thing will not give that person to hurt some body, demonize some body or do some character assassination. let us be tough enough is enough

  2. “The point of modern propaganda isn’t only to misinform or push an agenda. It is to exhaust your critical thinking, to annihilate truth.”― Garry Kasparov

    Tweeter and Facebook and Google are not Socialist, they are flat out Communist no different than the CCP in China.

    This Dorsy when appeared before DOJ Mr. Ted Cruz pounded him a fortnight ago! Filibuster known as talking out a bill, is a tactic of parliamentary procedure. It is a way for one person to delay or entirely prevent debate or votes on a specific proposal. As far as I remember Dorsy got bail half a decade ago from HC Rajasthan during Cong-I regime!

    Verbal apology is of NO USE. Hope Trump will re-enact section 230 if he returns to power. In India too IT Act 2000 must be fine-tuned with good brains available in India.

    Why some of the celebrities in India are proud of having Twitter and FB account handles? Unfortunately these companies invest in India and create few thousand jobs only to destroy our culture, traditions and customs and create chaos. Nearly one hundred Lutyens media have been holding our nation to ransom and their big national and international scams and frauds are not probe or kept in abeyance!!

    Tweeting through Tweeter /Facebook handles interfering in our economic /internal and external security aspects must be punished. Why such Tweeter /Facebook handles have become sacrosanct? If Tweeter /Facebook handles govern us then there is no need for cabinet king size ministries! Merits and demerits of MSM Medias must be spelt out.

    If I am not wrong in China’s IT Exports of services stood at US$ 200 Billion while that of India US$ 120 billion. Why India has been hesitating to have its own operating system and encouraging US School dropouts to become rich and allow them monopoly over the technologies! Why play second fiddle to such companies! How many software products developed in India? Why are we focusing on “export of software support, maintenance and services” only?

    Eleanor Roosevelt had said, “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

  3. In that case even What’s app has to be banned. So instead of reacting either we should develop social sites, I think there are already few, as also seek explanation from both the companies to explain such deliberately done acts, they should apologize after giving us truthful reasons, finally take action including ban.

  4. Social media is like the highways of the past. Responsibility of maintaining it should be taken up by our government. Though govts have in recent years thrown it’s responsibility to private players with toll roads. High time to kick out twitter and have our own platform. Or atleast govt should takeover sensorship from Twitter if it has to operate in India.

  5. No one forces them to be on twitter.
    They should be ashamed of themselves for using Twitter in the first place.
    Or for that matter Facebook too.

  6. The PMI, Hon. Narendra Modi should stop Tweeting and send a message to all his patriotic Indians to give up using their Twitter accounts to follow suit. That is like Mahatma Gandhi’s Slat Sathyagraha being Atam Nirbhar. How can Jack Dorsey allow the distortion of Indian Map going against the decision of Union and Parliament of India. Deleting Amit Shah or Swamy’s photos is not a big deal but misreporting the map and territory of India reveals the mind set of Jack Dorsey and his Board. Modi should set an example just like banning TikTok and other Chinese applications coming into India. Hope Modi will walk the talk and set an example.

  7. Hope Govt of India fix bloody US based Social Media companies operate in India. Crook Zuckerberg of Facebook and Jack Dorsey of Twitter should be brought before Indian agencies. These firangi MC BCs must be taught what is IPC and CrPC


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