Crooked Chidambaram pretends innocence. The kingpin of INX Media case tweets why he alone is arrested

Should Chidambaram cooling his heels in the jail be allowed to tweet, especially in languages that he does not know?

Should Chidambaram cooling his heels in the jail be allowed to tweet, especially in languages that he does not know?
Should Chidambaram cooling his heels in the jail be allowed to tweet, especially in languages that he does not know?

On the fourth day of Life in Tihar jail, crooked former Finance Minister Palaniappan Chidambaram on Monday tweeted through “family members” wondering why he alone was arrested in the INX Media case, while many officers who signed in the file of the controversial Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) clearance. Pretending innocence, the corrupt former Minister said, that he was only a last signatory in the file passed through a dozen of officers. This is in sharp contrast from his earlier tweet, where he had said that no officer had done anything wrong and he doesn’t want anyone to be arrested.

“I have requested my family to tweet on my behalf the following: People have asked me ‘If the dozen officers who processed and recommended the case to you have not been arrested, why have you been arrested? Only because you have put the last signature?’ I have no answer,” said the first tweet from the accused P Chidambaram, who was termed by the courts as the “kingpin” of the INX Media scam.

…top officers who are co-accused with Chidambaram and Karti are Sindhushree Khullar, Anup K Pujari, Prabodh Saxena (All are IAS officers who worked in the Finance Ministry during the INX Media scam) and retired Under-Secretary Rabindra Prasad.

After putting the blame on officers, crooked Chidambaram did a monkey balancing act in the second tweet: “No officer has done anything wrong. I do not want anyone to be arrested.”

Soon his co-accused Son Karti, who was first arrested in the INX Media Scam Tweeted in a reply, tagging IAS Officers’ Association to his father, who is currently in jail: “The  @IASassociation will not say a word when it’s brethren are persecuted as collateral damage in a political battle.”

And interestingly, Chidambaram tweeted the same matter in Hindi also. Now the question is who is the person from Chidambaram’s family who knows how to type in Hindi? Why not also tweet in their mother tongue Tamil too?

Father and son are now playing the victim card. Chidambaram is termed as “kingpin” in INX Media scam. The bribe giver and co-accused Indrani Mukerjea has admitted her crime and became an Approver. She confessed to agencies and court that it was Chidambaram who asked her to route Rs.5 crores as kickbacks in Karti’s firms Advantage Strategic Consulting and Chess Management Services.

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has already filed a sanction to prosecute four senior officers in this case. These top officers who are co-accused with Chidambaram and Karti are Sindhushree Khullar, Anup K Pujari, Prabodh Saxena (All are IAS officers who worked in the Finance Ministry during the INX Media scam) and retired Under-Secretary Rabindra Prasad. It is possible that some officers may turn Approvers.

In Aircel- Maxis scam also IAS officials Ashok Jha, Ashok Chawla, Kumar Sanjay Krishnan, Deepak Kumar Singh and retired Under Secretary Ram Saran were co-accused with Chidambaram and son.

It is time for the agencies to prevent posting of messages by jailed persons in Social Media.

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  1. Like Talleyrand of old a French Minister Chidambaram fits the description ‘ a silken sock filled with mud

    Talleyrand French Minister of that

  2. Demonetisation was a brainless idea. Bureaucracy made GST too complicated. Luckily for Modi, during elections the slowdown effects were not so visible. Some suggestions for ending raid on entrepreneurship:
    1. Increase GST threshold for Goods and Services to Rs. 10 Cr.
    2. Simplify Companies Act for Private Companies (now even a shareholder can’t give loans to a company without any restrictions)
    3. Remove section 56(2) and 50C and 50CA of Income-tax Act. These sections are causing havoc with regard to investment and restructuring of businesses. Most of tax litigation is with regard to these sections. So called Angel Tax is a creature of section 56.
    4. Remove limit of Rs. 2 lakhs cash on sale of goods and services. People are willing to spend but businesses can’t accept cash above Rs. 2 lakhs! Receiver is penalised by the IT Department.

    I hope someone close to Modi reads it or Sree Iyer please pass on this to PMO

    • DEMONETIZATION was a BRAINLESS IDEA???!!!. Unless you had lost tons of money after DEMONETIZATION, you won’t claim so.

      DEMONETIZATION did affect & paralyze the lives & businesses of
      (a) Politicians who earned kickbacks
      (b) Businessmen who had to conceal incomes to evade tax
      (c) Drug Peddlers
      (d) Women Traffickers
      (e) Fake Currency Circulators

      Which Category you belong to Mr. Hindu?

        • Mr. Tom,

          First of all I do’t believe in Fake & irrelevant figures like GDP, CPI, BOT, etc.

          Also I disbelieve Experts, Wizards, Genius, Scientists – which terms are coined artificially to create larger than life images.

          It is the so called Economic Experts like Manmohan, Rao who were responsible for mortgaging Indian interests to to the West-

          It is the Agricultural Scientists like Traitor M.S.Saminathan who destroyed Indian Farming totally & pushed millions of farmers to suicide by helping the West in promoting the biggest fraud on Earth – GREEN REVOLUTION.

          It is another Fraud called Verghese Kurien who allowed the West to destroy the Indian Gokul System by promoting the II biggest fraud called WHITE REVOLUTION. Today India is the DIABETES CAPITAL of the World because of the milk we consume from imported cows like Jersey, Holstein etc.

          Similar is the case of Health System where we ignored our own Ayurved & Panchgavya.

          What mankind needs is HAPPINESS – not figures like GDP, FER, Inflation, Growth.

      • Stop making personal attacks. Even Swami says economy is going down the hill and dark clouds are looming. Demon, faulty GST are the major reasons for falling economy. In demon no politician lost any money, which is evident from highest money spent in recent elections. The BJP I support was for free market and now the present BJP turned into socialist and statist.

        • Mr. Hindu,

          How do you infer I made personal attacks?

          RBI says 99.99% of the currency in circulation returned to the Banking System. Then how is it possible – No politician lost any money.

          Mulayam & Akilesh yadav lost billions in one night. Are you not aware Mulayam begged Modi to postpone Demonetization by one week???!!!

          Dont know Behenji deposited 108 crores in a Bank – unable to encash 2000 crore in trunks.

          Are you aware why Didi was barking like bitch protesting against Demonetization

          All the politicians lost their LOCAL BLACK CASH totally is evident from the manner each politician started shouting from roof top. & you say no politician lost any money!!!

          Dr. Swamy may say anything. Economy going down the hill! Dark clouds are looming!! GST is faulty!!! Tell me then How did Modi get more votes than in 2014

          • This excerpt from RESET: Regaining India’s Economic Legacy by Subramanian Swamy.

            I had no hope from the earlier two United Progressive Alliance (UPA) governments (2004–14), in which Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh, though an accomplished economist, remained a marginal figure of no consequence in his own government, and accidentally a prime minister. His government saw some of the most senior ministers committing gigantic corruption, and coming to the adverse notice of the law and undergoing prosecution in courts.

            As a prime minister, Narendra Modi is the exact opposite of his predecessor, Dr Singh. He is not a person of letters, and one who has an unstudied familiarity with microeconomics but not macroeconomics and its intricacies of inter-sectoral economic dynamics. But he has immense appeal with the masses and hard-working middle classes, and thus the mandate to carry out major reforms. He is honest in money matters. Moreover, he has come up from his humble beginnings the hard way, by pulling himself up by the boot straps and thus, by example, has won over the toiling masses of India—to win election after election from 2002 onwards, first at the state level as the chief minister and now twice as the prime minister. But this same lack of academic background has made him dependent on his friends and chosen rootless ministers, who never tell him the bitter truth about the economy or explain the macroeconomics or that he needs to figure the way out of a crisis.

            Hence, we have witnessed the folly of demonetization and the inanity of the Goods and Services Tax (GST), both of which have accelerated the tailspin of the economy. But as the prime minister, he is a domineering figure who brooks no political competition. His reliance on unelectable political advisors and colleagues for clues on the complex subject of the economy, which they know little about, or even lettered but timid economists appointed by him to posts of huge perks, results in them telling the prime minister only what he wants to hear. This is a frightening potpourri for the nation.

            The good news is that the current developing crisis does not necessarily mean an imminent collapse of the economy. That is India’s historic innate resilience. To solve the current problems, the first step is to recognize the urgency that a crisis is imminent or already in existence. I have suggested a new menu of measures to stem the tailspin and turn it around to a fast-growing economy. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government also needs to give an alternative ideological thrust to economic policy rather than trying to improve on the failed efforts in the past and to seek marginal changes. Now is the time for a structural overhaul to purge the remnants of the command economy, and usher in an incentive-driven, innovation-structured and market-determined competitive economy.

            The people of this young republic, but an ancient civilization, which is known the world over, are demanding modern transformation and rapid growth within the framework of our ancient values and heritage. Thus, today’s India is an ancient nation in search of a renaissance.

            In the Preamble of the Constitution, our nation is defined as ‘India that is Bharat’. The term ‘Indian’, that is ‘Bharatiya’, signifies a citizen of the Republic of India. India is a new republic but not a new nation. Its people are modern, but they do not reject the nation’s time-tested traditions and the cultural heritage of its age-old past. Now, in 2019, as a renewed republic entering the eighth decade of Independence, India stands at the cusp of a major transformation caused by unprecedented economic development through out-of-the-box thinking, using everything from primitive tools to electronic software, and from entrepreneurship to hard work and self-confidence. This has given a significant and substantial boost to the quality of life for its more than 1.25 billion citizens.

            There is now, since Independence, a realistic hope for India to regain its ancient glory, to become the most advanced nation. Its GDP has risen to more than $2 trillion and, in current prices, it is now already the third-largest nation in terms of real GDP (in Purchasing Power Parity [PPP] prices). This rapid growth has created an emerging middle class with rising aspirations and the ability to discover, invent and adapt modern scientific innovations for natural development. In 2019, India leads the world in the supply pool of youth, i.e., percentage of the young in the age group of 15 to 35 years (about 65 per cent), and this lead is expected to last for another forty years. This young generation, with growing access to quality education, Internet use and mobile connectivity, is not only empowered to demand positive change but is the most fertile milieu for promoting knowledge, innovation and research, which will ensure accentuated, sustainable economic growth in GDP at 10 per cent per year. It is this prime workforce that also encourages saving for the future, thus providing the corpus for pension-funding for the retired and the old. We should, therefore, not squander this ‘natural vital resource’, termed Demographic Dividend, which will shrink as development proceeds and as quality of life further improves in the future.

            India is thus at the inflexion point or cusp in the curve of transformational growth to global power status. India has now regained its position as the fastest-growing large economy in the world, but a 7 per cent GDP growth rate is not good enough any more. Economic growth must accelerate over the next two decades to meet the rising aspirations of our young consumer population. India thus needs to achieve and sustain a GDP growth rate of over 10 per cent per year for the next two decades (2020–40).

            This sustained GDP growth will be accompanied by an increase in per capita income growth from $1,500 to over $7,000 per year at 2019 prices, and thus make the third angle of the global triangle of India, China and the US. For this, India must adopt a three-pronged strategy that can create capabilities for growth and new solutions, which will, in turn, build shared prosperity for its 1.25 billion citizens. Firstly, development must become a mass movement, in which every Indian recognizes and experiences tangible benefits accruing immediately, even as long-gestation reforms continue to be implemented.

            Secondly, our development strategy must help achieve broad-based economic growth to ensure development across all regions and states, and across all sectors, ranging from education, agriculture and healthcare to manufacturing, urbanization and retail/trade. This needs the fostering of new innovations and the upskilling of labour, modernization of agriculture, water resource management, finding new fuel sources (such as thorium), and strong research and development (R&D), and physical infrastructure. These path-breaking innovations have to be backed by robust financial architecture and human resource development.

            Finally, our growth strategy must minimize the gap between public- and private-sector performance. This calls for efficient, transparent and accountable state governance, which will require developing rational risk-taking and merit-rewarding governance. This will ensure that India not only achieves its ambitious goals for 2040, of overtaking China, but also challenges the pre-eminence of the US, to go on to become scientifically one of the two largest economies in the world by 2050. Thus, as we would then celebrate the centenary of our republic established in 1950, such a national development effort will enable us to challenge the hegemony of the US, in innovation-driven growth and global order.

  3. Why alone? Chidu ji, spill the beans on Italian Sonia and her Italian Mafia, Vatican planted family.
    Sir by the way it is reported by the TRAITOR Media brothels that Christian Micheal tried to choke himself. How? without any rope or cloth or anything? Was it an attempt by the Italian White skinned Supremacist Evil TDK Sonia to save her evil white skin?
    Let us remember, SISTER IN LAW of Chiddu died “suddenly”within a day she was named as co-accused with Chidu family in a HOTEL GRABBING case (details are on PGurus itself)
    Indrani food was poisoned in the High security Jail itself, she escaped. Another attempt by the evil vile White skinned runt, curse on India, whose and whose family every breath is a huge toxic poison being thrown on Indians
    Now do we remember that Pramod Mahajan, Gopinath Mundhe, and Pramod Mahajan PS, died under mysterious circumstances. His son RAHUL Mahajan also was almost killed-Pramod Mahajan’s wife died suddenly, also note Pravin Mahajan his brother who was charged with Pramod Mahajan death NEVER ACCEPTED he killed him, despite all the torture by the ITALIAN VATICAN INQUISITION Police, Pravin Mahajan died suddenly of Brain hemorrhage suddenly just after 2014 elections results were out and ITALIAN RAJ was ending, somewhere in early May 2014, when it was clear MODI was winning. Brain hemorrhage results from chronic HBP, followed by increase in palpitations and heart attack like symptoms, it is slow and NEVER SUDDEN. So was he fed poison by ITALIAN NAZI DAUGHTER and KGB/ OpusDei/Vatican/ ISI agent SONIA and FAM to save their evil filthy white skin?? Pramod Mahajan was Internal Security minister in ABV cabinet and would have known many of this Italian imposters secrets, which were subsequently destroyed by this ITALIAN AND THE ETERNAL WHITE SLAVE PAKIPANJABI RAJ OF SONIA and her PIG PAKIPANJABI MANMOHAN (Born In Gah, Pakistan where Osama was killed)

  4. Sir show him the VIDEO of Dr Swamy and Shri Iyer Sir discussion, posted yesterday, he will know. Dr Swamy clearly points at this Uzbeki lust and treatment of women, from media and bollywood. Now we know why the so called female reporters are doing Randi Rona for him. Somebody has said the women in media and Holly/Bollywood are sl..ts and men pimps of own daughters, that American is not far off from 100% truth. Also now we know why Xtians, Pakipanjabis and Bangads constitute 100% media=Orgy Islands

  5. Chiddu is not only Corrupt but he is Nth rated Cunning Moron.He knows that he is Arrested not for signing Papers but Seeking and Taking Money and other Favours for his Unholy Actions.He also knows that it is just the Beginning.


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