Assets of Hurriyat Leader Geelani unearthed

Syed Ali Shah Geelani - Under House Arrest for 24 years, yet the wealth he has accumulated will blow your mind!

Shocking accumulation of assets by Geelani despite being under House Arrest
Shocking accumulation of assets by Geelani despite being under House Arrest

Team PGurus had reported back in February of this year conclusive proof that Hurriyat leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani and Mirwaiz Umar Farooq are in constant touch with Pakistan spy agency ISI’s Lieutenant-Colonel Tanveer Ahmad. In this post, we bring you a list of the assets that have been unearthed thus far.

One by one the castles built in the high air are crumbling down and more and more skeletons are tumbling out of their closets.

Ever since hardline Hurriyat Conference leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has been spearheading anti-India campaign issuing bandh calls, holding anti-India rallies across different parts of Kashmir Valley he has acquired a long list of prime properties worth several crores of rupees.

Since March 1993, when All Parties Hurriyat Conference (APHC) came into being the octogenarian had spent the majority of the time while remaining under house arrest under the watchful eyes of a small army of state policemen.

During these eventful years of his life, he was allowed to travel outside Kashmir valley during different phases but his visits remained restricted to the national capital of India-New Delhi. On a few occasions, he did interact with the Pakistan High Commissioner in New Delhi and created a storm in the tea cup.

Mostly he visited Delhi for routine health checkups and whenever he needed medical intervention to sustain himself.

Geelani is learnt to have amassed huge wealth in the form of prime properties within and outside Kashmir Valley during the same period much to the chagrin of law enforcing agencies. All those people working on the ground are trying to find out any records available with the Income Tax department with details of Income Tax returns filed by these separatists. So far no such document has come out in the public domain.

But it appears that all these separatist leaders who enjoyed proximity with a section of leadership in New Delhi have now run out of luck.

One by one the castles built in the high air are crumbling down and more and more skeletons are tumbling out of their closets.

How can someone, who has been under house arrest for the 24 years, amass so much wealth?

Ever since the National Investigation Agency (NIA) began crackdown against these separatists and their sympathizers to track down the source of terror funds they are spending sleepless nights for fear of getting exposed in the eyes of their own supporters.

On ground sleuths of NIA have so far managed to track down a list of properties worth crores of rupees which are directly owned by him or one of his close relatives.

List of Properties

Note that 1 Kanal of land is 605 square yards or 1/8th of an acre or 506 square meters. 1 Marla is 25 square yards.

  1. Ancestral home in Sopore: According to a dossier prepared by the investigating agency the total worth of Geelani’s ancestral home at Dooru in Sopore is estimated to be 1 crore. It is a two story house on 2 kanals of land.
  2. Office cum residence: Office cum residence is built on 1.5 kanals land at Rehmatabad colony, which is registered in the name of Milli Trust with five members – Bashir Ahmed Shot @ Peer Saifullah, Mohd Ashraf, Sehraj, Altaf Ahmed Shah, Jawahira Begum and Dr. Nayeed Geelani.
  3. Two-storey house: Geelani’s two story house at Bulbulbagh, Barazulla has been transferred to Jel, Jammu, and Kashmir.
  4. Unique Public School: There is one Unique Public School in Dooru, Srinagar, whose land is partially donated by villagers and partly out of Geelani’s property. The school is run by trust, and Geelani has appointed his younger son Naseem Geelani chairman of the school.
  5. 2BHK in New Delhi: Geelani also owns a two-bedroom flat at Gupta Colony, Khirki Extension, Delhi for which Geelani paid Rs 8 Lakh and it has been registered in the name of GM Bhat (hawala conduit).
  6. Geelani also owns one two story house at Bagh-e-Mehtab, Srinagar and has been registered in the name of Geelani’s eldest daughter Chasfida.
  7. Geelani’s another three storied bunglow built on half canal land at Bemina, Srinagar has been registered in the name of his daughter Zahida.
  8. The separatist leader also owns around 100-150 kanals of land at Singpore Pattan. Geelani has a double story house at Rehmatabad in his name.
  9. Four vehicles in Hyderpora belong to Geelani.

As per the dossier, Geelani’s son Naseem Geelani looks after real estate matters of the family.

Geelani’s son-in-law Altaf Funtoosh, who has been looking after his affairs for year, owns land in Dompora Sow. Altai Funtoosh, Advocate Shahfi Rishi and his nephew Yaseer Rishi (MLC) own around 100-150 kanals of land in Sumbal, Zainkund-Bandipora Road.

Till date four Benami properties have also been discovered and the subjects will be questioned about the same.

Complete list of Assets of Geelani:

Assets of Geelani Page 1
Assets Page 2
Fig 1. Assets of Shah Ali Geelani

How can someone, who has been under house arrest for the 24 years, amass so much wealth?


  1. They are fleecing the blood of ordinary kashmiries under the guise of separatists.. These properties should be confiscated as there is no proof of income.Abdullah and Muktis families assets are also to be probed.

  2. These are traitors, who sold their motherland, to be grilled & tortured to reveal all their nefarious plans & designs. Take them to a secluded area & torture them. Warn & keep away the NHRC fellows who are another polished traitors who get involved in tragedy tourism.

  3. These separatist leaders are corrupt thugs and traitors of lndia. They have also taken advantage of distress sale by Kashmiri Pandits of their properties in Kashmiri when they were forced out Kashmir by these Kashmiri leaders at Gunpoint.
    They should get life imprisonment.


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