Magistrate son terminated from service. Is the father, Justice V P Vaish in trouble too?

Son Magistrate terminated from service; is the father, Justice V P Vaish, in trouble too?

Son Magistrate terminated from service; is the father, V P Vaish, in trouble too?
Justice V P Vaish, a judge currently in the Meghalaya High Court

Son’s dismissal could mean trouble for the Meghalaya High Court Judge V P Vaish

With the Delhi High Court terminating the services of Metropolitan Magistrate Nitesh Gupta, his father Justice Ved Prakash Vaish, now in Meghalaya High Court may be in trouble too. As per the reports, a few days ago, the Delhi High Court terminated the services of the newly recruited Magistrate Nitesh Gupta for finding Rs.5.73 crores in his accounts. His claim that this amount was an “interest-free loan” from somebody was found to be unsatisfactory. It is a genuine question as to how Rs.5.73 crores came into the account of a young Magistrate, who recently joined the service. Nitesh Gupta’s selection as a Magistrate was also controversial when his father Justice V P Vaish was a Judge in the Delhi High Court. There were allegations of nepotism in the selection process.

The Modi government, by firing a Magistrate has given a strong message to the judiciary. Those who are caught red handed with unexplained income will be named, shamed and thrown out.

Father V P Vaish, who started his career in the Delhi District Courts, was the Registrar General of Delhi High Court, before being selected as a High Court Judge in Delhi High Court in April 2013, during the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) tenure. Justice V P Vaish’s actions in the politically sensitive National Herald case were controversial. In August 2014, he stayed the trial court order of summoning Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, and other Congress leaders. After sitting on the case for about six months, all of a sudden Justice Vaish recused himself from the case without giving any reason in January 2015.

During this period in December 2014, Justice Vaish took a controversial decision by quashing the CBI trial of Sonia Gandhi’s Private Secretary Vincent George. BJP leader Subramanian Swamy wrote to Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging him to direct the CBI to appeal against this controversial decision, which has not yet been acted upon.

Anyway, Justice Vaish was soon transferred to Meghalaya High Court in May 2016. Now his son, a Magistrate in Delhi Courts is terminated for finding unexplainable money. Father Justice V P Vaish can’t evade from this shameful incident in Judiciary. There were talks in legal circles that the father may resign as an escape route. Being a High Court Judge, the only punishment as per the Constitution is Impeachment by Parliament. That has to be moved forward by political parties. Will they move Impeachment Motion against Justice V P Vaish? Or like in the case of errant Judge Justice Karnan, will Supreme Court remove him from judicial duties? The Supreme Court can only remove him from Judicial duties and post him in some administrative duties. Only Parliament can act through an impeachment motion by terminating his services. Will political parties act? Or will they make noise and delay the actual impeachment proceedings, giving enough time for V P Vaish to exit by resigning?

The Modi government, by firing a Magistrate has given a strong message to the judiciary. Those who are caught red handed with unexplained income will be named, shamed and thrown out. This will instil fear in the hearts of the corrupt judges who permeate the system at every level in India.

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  1. The Modi government has nothing at all to do with hiring, firing or terms and conditions of service of the Delhi Judicial Service. The cadre controlling authority is the High Court of Delhi, which is not under any Governmemt, and is an independent branch of Govt, and the officer was an employee of the Delhi Government. Dismissal was done by Delhi High Court, and confirmed by Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. Modi government may be doing many good things for anti corruption but this had no connection to it.

  2. Indian Judicial Service is the only solution. Selection of Judges by the Judges needs immediate review. Improvement in judiciary can’t be over emphasized.

  3. The ED and IT department should forthwith pursue the 5.73 crore interest free loan matter and identify the generous lender and the reason for his munificence to this particular person.

  4. he has good understanding with next CJI Mishra
    his son will be reinstated soon
    I suppose sufferers will be Gita Mittal and other bench members

  5. Irrespective of the Nitesh Gupta being terminated, which is the first step, he has to be given third degree treatment to get to know who paid Rs. 5.6 crores. Considering this amount being 1% commission, the actual benefit could be anywhere above Rs. 50 crores. So who is this person getting the benefit needs to be digged out.
    These “Guptas” have lots of “gupt” (secret) information. These fellows need to be tortured to tell the truth, real truth & ultimate truth.

  6. please do not just terminate him Dig into the source of the money Same with dad- did deep into Vincent George case


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