Dr Nagaswamy calls out DMK chief’s ignorance on Kural’s vedic influence

Stalin accused Dr Nagaswamy of being anti-Tamil and demanded his removal from the committee.

Stalin accused Dr Nagaswamy of being anti-Tamil and demanded his removal from the committee.
Stalin accused Dr Nagaswamy of being anti-Tamil and demanded his removal from the committee.

In a statement published on 3rd March in a Tamil newspaper, MK Stalin fiercely opposed the appointment of Dr Nagaswamy as a member of the selection committee for awards of Central Institute of Classical Tamil for Tamil scholars[1]. He accused Dr Nagaswamy of being anti-Tamil and demanded his removal from the committee.

Nagaswamy wrote, “My works on Tamil art and culture for the past sixty years are known the world over. Hence Stalin’s statement that I am anti-Tamil is untenable.”

Stalin proclaimed that Nagaswamy had belittled the Tamil poet-saint Thiruvalluvar by saying that Thirukkural had its roots in the Vedas. He even accused the central government of not allocating enough funds for the institute.

Mr. Stalin said the Centre had already undermined the institute by not providing it adequate funds. “It has not been able to do any research in the last five years. It has also stopped the award instituted in the name of Kalaignar [former CM Karunanidhi],” he claimed[2].

Nagaswamy responded to Stalin’s statement citing many instances when Kalaignar M Karunanidhi and MK Stalin had praised him for his work on Tamil language. He even reminded how Tamil scholars from the world over consider him an authority on the subject.

Nagaswamy wrote, “My works on Tamil art and culture for the past sixty years are known the world over. Hence Stalin’s statement that I am anti-Tamil is untenable.”

Nagaswamy clarified that it was not just him, but Tamil scholars for the past 1,000 years, such as Parimelalagar, GU Pope and Dr UV Swaminatha Iyer are of the view that Thirukkural is rooted in Vedic tradition.

Nagaswamy also made it clear in his response that he had not received any communication about his appointment to any committee of the CICT[3].

It is being inferred that Stalin’s problem with Dr Nagaswamy is that he may block DMK certified Tamil scholars like SubaVee, Vairamuthu, Viduthalai Rajendran and the likes from getting the award. 

Attached is the reply by Dr. Nagaswamy to MK Stalin…

Dr. Nagaswamy Reply to Stalin by PGurus on Scribd


[1] Archaeologist R Nagaswamy refutes Stalin’s charges

[2] Remove Nagaswami from panel: Stalin

[3] Stalin shows his ignorance tamil history noted archaeologist Dr Nagaswamy responds

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  1. When he started visiting temples I thought this moron from DMK reformed himself by understanding the crux of our Hindu dharma. But old habits die hard. The so called Dravidian movement is nothing but pouring vitriol on religious beliefs of Tamilians by proclaiming that they are of a different breed cut off from our Vedic roots. These hate mongers want to disown our Vedic heritage by making villains out of our great scholars like Dr. Nagaswamy. Just sporting a Christian name like Stalin he cannot change his DNA.

    • His name is nothing to do with Christianity. It is a invented Russian name more to do with Communism. His birth name is different but was later changed to this due to left leaning ideology

  2. Stalin Sir, did you NOT Seek Sincerely the Support of the Divine Sai Baba when you were in Trouble, the “SAI,” who believes in Nothing but God as the Unifying Force of the the Entire Cosmos? You are causing feuds between Castes, Communities, Causing Confusion in Tamilnadu and India. Ask either Dayalu Amma, the most Compassionate, and/or Durga Amma, the most Powerful. The key Question you should be asking – “Am I Doing Right?”. If you do not want to rely on those who are truly closest to you to get the RIGHT answer, pose this question to your own Conscience, – ask your own-self – “See Inside Always [SAI].” the answer is right there. Appeasing Christians, Muslims and Creating fights, chaos between different Castes and Communities is not Unity in Thought, Word and Deed.

  3. Dr. Nagasamy be supported by well meaning Tamil Erudite Scholars who have insight, depth and capacity. The current day great Tamil Scholars like, Dr. Selvaganapathy, our modern Renowned Musician, the great Tamil Composer, Dr. Ilayaraja, as well as outstanding Orators / Exponents like Mr. Suki Sivam, MR. Tamizh Aruvi Manian should step up to the great podium to speak for the welfare of Tamil Scholars like Dr. S. Nagasamy. It is vital to re-establish/reinforce the rich EVOLVING pristine Tamizh culture as an unifying force that brought together, uplifting the welfare of people living in Tamilnadu for AGES accepting all coming from different parts of the world. While history is replete with Tamil Kings [Chera, Chola, Pandya] waging wars amongst themselves many a time, they also either carried out business and/or waged wars all across India and abroad [evidence of going north, south, east and west] to establish their supremacy. Human beings are indeed a dynamic, expanding seekers. In the same way, history also tells us that kings from outside of Tamilandu entered and ruled us: examples, the establishment of Chalukyas, Kalinga, Vijayanagara, Pallava Maharashtra emperors getting their rule of TN; then, the entry of Badshahs, the Brits/French too happened in the later years. The Pandyan Capital of Madurai was taken over by Thirumalai Naicker, an outsider. However, none of us can deny these Chisftains also worked to promote harmony between all sects, groups and supported the sustenance of the Tamil heritage [both language and culture/religion]. Sarafoji, the Maratha warrior [appointed] took over the power of the state ruled by the Chola dyansty at Thanjavur. Hindus from all branches of worship, the Jains, the Buddhists have contributed to the literature, culture and religion and lived for most time in harmony. Thirukkural is indeed an “Universal Non-Denominational Spiritual Tamil Top Class Literature” that gives the tenets of leading a DIVINE/Godly life on earth based on human values of practising Love, Truth, Righteousness, Peace and Non-violence. Unfortunately, the uneducated current Political Warlords give a wrong twist and they all do not follow the tenets laid out in this great literature but blabber to gain their personal wealth besides creating confusion and disharmony between various sects/groupstoday so they can happily swindle. The four top Tamil well-read, respected, acclaimed Scholars of today [listed above] could Communicate to Clear the Confusion caused by half-baked, illiterate, Conning Cadre of pseudo-Creative politico Comrades, sowing Chaos Corrupting the people of Tamilnadu. Instead, the need of the hour is to Unite, Unify, Integrate and Awaken All Tamil Communities to “Realize and Awaken” them to wake up to lead a hurry, worry, curry free life in Harmony. For Muddled King Stalin and his Co it is perhaps the heralding of “Time for Sunset for the Rising Sun”.

  4. Dr. Nagaswamy is a renowned scholar and needs NO politicians certificate. I have read his work and also heard his interviews and am impressed by his knowledge and work. Stalin is a hardworking politician, and TN people admire him, but he is no scholar to decide on the work of Dr. Nagaswamy. Have the following question from Politician Stalin:

    1. Thirukhural work – Remember Manusmriti written by the muni, Satyavrata, the alleged controversial ancient Sanatan codebook of ancient India. Frequently cited by the politicians to create caste and ethnic divide, but to my surprise, his biggest admirer was Thirukkural. In his third chapter title ‘Nittar Perumai’ there is a verse as shown below, exact same Sanskrit translation given in the Manusmriti, and there are many such examples. Stain Ji, please read and come with an explanation.

    2. Stain’s wife ‘Durga Stalin’ name has Vedic imprint. Please change her name or your ideology. Anything Vedic is not untouchable, and TN is a place where it has put more focus on social issues, and acceptance of ideas is part of it. Do not make it a ghetto and guarded community. You have selectively promoted only Christianity and Islam related religious ceremonies, participated and wished the aforementioned religious festivals and avoided Hindu customs and festivals. Please, this is not a Rational and Atheist approach of the Dravidian ideology. This is petty communal politics.

    3. As per reports in the public domain, You are rumored to be involved in the suicide of your close ally – Annanagar Ramesh and his family. Nation and the TN state is still waiting for the answer.

    4. Lastly, during great Karunanithi’s last regime as Chief Minister from 2006 to 2011, there were many land grabbing cases reported against the DMK members, and your name was leading the list, even without the knowledge of the great Kalaignar. Nation and TN are waiting for the answer.

    5. All the army of personal cars etc. that have the same sequence of number plates satisfying certain Vedic rituals also needs to be explained.
    Jai Hind, Jai Tamil

    • LOL Thirukural is universal and egalitarian [in contrast to divisive Manu]- don’t twist it to ur Aryan agenda – Hindutvadis [not Brahmins] are very sly and cunning – this is as bad as some Christian groups trying to appropriate Thirukural – we tamils will fiercely oppose every move by vested interests to appropriate our glorious egalitarian culture

      • Dear Tamil lover, can you disprove the contention that Thirukkural is a verse for verse translation of Manusmriti? Dr. Nagaswamy proves it with line for line translation. Just mouthing falsehoods means nothing. Present facts.


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