Dr Subramanian Swamy Complete Press Conference in Delhi Post 2G Scam Verdict

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  1. Brilliant press conference conducted by DrSwamy,als it came about due to nonsensical judgement delivered in 2G.This judgement mocks at honest people and it is time judgements like this don’t go unpunished.People need to get angry,a movement to start to wield a broom in places like Judiciary,CBI,ED and the PM of the day is made accountable.Not going around sloganeering fooling people.

    • They say prosecution failed to substantiate the crime for want of documentary evidences and casual cross examination of witnesses and importantly A.Raja the main accused who was arguing for himself in his defence was not cross examined effectively which shows the prosecution decided to weaken the case to enable all accused to be exonoretated

    • Gentleman making money by fraudulent means is not a crime for chosen few.Big scam but dealt casually but small crimes are meticulously followed


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