Swamy,Chicken and The Judiciary!!!

Swamy works hard, stretches his sinews to get the corrupt only to see the judiciary set it free!

This is what happened with Dr. Subramanian Swamy in 2G case.
But is this the end or the start?

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  1. Everytime judiciary is pushing away, Swami is able to chatch it by its horns & bring back tieh 2G scam, much to discomfort the judiciary itself.

  2. Gurumurthy are you not ashamed to depict such a cartoon when he is trying to eliminate
    corruption. What sort BJP man are you. Late Cho must be turning in his grave for making
    you his assistant.

    • That Mr. Ramachandran, is in very poor taste. First off, this is NOT Mr. Gurumurthy’s site. Nor is it Dr. Swamy’s mouthpiece. Pl. first get this into your thick skull. Weigh your words carefully when you comment.


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