Dr. Subramanian Swamy on busting the lies of vested interests on CAA

Vice squad's anchor Isobel Yeung, first tests Dr. Swamy in Chinese to see if he really knows the language, then tapes an hour-long segment and airs a misleading 1.5 minute part. This Pak-run company could be in trouble!!! Watch the entire conversation


  1. This is a really scary security situation.

    ‘Journalists’ can just show up to his house without background checks? At a minimum I’d expect them to fill out a background form with references, copies of their works and identification documents.

    I read a New Yorker article about Kashmir/CAA a few months ago that showed how an American journalist was smuggled into KAshmir.
    The same article mentioned how an imposter infiltrated Modi inner circle by pretending to be from California.

    How lax is the security in India?


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