A conversation with Dr. Subramanian Swamy

PGurus in conversation with Dr. Swamy on the Economy, Demonetization, State funding of elections, Ram Mandir, Pakistan & more

Dr. Subramanian Swamy shared his views on a wide range of topics from the effect of Demonetization on Real Estate, Gold, Stocks and how the move to demonetize without preparations has challenged the average person. An in-depth, uninterrupted session with astute insights into various topics. A must watch!


  1. Why can’twe enforce the two children policy by disallowing voting rights of parents havinging more than 2 children and 3rd child onwards of all children?

  2. What will happen to Jayalalitha DA case after death? What will be the future of aiadmk? Will aiadmk server remaining 4 years in TN? Is there a chance any national party to come up in Tamil Nadu Election?

  3. Respected Dr. Swamy ji, I am worried with the poor health of Hindu children.
    Can we introduce some aggressive health regime in the lives of
    Indian children. This should be related to marks/grades in school and colleges
    But also in jobs so that we have healthy generation. Question is how to make
    a Mandatory health regime should be introduced? Regards. Rajinder Katoch

  4. Apart from Demonetisation, What are anti corruption plan of Modi Govt? We want to see corrupts behind the bars and that too big fishes like PC, NTDV, Buddhu or his mother, AP etc. (not small). You are one of the main pillar in the BJP govt. and can respond on it.

  5. Desh ki akta or akhadta ki liye aap kya kar rahe hai jese sardar valbh Bhai Ji ne desh ko ak kare ki liye kiya tha. thanks Sir .


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