Drama of Saifuddin Soz and Presstitutes

Saifuddin Soz tries to create fake hysteria by having his wife file a Habeus Corpus in the Supreme Court; case dismissed

Saifuddin Soz tries to create fake hysteria by having his wife file a Habeus Corpus in the Supreme Court; case dismissed
Saifuddin Soz tries to create fake hysteria by having his wife file a Habeus Corpus in the Supreme Court; case dismissed

Fake petition to make noise

The Saifuddin Soz drama has once again exposed the role of Kashmir-based journalists and their conduits in Delhi. As the anniversary of the abrogation of Article 370 is coming on August 5, this drama was scripted by Congress leader Saifuddin Soz and amplified by what can be clearly an act of Presstitution by NDTV, India Today, Indian Express and Telegraph. First, file a fake Habeas Corpus petition directly in Supreme Court by the wife of Soz. This itself is a fraud – how can Habeas Corpus be filed by the wife who is living with the person? Habeas Corpus petition is to find a non-traceable person. How can a wife, living with her husband for the past so many decades and in the present file to trace a person? Doesn’t the Congress lawyer Abhishek Singhvi who argued for them know this is a fake petition? Moreover, Soz has a Z-level security cover! How can he be treated under Habeas Corpus?

The Jammu & Kashmir Government filed a reply that they never detained him showing details of his travels to Delhi. Therefore, it came as no surprise that the petition got dismissed. So what is the real situation? Saifuddin Soz is under the control of his security and his travels need permission. Soz is a highly inflammable speaker and his movement in the valley is restricted and he needs permission to move out with a proper security drill. After losing the petition, he did a drama with the Presstitute journalists and media houses and started shouting that he is detained and not being allowed to go outside. The media houses like Indian Express, Telegraph, NDTV, and India Today and its fraud Presstitutes had no qualm in telling a lie that the Government lied to Supreme Court.

See the drama:

After a few hours, Saifuddin Soz was seen going to his sister’s home nearby with his security people. If he was detained can he move out? A trouble maker has been caught on a lie as he is frustrated that he is not allowed to roam and incite the pliable crowd in Kashmir. See the video:

Message to Presstitutes

Why are you playing along in this drama and fraud? Are you getting paid for writing and tweeting, shedding crocodile tears on the so-called plight of Saifuddin Soz? Or were you part of creating tension in Kashmir and inciting people?  Shame on you.

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  1. Modi haters had been in war mode for past several years after Congress lost power at the centre. They truly believe that every thing is OK in war. Telling lies, making myths as reality, fabricating data, manufacturing fake stories and create fake references are their means to fight this war with Modi as truth and facts are on Modi’s side.

  2. All the press be advised: You are being influenced by those forces who don’t believe in democracy and free and fair press. The Democratic Governments will be frustrated by your DAMNING LIES. They will not be able to negotiate for free press in those Undemocratic/Commie/Dictatorship countries as the other side negotiators would cite your behavior and ask “YOU HAVE FREE PRESS IN YOUR SO CALLED DEMOCRATIC COUNTRIES. WHAT IS THE FREE PRESS DOING?”

  3. Yes very true.. Same fake narrative about kashmiri pandit about art 370 was raised by india today from kashmiri journalist. Which took heights in media after which that KP wrote to india today how can u tamper the real news we never said we want 370 bk it was wrong message which hurted many hearts n i was targetted mentally. Even ANI from kashmir took interviews bt that news was also hide by these so called librals.


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