Economic Intelligence unit need of the hour to monitor Amnesty and other NGOs says M R Venkatesh

FCRA violations by various NGOs like Amnesty always find another route to keep their funding going. They try to control the Indian narrative and meddle in the day-to-day affairs of the govt. MRV sheds some light on why agencies should be proactive and suggests a way out to the Govt to effectively control this menace.


  1. If the people here are as connected as we are led to believe, maybe someone in the appropriate ministry can look into the narratives in Russian?

    India is depicted as trash and sewer and filthy by the Russian tourists in their posts online.

    With the reach of those platforms, it’s incredible that the Russian language depiction of India and Indians are not being scrutinized.

  2. MR Venkatesh comes on government friendly channels like TimesMow and (banana) Republic who constantly peddle lies in support of the government in the garb of shouting match debates where they bring some self proclaimed experts like Rajagopalan, Dr.Anand Ranganathan, Iskaran Bhandari etc who will hog time on these debates apart from anchors to ram through their editorial views. We need to understand that there is always a flip side to any argument. And these so called experts and anchors without being mindful of the other side of the argument go about shouting to make their hollow arguments.

    We need someone to show a mirror to the ruling government on issues relating to human rights, environment, police high handedness, injustice to minorities etc. The problems these agencies raise happen in all the countries in varying degrees but it is about the way the governments deal with these accusations that world will see the kind of people were are. The government should counter facts with facts instead of intimidating these agencies(NGOs), questioning their funding etc. A few years ago, there was a protest organized by an NGO on the construction of a power plant in Tamil Nadu. It is nobody’s case that construction of a power plant would cause some ecological damage. Instead of providing data saying that yes there is going to some damage to the ecology and this is the degree of tradeoff between damage to the ecology and the development that such construction of power plant would bring about. Instead various unsubstantiated claims were made saying that there was some foreign hand/fund behind these protests and these foreign hands/funds were out their to ensure that India did become a developed country. Arguments were made saying that the protests were not spontaneous and people were given food packets and water to attend these protests. When people can be ferried to attend PMs election Man Ki baath, what is wrong in giving food and water to protesters and does doing this make the cause of protests bogus?

    MR Venkatesh in his writings and his utterances in government friendly TV channels appears to self-righteous. What are his credentials? Is he a world renowned economist? What is his contributions in the social sector? He is just a unknown chartered accountant looking for a few minutes of fame coming on government friendly channels to tow the editorials of these TV channels – we have paise a dozen such chartered accountants in India.

    • To me , you are right.
      He advertises himself because he cannot advertise his profession- CA / Lawyer.
      Letting people know that he is close to avenues of Power in India.

      And when you are close …………… you get more business and assignments.


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