ED attaches illegally allotted posh property to National Herald in Panchkula

More problems for the Gandhis as ED attaches Panchkula property allotted to National Herald under PMLA

More problems for the Gandhis as ED attaches Panchkula property allotted to National Herald under PMLA
More problems for the Gandhis as ED attaches Panchkula property allotted to National Herald under PMLA

Trouble is brewing for the Gandhis in the National Herald case. Weeks after the acquisition notice of its headquarters Herald House in Delhi, by the Union Urban Development Ministry (UDM), the Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Monday attached its swanky office in Panchkula, illegally allotted by Haryana Government under the Congress regime in 2005. The central probe agency said that it issued a provisional order of attachment under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) on December 1, the day the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) filed a charge sheet against former Haryana chief minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda and others for allegedly using fraudulent means to allot the land to Associate Journals Limited (AJL).

“Since the value of plot fraudulently allotted to AJL has represented proceeds of crime, the ED has attached the plot under PMLA Act,” the agency said in a statement. The plot has been attached under Section 5 of the PMLA (attachment of property involved in money laundering) and further investigation is in process, it said.

Reacting to the development main petitioner and BJP leader Subramanian Swamy congratulated ED and said that he would pursue with Maharashtra Government on the illegal allotment of land in Bandra to National Herald publisher Associated Journals Limited. The State Government had already formed a committee to probe into the irregularities. Finding a series of frauds in the land allotment and usage, the Committee recommended the takeover by the state government and initiating action against the AJL.

The ED said Hooda, as the then CM, “misused his official position by dishonestly and fraudulently allotting the said plot to AJL afresh in the guise of re-allotment at the rates prevalent in 1982 (Rs 91 per sqm) plus interest despite the fact that the cancellation of allotment of the plot had earlier attained finality and it could not legally be re-allotted.” It added that the re-allotment of the plot in 2005 “unjustly benefitted” AJL.

The agency said its probe found that Hooda “granted undue extensions thrice to AJL for construction of the said plot and after acquisition of the said plot projected it as untainted property and further cquired loans from the bank by way of mortgaging the same from tie to time.” The CBI chargesheet, filed in a Panchkula court on December 1, named Congress leader Motilal Vora besides Hooda in connection with the alleged irregularities in the re-allotment of the plot.

Meanwhile, the Delhi High Court previous week reserved for orders in the petition filed by AJL against the eviction notice issued by the Union Urban Development Ministry. In the main case, the trial court has scheduled the case to January 11 and cross-examination of Subramanian Swamy by accused Congress leaders will start on that day.

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  1. Bravo Dr.S.Swamy.I used to think that Dynasty and its glued agents at international levels are interested only in “money” in banks/ home/safe vaults !! All are holding “Land Banks” too!!

  2. Why the BJP govt is delaying sharing information as wanted by Dr. Swamy on the illegal holdings of National Herald….. when it should act speedily & give it in shortest possible… Is Modi team wants to protect Pappu & his properties ?

  3. CBI Chargesheet states that “after acquisition of the said Panchkula plot projected it as untainted property and further ACQUIRED LOANS FROM THE BANK by way of MORTGAGING THE SAME from time to time. Now the Bank which lent loan to AJL against the tainted property should immediately take steps to safeguard their interest, since the loan was granted against tainted property, the collateral security is no longer valid and financially valid. BANK MUST INITIATE PARALLEL PROCEEDINGS IN THE COURT OF LAW TO SAFEGUARD THEIR INTEREST AND IMPLICATE RAHUL GANDHI, SONIA GANDHI, OSCAR FERNANDEZ, MOTILAL VOHRA and AJL jointly and severally. It is a deliberate fraud committed by AJL on the lending Bank. The right time for action by Lending Bank starts now.

  4. When Hindus of India ever wake up . Our enemy plans are so clear convert poor and eineducated to Islam and Christian and make them destroy own nation . Hindu need to re-educate these converts .

    • Yes.. unfortunately Bjp Government is not taking any aggressive action against conversions. They can introduce criminal law for conversions

  5. Very glad. We are seeing action here.
    Let truth prevail and all these corrupt go to jail.
    Will be so content when is see them happen.


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