Swamy writes to the PM, requests to be heard at BJP Parliamentary Party meeting

Swamy requests to address the BJP PP on GSTN & Anti-corruption act amendments prior to start of Winter session

Swamy requests to address the BJP PP on GSTN & Anti-corruption act amendments prior to start of Winter session
Swamy requests to address the BJP PP on GSTN & Anti-corruption act amendments

Senior BJP leader Dr. Subramanian Swamy wrote to the Prime Minister requesting for time to address the BJP Parliamentary Party to explain his stand on two issues:

  1. GSTN and

  2. Amendment to the Prevention of Corruption Act, especially the deletion of Section 13(1)(b)(iii).

He said that the current GSTN ownership structure, with Private entities holding 51% is against the national interest. Furthermore, he said that this new structure has not been placed for security clearance before the Home Ministry, which is a violation of the established procedure of Transaction of Business Rules.

As for the prevention of Corruption Act, he said that amending this section would give an easy loophole for Ministers to escape their responsibility for going against Public interest. He further expressed the concern that one of the Ministers is actively campaigning for this anti-national provision and trying to get it passed in the forthcoming Parliament session.

Dr. Swamy wanted permission to address the BJP Parliamentary Party on both these issues and explain why both GSTN and the Amendment are against National interest. He said he was open for rebuttals from any members, if any.

A copy of the letter is reproduced below:
Dr. Swamy letter to the PM
Dr. Swamy letter to the PM Page 2

Here is an in-depth look at GSTN from our site. GST is a broad-based, comprehensive, single indirect tax which will be levied concurrently on goods and services across India. It will replace most of the Central and State indirect taxes such as Value added Tax (VAT), Excise Duty. Service Tax, Central Sales Tax, Additional Customs Duty and Special Additional Duty of Customs. GST will be levied at every stage of the production and distribution chains by giving the benefit of Input Tax Credit (ITC) of the tax remitted at previous stages; thereby, treating the entire country as one market. Introduction of Goods and Services Tax (GST) in India is perceived to be the most ambitious initiative in the arena of indirect tax reform. It would change the Indian tax structure and pave the way for modernization of tax administration.

Already GST bill has been approved by both the houses of Parliament and getting approved by State assemblies. It needs fifty percent or 15 assemblies to approve for getting Presidential assent.

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  1. Who becomes a politician in India
    1.He / she must be local thug who graduates to higher level of looting –
    2.He/She must be from a moneyed powerful caste group –
    3.Sons/Daughters/husbands/wife/s/concubines/girl friends/boy friends who have inner information of wrong doing of the relative/association of politicians to exploit/threaten/blackmail –
    4.Moneyed local land lord who has muscle power to get himself/herself elected –
    5.People who are associates of industrialists/crony capitalists/ who are propped up to represent the interests of the crooked industrialist
    6.High academic qualifications or sports persons with high visibility or artists/writers/actors propped by each political party so that they can be propped up as a cutout to fool public
    7.Very few genuine do gooders who have high intellect/education/articulation who wants to make a change to this country.They get into a party and be a nuisance to them
    Now look at a Joker party,findout how many will fall into the category No.7.If there are only one or two or half a dozen, how can this party be a party with a difference?

  2. Well done Dr Swamy .The paramacharyal will be very happy to see you gain your independence again against those in Power. Can i be of help to you sir ? I stay in chennai.

  3. Well done Sir. The Paramacharyal will bless you for having regained your independence. May you succeed in saving Mother India. Sir i am an old man but willing to help in my humble way. I stay in Chennai.

    • Dear Shri Doraiswamy Ganesh,
      Whilst finding common cause with your views I humbly request you not to bring Poojya MahaPeriyava into such issues. His Blessings will always be showered on those who follow Dharma and fight for it. Dr.Swamy is one such


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