Intelligence agencies unearth money trails of D K Shivakumar to Delhi, linking Ahmed Patel and P Chidambaram

Intelligence agencies and Income Tax Department have established money trails from D K Shivakumar to the Congress High Command

Intelligence agencies and Income Tax Department have established money trails from D K Shivakumar to the Congress High Command
Intelligence agencies and Income Tax Department have established money trails from D K Shivakumar to the Congress HQ

Intelligence agencies have unearthed the financial dealings of Karnataka Congress Minister D K Shivakumar with Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and P Chidambaram. According to the findings, Shivakumar was acting as the money bag of Congress high command through Ahmed Patel and Chidambaram from 1999 onwards. The mega money trails started on a regular basis from 2000, when he became the Urban Development Minister in S M Krishna’s Government. Though he started out as Krishna’s man, taking cuts from Urban Development ministry projects by real estate giants, soon Shivakumar short-circuited the aging Krishna and established direct contact with 10 Janpath through Ahmed Patel and Chidambaram, say investigators.

Recent searches during Demonetisation unearthed huge piles of cash from Shivakumar’s homes in Bangalore and Delhi and the Income Tax agencies are at a final stage of analysing the empire of money laundering through him by the top Congress leadership.

The Intelligence agencies corroborated their findings with the Income Tax Investigation Unit and say that a clear Disproportionate Assets (DA) case can be registered against Shivakumar even based on his declaration to the Election Commission which currently shows a wealth of Rs.840 crores, in itself a quantum jump from the previous declarations.

In 2013, Shivakumar declared his assets as around Rs.250 crores. Comparing his 2008 election affidavit, there is an increase of Rs.176 crores, which is a clear candidate for registering a DA case considering the judgments in former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa’s DA case.

The Income Tax’s analysis report also exposes Shivakumar’s money trail with Congress high command through Ahmed Patel and Chidambaram-associated persons. When the agencies started verifying the Registrar of Company records of the firms related to Shivakumar and family, they found a lot of discrepancies. Recent searches during Demonetisation unearthed huge piles of cash from Shivakumar’s homes in Bangalore and Delhi and the Income Tax agencies are at a final stage of analysing the empire of money laundering through Shivakumar by top Congress leadership.

The Intelligence agencies point out that the Congress’ Delhi leadership was channelizing thousands of crores of corruption money from Karnataka through Shivakumar. In every project, prompt cuts were flown to Delhi by air and road apart from the Dubai based hawala operations, details the Intelligence report. The report says that till May 2014, during the UPA regime, hard cash was flown to Delhi openly. The report also says benami bank accounts were operated in Bangalore and Delhi for the transit of huge money and they were suddenly abandoned after May 2014. The report further details the roles of certain bankers in these operations of benami accounts for easy transit to Delhi.

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  1. If so, Robert Vadra also can do so.
    Try to differentiate between the foot soldiers and the commanders. DKS is not just a foot soldier

  2. D.k shivkakumar and his brother d.k Suresh MAY BE involved with real estate mafia don Sachin Naik who tuned home buyer’s ₹6000 crore in Bangalore. The boGus company names were Dreamz infra, gruha Kalyan and TGS

  3. In a few days he will join BJP with a few supporting MLAs and the cases against him will be trashed. People have realized this game from Reddy brothers case.

  4. Indian govt should probe every individual whose network has increased beyond a reasonable percentage say 10% or so.
    There should be a law, that all those who provide genuine information will given 20% of share, those giving legally acceptable evidence 30% of the total loot made by the individual, rest 50% should go to Indian govt.
    Those providing leads & money trails, indirect evidences of the money trail also should be given 5-10%.
    Encourage people to become informers & society will change fast.
    Extend the same rule to all cases relating to murders, rapes & any forms of ill-treatment to women.
    It should be mandatory for everyone to declare his source of income, when buying property or gold / jewellery & provide AADHAR & other verifyable documents. Anyone giving false information, govt should nationalize the properties & declare the person as absconder / fugitive / criminal

  5. What to do with huge wealth when life is uncertain and survival is not in our hands. Corrupt people are real terrorists and betrayers of this country. Prosecutors should present the case with all sincerity dispassionately towards just judicial decisions.

  6. Can the author please give references to the claims made here? The article says : “Intelligence agencies have unearthed the financial dealings of Karnataka Congress Minister D K Shivakumar with Congress leaders Ahmed Patel and P Chidambaram. According to the findings … ” Where is this declared by the agencies ? Without any reference this article could be just as unreliable as the rest of the media.

  7. kudos to Pgurus. I repeatedly notice not a single so called “main stream media” reports these kind of news. It makes me believe that : all media houses are no more media houses but simply run by political parties under cover of press. real press is here and pgurus is one such rare thing.
    this is a long fight. hope honest people in govt and people with power AND guts join pgurus.

  8. It is a known fact in Indian politics to have the leader of the state to be chosen based on ability to collect (read extort) money. d k Sivakumar will be no exception. But to prove this will be another 15 years. Well it is another point which will never come here that every leader of BJP in state will have similar ability. Look no further than mumbai. The city is in shambles and Mr Fadnavis is busy ensuring builder and contractor mafia goes the usual way. The recent land deal issue in navi mumbai and the repeated concerns on handing over mangroves to builders or the SRA or even the metro contracts to j kumar infra who has been black listed for sufficient scams in the past are a point to see. But just nobody is worried about these scams leading to any punishment because every one who matters is a beneficiary.
    While I am not sounding negative here but want to highlight that pgurus is Cherry picking corruption atleast in this case of Sivakumar. He comes pretty low in the pecking order of criminals when the CWG scam, 2G, high speed traders, cricket scamsters are all out in the open and partying. The intent is not there to conclude anything. The pm is as guilty as the rest. It is merely buying votes with new promises. Every man they choose for election at corporator or MLA level is a proven crook with money funnelling abilities like Sivakumar. So what is the investigation for.
    Get the big ones inside tihar vihar first. These can wait. On one hand CBI cries being denied resources and funds in the budget and on another chases small flies like Sivakumar who can be nailed as a consequence of hanging Patels and chidambaram. Chidamabaram is bad. No doubt but seeing p gurus getting obsessed only with chidambaram and his minions in specific will be pursuing swamy’s Personal agenda. He on his part is a great crusader and a brilliant mind but his personal egos and vibes can make even crooks friends and friends crooks. After all he is human too to have his fair share of weakness?

    • Can you tell one person who Swamy made as a crook, if he is a good guy? Everyone has ego and how you use it defines the person you are. Swamy never used it for bad purpose. He has personal opinion conflicts with JetMalani and GuruMurthy, but never denigrated either of them.
      PC need to be denigrated. That is the need of the hour. Other peoples turn will come. As for, Pgurus journal coverage of all other scams, they wrote about it and exposed them to public. It is just that either IT, ED and CBI are not taking it or still investigating on it.

      • In a world where every politician in the interest of politics has left the corrupt to go scot free, Dr Subramanian Swamy stands out as a lone crusader.. No doubt on that and I am not taking away the credit he deserves for relentlessly fighting the case despite the state not cooperating..
        If you really think that his egos dont decide good, bad and ugly in time – then think through how he was once JJ’s best confidante and later an enemy (JJ was as bad or corrupt even earlier), today he supports Sasikala (I am sure no one will doubt her crookedness) one point Dr Swamy supported and stood for his friend swamy (chandraswami), Dr Swamy publicly held Jethmalani amongst his closest friend in 1977 after the lok sabha election in March 1977, at one time he was fiercely crictical of RSS but today he does not mind them at all!!).. Swamy fell apart with Vajapayee because he was denied the foreign ministers post after 77 election and vajapayee was given Foreign ministry and LKA – communications… Swamy felt that he was better suited with his harvard pedigree etc and felt slighted.. He maligned Vajapyee for being a drunkard etc.. He goes personal and is a sour loser..

        Do not look far into the past.. Day before in his interview in Tamil to Thanthi TV, he said Modi govt was good on many respects but was bad when it came to economy performance,… because he was not the FM!!! He repeated it as a reason….

        He is an excellent aide and a brain power that can help you to do many things but his consistency is extremely questionable.. You will always have to agree with his views and if you oppose you can be called names.. He is a sour loser and cannot take another mind which as as capable or better..

        His personality and intellect allows him to be a lone crusader and we are fortunate to have atleast that in a land where you get neither!!

        He is better inside the party than outside is the only reason he is in BJP.. A man with immense intellect, ability, following and believers but one who is irresponsible and will not take blame for poor results is the only reason he will never be given any responsibility.. Ask him to name one person he deems fit as finance minister if Jaitley and team needs to be sacked.. He cannot come with another name but himself..

        I read him and follow him for the intellect that you gain and nuances you learn from his crusades.. His sharp mind is without parallel… But his character with a loose and acerbic tongue, lacking consistency of stand and owning responsibility must be taken along as well..

        PGurus is more than just Swamy.. Swamy certainly is a great impetus to a fledgling portal like PGurus.. They are aligned in many ways when it comes to crusade against corruption.. But Pgurus must deftly stay clear of his personal crusades which he himself can stop anytime and becomes friends too!! No friend is a permanent friend to Swamy and he can vicious and very distasteful in his choice of words if he needs to denigrate a person or a business/ portal..

        • Well, in his interview, Swamy said we need a person who understands economics to be a FM and in the current Govt there is no one who understands economics. Is that not true? Can you name someone apart from Swamy who understands economics better? What is wrong in that. If you are good at something, you can always say about it. If anyone can challenge on the subject, he can. As for, Jethmalani, he still says they are friends with different opinion. That is true. They have different opinion on Article 370. Sasikala, he said in all interview that as per constitution she should have been the CM as she has majority support. I did not hear anyone opposing it.
          Problem with Swamy is he sticks to rules, when others want to judge as per emotions which is weird. Till date, I have not seen anyone opposing swamy with some evidence or logic. That is why he wins what he says. He is not a sore loser, he is a person who goes as per law and rules and he is firm about it. Since others fail to oppose him, they label him as sore loser.
          Sore loser is guy like Trump.

        • I agree with the view expressed by Vishvanath Krishnamurthy. Dr.Swamy is a maveric. He is too individualistic and cannot be contained in contours of a party or government.
          He was the first to go to the governor seeking permission to procecute Jayalalitha. But within a couple of years he aligned with her (and BJP) to get elected to the LS. He wanted to become a minister (FM). When Vajpayee refused, he made Jayalalitha quit the alliance and brought down the NDA government within a year.(He even enlisted the support of Sonia, his arch enemy for this).
          Modi knows him better; that’s why he made him a nominated MP and did not offer a berth in the ministry. He has no support inside the party and cannot get votes for the party or himself.

    • Why should this one wait?

      It is the kink to Chidambaram, Ahmed Ptel, and througn them to Nehru- Gandhi family.

      This is the mots importnat of all.

  9. There has been no conviction of the big time corrupt politicians. Offices of many prosecutors are corrupt, they will present weak evidence to the courts and assuming the corrupt politicians are charged, they will be let off for lack of good evidence. The corrupt will then say the incumbent party is corrupt and there will be many believers that the major parties were always in cahoots. Prosecuting and convicting has become a sickening process in the country. Really boring news, actually


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