D K Shivakumar’s Hawala agents turn Approvers. Reveal money trail.  Chidambaram & Ahmed Patel on the radar

Investigating agencies unearth a mountain of data from two hawala operators for D K Shivakumar on how money was sent from Karnataka to Congress High Command

Investigating agencies unearth a mountain of data from two hawala operators for D K Shivakumar on how money was sent from Karnataka to Congress High Command
Investigating agencies unearth a mountain of data from two hawala operators for D K Shivakumar on how money was sent from Karnataka to Congress High Command

Congress party’s money bag man D K Shivakumar (DKS) is in the dock. Weeks after the intelligence agencies established his money trails with Delhi leaders Ahmed Patel & P Chidambaram the investigating agencies have got two valuable associates of Shivakumar who operated a hawala network for Shivakumar for the past decade.

Stunning revelations by the two associates of DKS, who turned approvers, reveal the money trails leading to Ahmed Patel and P Chidambaram for the past decade. The trail leads to P Chidambaram bid for Rajya Sabha seat from Karnataka wherein he promised to pay Rs. Two crores fee to each MLA via D K Shivakumar and the money was transferred through Shivakumar’s hawala network but due to opposition from the local Karnataka politicians, Chidambaram missed the boat. But later, he managed to make it to the Rajya Sabha from Maharashtra. All the money Chidambaram extracted from the infamous Reddy brothers of Bellary was transported by D K Shivakumar hawala network frequently. The cuts from all these deals were promptly transferred to Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel. It is natural that without the consent of the Congress High Command, Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel would not have engaged in these big operations.

Similarly, Ahmed Patel, D K Shivakumar, and the late Vilasrao Deshmukh were business partners, revealed the approvers to the investigators. The entire drama of Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha seat was stage-managed by his close business associate D K Shivakumar by spending crores of rupees to please his masters in Delhi. The approvers have given full details of the “dirty money trail” spent by DKS to save Ahmed Patel’s Rajya Sabha seat. DKS used Sharma Transport Company extensively to facilitate money laundering. The investigation reveals Shivakumar’s overseas investment trail leading to Dubai and Singapore.

PGurus had reported last week about the financial intelligence agencies’ findings of the money trail of Shivakumar with Ahmed Patel and Chidambaram[1].

The authorities are compiling detailed information to book the corrupt politician under the new Black Money (Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets) and imposition of Tax 2015 Act with Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) Act, 2002. D K Shivakumar is likely to be prosecuted under sub section (1) of section 139 of the Act for failure to furnish in return of income located outside India as the beneficial owner or otherwise or in which he was a beneficiary, at any time during such previous year, he shall be punishable with rigorous imprisonment for a term which may extend to seven years and with fine.

The investigations have picked up the pace with the charge sheet of P Chidambaram and family members. Already the Enforcement Directorate (ED) has prepared watertight case against Ahmed Patel with the arrest of Moin Qureshi, Gagan Dhawan, Sterling Biotech owners and it is likely that investigative agencies will soon catch corrupt D K Shivakumar for facilitating and maintaining a huge black money network of two of the most corrupt tainted politicians of the country.

In the third week of June, the Income Tax department filed a prosecution complaint against the Karnataka Congress leader and Water Resources and Medical Education Minister D K Shivakumar. In the complaint filed before the Special Court for Economic Offences, Bengaluru, the Income Tax accused Shivakumar of creating and operating a hawala network. Shivakumar has also been accused of buying a flat in Delhi to store unaccounted-for cash.

Apart from the main accused D K Shivakumar, the other four accused are Sachin Narayan, Sunil Kumar Sharma (owner of Sharma Travels), Anjaneya Hanumanthaiah (a state government employee at Karnataka Bhavan in Delhi), and Rajendra (ex-state government employee and presently working for Sharma). At many areas in the prosecution complaint, the Income Tax termed D K Shivakumar for operating hawala routing of loads of cash to Delhi’s Congress leaders for the past decade[2].

“Shivakumar set up an exclusive network of persons and premises across Delhi and Bengaluru in order to transport and utilise unaccounted cash. It is pertinent to note that unaccounted cash of Rs 8.5 crores has been found and seized in four premises of Delhi which are directly relatable to DKS. Three flats were purchased in Safdarjung Enclave. Among these flats, Flat No.107, B-2, purchased by DKS, and Flat No.17, B-4, was purchased by Sachin Narayan (Accused No.2) and Flat No.201, B-5, was purchased by late Suresh Sharma,” the Deputy Director of Income-Tax (Investigation), Income Tax Department, stated in the complaint.

The hawala agents-turned-approvers are spilling the beans to the agencies to save their skin.  According to them Karnataka Bhawan in Delhi was the main cash chest apart from the homes of Shivakumar in Delhi. Apart from this, the next interesting thing would be the findings of the agencies of huge money trails from D K Shivakumar to media houses including prominent media personalities.


[1] Intelligence agencies unearth money trails of D K Shivakumar to Delhi, linking Ahmed Patel and P ChidambaramJul 9, 2018, PGurus.com

[2] D K Shivakumar ran hawala network, sent crores to AICC: I-TJun 21, 2018, NewIndianExpress.com

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  1. Agreed that the Hawala agents spilled the beans.
    But will we ever see PC & AP, behind the bars or will it be like the way 2G scam, A.Raja & Kanimozhi’s acquittal?
    What happened to the Swiss Bank money stashing cases?
    We should see some outcome!

  2. Many Congrats. Truth hurts. But you are doing right things. I know that Politicians and Businessmen have thick skin. So whatever we say here, they are not bothered, but I thought that Babus have relatively less thicker skin, so they might react and do something for the masses. That doesn’t seem to happen. So, even most of the hopes are gone – there is still some optimism in the people.

  3. In this article it was quoted a sentence “All the money Chidambaram extracted from the infamous Reddy brothers of Bellary was transported by D K Shivakumar hawala network frequently”. What does it indicate? Does corruption had its branches in bjp as well?

  4. Good that D K Shivakumar is in trouble as he was probably a potential source for “Reverse Operation Kamal” in Karnataka. BJP has perfected the art of first drying up sources of “Reverse Operation Kamal” before implementing Operation Kamal through which legislatures are purchased for Rs.25-30 Crores along with promise of ministries to throw out democratically elected governments or valid alliances without attracting the Anti-Defection law. In MP and many other states this modus operandi was used to dethrone democratically elected governments. In MP, before mounting Operation Kamal, CM Kamalnath’s close aids were raided to dry up his sources for “Reverse Operation Kamal”. I would request pgurus to write some articles on BJP’s patented “Operation Kamal” (first used in Karnataka in 2006 as far as one can remember) which Sudeendra Kulkarni called as “Operations Keechad”. How would BJP get 25-30Cr per legislator to switch sides? If this money is lent by any business person or industrialist, then wouldn’t that person expect a quid pro quo? How can you expect bureaucrats to be honest under BJP governments when BJP indulges in Operation Kamal corruption? Can we have some articles on Gaali Janardhan Reddy’s case? Also, how about some articles on Reliance against whom P Gurumurthy wrote several articles in 1985 in Indian Express.

  5. Nothing will happen, there are people from the ecosystem of Congress within BJP which will thwart any action we ordinary folks expect the legal and beauracratic systems should do as a normal routine. The rot runs deep.

  6. for the past seven decades politicians,industrilists,smugglers and the government officials in all departments have looted poor people.there will not be big money without crime or looting the national resources and amassing wealth which is sufficient for their ten or twenty gerations. economic offences are worst than murder.amurderer kills one person but economic offenders kill crores of people without bllod shed.there is no fear of law and law,police,governments are giving spg cover at the cost of poor.how many indians eating food two times a day.think about the pooest of the poor but whom to complain. god also cannot save india with the present system

  7. Very simple. Existing Income tax laws are sufficient. Start from MPs, MLAs and ministers. Simply compile the Income tax returns of all these people for the last ten years, compare with the assets declared by them in the latest return for election. Confiscate the extra assets and sell them in auction. If any amendment is required in Income Tax Rules, please enact. No appeals. Just start with the higher ups. Automatically the corrupt industrialists and general public will realize and follow the law of land.

  8. Don’t think the current BJP Admin. Will get to the very bottom of the PanIndia corruption stench. Across party lines, exchange of favours, gifts, putting people in jobs have been accomplished between DKS- Bellary Reddy Barons- Yedyurappa have existed besides sharing looted money for election campaigns. Similarly considerable Bon homie and sharing has taken place between Chidambaram-Maran Brothers-Karunanidhi in Tamilnadu. PC in addition cut deals with northern India kingpins like Ahmed Patel, Sonia Gandhi. While Arun Jaitley would not have any finance arrangements he got several things done for BJP sympathisers while PC Sonia had the UPA reigns at the Centre. Modi and Amit Shah would not get to the bottom as both DKS and PC can topple many BJP loyalists if they decide to open the Pandora!s box. Post-independent corruption, loot and black money generation is like Stage 4 cancer and the rot has set in every organ and it is difficult to eradicate. Can Modi and BJP win election without black money backing and corporate support? PC, AP, DKS, SG, RG, Robber Vadra, Pawar, Marans, Mamata Banerjee, CBN, Jag M Reddy have their well set escape route plans like Mukul Roy and H. Biswa. Life in India runs on the basis of Corruption, casteism, Communalism, contact-connection-chamchaism. BJ P is no exception.

  9. Perception of legal system and delivery of justice is for the rich and unless fast track courts are setup and appeals are also done thru such fast track courts then we can expect to see and end to these trails in few years instead of few decades what it takes now

  10. A special court is a must for corrupt politicians. Day to day hearing, not giving dates, bail easily should be there. When found guilty, the same special court should order confiscating all assets owned by these culprits. If a case is finished, say within 2-3 years, then they will have some fear of law. In the present scenario, people cannot be jailed till death like what happened to Jayalalitha.

  11. Nobody can touch even a hair on the bodies of these criminals as has been happening since Indepebdence. These are all nothing other than to put dust into the eyes of poor public. Here law & order is applicable to common man only.

  12. Why waste lot of time and energy for these criminals learn the same techniques from these crooks and similarly silence them from root level or eliminate after getting all types of proofs of their criminal activities. Otherwise these crooks will grow again and again ?

  13. All the above said are sitting gloriously inside parliament and beaming every day saying “nothing can be done to us “

  14. And people were thinking india is gone case can not be fixed . Here is one example for whole world you need leader like MoDi and Shah only with a mission and love for nation .

    Now big task left, how they can fix our lost bodies and souls who left hinduism .

  15. CBI, ED etc are playthings for Congress as long as they are being facilitated by the govt to make Shakunis. With an ailing Arun Jaitley, we hoped, this conspiracy would come to the end! But, now, they are hell bent to train Nirmala Sitharaman to furnish the same old duty! One Subramanian Swamy is also helpless if Modi does not learn to follow the instructions the great figure offers to him. Ultimately, with a collapsed economy, I m afraid, Modi too will also end up being treated like Imran Khan!

  16. Unfortunately with so much known in public, we the people still stand by all these corrupt politicians know why, because he belongs to my village, my taluka, my district, my state and more than anything because he is from my CASTE. Feel sometimes,the common man’s woes would never end as long as we have greedy people at the helm of affairs. Corruption in high places affects the common middle class families. If the middle class families do not own a house in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad or Pune, its simply because they cannot afford to buy it as most of it are in the clutches of the corrupt. There is a huge shortage and the prices are sky high. There should be a ceiling on the property that you can own. The Benami Property Bill is long over due and should be brought in if the Government of the day is really concerned about protecting the middle class.

  17. Indians want these corrupt criminals of P Chidamabaram family , Ahmed Oatel’s family, Maran brothers family, Italian mafias family, DMK family, Mayawathi family, TMC leaders families, Kharge families, And other corrupt Congress and BJP and other oath families should be punished by sending them and dropping them in the Sahara dessert. Let them suffer and must retaliate the sufferings of common people in India. How these criminals have looted for the last three decades and all their assets world wide should be confiscated and by that Indian economy will become surpulus and Govt remove tax from the Ondian economy. The assets of their holding will be more 3 Trillion US dollars.

  18. Looks like indian women not producing shiva ji or pritviraj or nationalist.
    May be our schools are outdated and no creating nationalist , honest people .

  19. These evidences are vague and it will be difficult to prove in the court of law. As usual all crooks will manage to escape because of lack of evidence

    • May be true. Documentary evidence corroborated with oral evidence of these approvers May lead to punishment of these corrupt bandicoots in the court of law. Otherwise these Congress leaders have every chance to escape easily in the court through their technical arguments.

    • these recommendation is good for india , because our major politicians are looted our resources for personal purposes . that block assets and moneys will come . we sure richest country in the world . but who will do that work for honest to sake of the country . we will support that leader .

  20. These APPROVERS are the most prized possessions of the PROSECUTION till the GOVT obtains conviction

    Serious, sustained & extravagant attempts will be made to either (1) liquidate them in concocted road accidents or (2) buy them out to turn them hostile.

    GOVT & Investigation Agencies should be alert & proactive through incessant shadowing of these APPROVERS

    Also such HIGH PROFILE CASES should be allotted to FAST TRACK COURTS with no ADJOURNMENTS

    should be subjected to EAGLE SURVEILLANCE – since every attempt will be made to buy them out

    • Yes you are perfectly right.They should be well protected and the proceedings should be conducted in camera and the risk of taking them to court and back to custody should be avoided.These crooks may engage Supari killers to eliminate them.Special care is to be taken about the officers in ED and court since P Chidambaram has moles everywhere.The documents are also to be protected very well.

  21. Very revealing news.However it is just a small part of money trail of corrupt Congress and Sonia.Hope by early 2019 hidden assets of Sonia will be unearted.

  22. When are the culprits Chidambaram ,Sonia Rahul, Nirav,Mallya, shivakumar ,Lalitmodi etc are going to stay collectively in a room

    • Not in a ROOM, Brahmaji, but in several CELLS of Tihar.

      Tihar is planning to open IDLI SAMBAR cell, ITALIAN PIZZA cell, KHAMAN DOKLA cell to cater to the taste of the HIGH PROFILE CRIMINALS from UPA whose arrest is imminent before LS-2019 Elections

    • No it is a risk to lodge them in the same jail.They will conspire to topple the government.They should be put in seperate jails


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