Justice Mukul Mudgal’s report exposes the corruption and dirt in DDCA

The complete 28-page report by Justice Mudgal on the functioning of DDCA

The complete 28-page report by Justice Mudgal on the functioning of DDCA
The complete 28-page report by Justice Mudgal on the functioning of DDCA

Justice Mukul Mudgal’s report submitted to Delhi High Court on July 11 made scathing remarks on the workings of the  Delhi District Cricket Association (DDCA). The report exposes the rampant corruption and dirty tricks in the Capital’s cricketing body. Written in first-person prose, it details how the organisation is run thanks to the efforts of a handful of hardworking and sincere office bearers and few dedicated employees(including the ground staff).

Delhi High Court-appointed Justice Mudgal to oversee the recent World T20 matches and IPL9 matches played at the Ferozeshah Kotla Stadium under DDCA. He was appointed by the High Court in early 2016, after the controversies in DDCA had reached its peak.

The 28-page report of former Punjab and Haryana High Court judge gives us a picture of rampant corruption, money swindling, nepotism, and fraud in the selection of players, selectors, crores of rupees of fraud in tenders etc. happening in DDCA for ages. More than that this report shows the sheer negligence of the DDCA to public safety and non-adherence to mandatory laws in conducting matches in the Kotla Stadium. On Page 13, Justice Mudgal explains how he and his associates were not given a parking ticket for the IPL matches. When he asked Mr. Subhash Sharma, a member of the Security Committee, he was told that all the passes have been consumed by the Executive Committee Members and hence no pass was left for the person who was appointed as an observer by the Hon’ble Court! Justice Mudgal ended up seeing only 2 IPL matches…

Mudgal’s report says that because of their supervision DDCA was able to save more than Rs.7 crores in a short period. The Judge seeks a full-fledged probe to find out the total money swindling that happened in the past. In Page 15, the Judge names C K Khanna, the long-time Vice President for most of the violations. The report details his “pernicious role” in the affairs of DDCA for more than 16 years. Khanna deals in everything from money management, ticketing, selection of players in Delhi.

Observing clear conflicts of interest by C K Khanna, Justice Mudgal writes that

He has planted his relatives in various positions in DDCA, for example

  1. Mr Anil Khanna, General Secretary (First Cousin)

  2. Ravi Khanna, Patron’s (Brother)

  3. Vivek Gupta, Joint Secretary (Wife’s First Cousin).

Another person blamed in the report is Subhash Sharma, who controls the tendering process of DDCA. Another fraud Justice Mudgal found is the proxies in DDCA. Several proxies in faulty addresses were registered to retain power by the existing controllers of DDCA.

DDCA which controls the prestigious international stadium and IPL team (sponsored by the GMR Group) dealing with 100s of crores in every season still does not have a proper accounting system, writes Justice Mudgal. Page 17 to Page 22 specifically outlines the deficiencies of DDCA in transparent tendering, accounting, finance, cricket players’ selection, ticketing, allotment of high-priced corporate boxes in the stadium, etc. It also says that DDCA heads were always engaged in gifting complimentary passes. Only after Mudgal started the inspection in 2016, did the seats in the stadium get numbered!

In conclusion, we are publishing this report in its entirety for the public interest. This report raises some serious questions about the brazen manner in which a few select officers in the DDCA ran it. It also vindicates the concerns expressed by former India cricketers such as Bishan Singh Bedi and Kirti Azad.

Justice Mudgal Report on DDCA Submitted to Delhi HC July 11 2016 by PGurus on Scribd

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