Subramanian Swamy’s anti-corruption, legal battles and its effect on South Indian politics

All the efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy to out Congress Party corruption and get the corrupt jailed is about to bear fruit

All the efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy to out Congress Party corruption and get the corrupt jailed is about to take place
All the efforts of Dr. Subramanian Swamy to out Congress Party corruption and get the corrupt jailed is about to bear fruit

Subramanian Swamy’s efforts to cleanse southern states’ politics has started yielding results. Tamil Nadu politics minus Chidambaram’s (PC) influence will be ethical and healthy. Swamy’s long legal battle with PC & his corrupt family is reaching its logical conclusion. In fact, Congresspeople should thank Dr. Swamy for prosecuting corrupt PC so that the Grand Old Party can be liberated from the maximum corrupt practices promoted by Chidambaram since he became a power centre in the party. Chidambaram was the architect and author of all the mega scams in India namely 2G, Coal, Non-Performing Assets (NPA) scam, Aircel Maxis, NDTV, Vasan Eye Care, Saradha Scam, Forex derivates scam[1], Airbus scandal to name a few that rocked the nation.

It was Subramanian Swamy in August 2018, who unlocked the clandestine relationship between PC, Ahmed Patel with Congress party’s Karnataka money bag D K Shivakumar and handed over the evidence to investigative agencies leading to the Enforcement Directorate (ED) registering case against DK recently[2]. IT department has already collected enough evidence against this agent of PC and Ahmed Patel who with his set of conduits’ operated cash collection for his Delhi bosses.  Incidentally, the set of information regarding the corrupt trio was provided to Swamy by a rival group of disgruntled Congress leaders unhappy with the JD(S)-Congress party alliance to form the collation government.  A stream of classified information is flowing now due to the vertical spilt in the Congress party that includes information on the controversial Govind Raju diary wherein the Income Tax (IT) department has raised demand from the tainted Congress MLC.

With the seizure of the Rs.54 crores-worth properties of Karti Chidambaram, there is a huge unrest in the entire Congress party. The imminent action that was stalled by certain forces in the government seems to have been broken by the Prime Minister’s (PM) interference on the specific complaint made by Subramanian Swamy to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). The Congress leaders and associates likely to be prosecuted are P Chidambaram & family, Robert Vadra, Ahmed Patel, BS Hooda, DK Shivakumar, and Virbhadra Singh. In the National Herald case, Swamy has shown the Indian courts to Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi and now they are also facing Income Tax notices. Modi government has yielded to the advice of Swamy to fast-track investigations against the Congress leadership so that BJP can go to the 2019 elections with the conviction that they have delivered on the election promise of dealing with corruption head-on.  PMO has instructed the investigative agencies to fast-track pending investigation to bring confidence in the common masses, and this is sure to bring floating votes back to the BJP.

Swamy has vowed to track down all the White Collar criminals to cleanse the politics. After hunting down Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi in National Herald case, P Chidambaram & family in multiple corruption cases, BS Hooda in HUDA case, DK Shivakumar in Hawala case linked to AP & PC, Swamy is likely to push for the prosecution of the culprits in the court of law.

Karnataka and Tamil Nadu politics will likely witness a tremendous structural change in the next few days. Subramanian Swamy is a man in a hurry to convict the Netas who have looted the country and they are responsible for the entire mess in the country including poverty, Naxalism, poor health care and disastrous education system, and a poor justice system. According to his own words, ”Corruption in India is the biggest cause of misery for millions for native Indians and I have taken a pledge to wipe it off from the country with or without the support of the government machinery”.

Apart from corruption cases, Andhra Pradesh and Kerala are eagerly looking to Swamy’s legal battles to free Tirupati Temple and many temples in Kerala from Government’s control. It is a known fact that temple money is being diverted for other purposes.


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  1. Dr. S Swamy should form a committee of young eminent people with high Integrity to persue all cases of Dr. Swamy to come to logical conclusion & conviction.

  2. The Corrupt Congress and The Communist Parties both CPI and CPI (M) Combined along with the foreign, rural and urban Naxals all over have stopped the development of Kerala for many, many long years. Hindus less educated went to work in middle east while intelligent ones escaped to western hemispheres as Physicians, Scientists and Nurses to send money to protect their folks back home. While Congis and Communists looted money from Kerala Devasvom in a Clandestine manner while the interest of Churches and Mosques have been given due protection. Keralites do not know what they are doing to themselves, intelligent fools who are duoed as they are not UNITED. Wake Up Kerala.

  3. The Bright Blogger, Honourable Mr. Arun Jaitley, who gleefully steps forward to the PRESS to air his views on matters unrelated to his Ministry, is keeping MUM, glum and Speak NOT a word on serious, lapses, inordinate delays, undue favours shown to some of his top Bureaucrats like H. Adhia. If he is truly Sincere, Committed, holds a Clean record in running the Finance Portfolio, he should NOT take 30 days but respond within 10 days for the 10RTIs filed by Dr. Subramanian Swamy and put this on public domain to justify he is above board. AJ has weakened the BJP Poll promises and this makes one wonder whether BJP is the “Chip of the Old Block” , “The Other Side of the Same Congress Coin”. We see Dharmendra Pradhan, Nirmala Seethraman, Piyush Goyal, the new faces in the BJP Cabinet Caucus, are putting lots of time and great efforts but our seasoned Delhi elite lawyer seems to take it easy and APPEARS to fulfill the tag as the “Delhi Lutyens Club Card Holder”
    Both Rajnath Singh and AJ played their roles to keep away the stalwarts like LKA, MMJ, AS, YS, JS, Ram Jethmalani. When we introspect and do some soul searching, there are “Weak links in the BJP Top” that would seriously Dent “Modi’s Roaring Campaign Call of Weeding out Corruption in 2019.” It will be Rubbished and Ignored as the “Rumbling of the Aged Gir Lion”. Watch Out Modi, be ready to taste the Pudding in 2019.

  4. Please put at least one of the big fish in jail and brag rest of your life
    I see bragging for way too long without getting anyone convicted

  5. Dr. Swamy is a divine interjection into Indian polity. It is a wonder how one man can do so much. This appreciation goes even for Sri Iyer, P Gurus and all those who have lent a hand to cleanse India. India’s cleansing does not come from just using toilets or disposing garbage in a bin but in the inner cleansing and disposing off the immorality acquired during the 72 years of manifestly corrupt system.

  6. Not a single word on Jet Airways PIL of DrSwamy & Vineet Narain allegations that it has been diluted by petitioner himself several times in Hon’ble SC.
    Is it true pgurus , can U write atleast one article on it?

  7. Mr. Iyer, your persistent coverage on this matter is highly commendable. But it still seems very far-fetched to us as common people and many other like minded ones are awaiting that moment of truth…afterall we can only fight a virtual battle and sulk against all evil practices that has reduced the benchmark /bar of development of this country. But Dr.Swamys resolve to nail them legally
    has brought about a new hope. We Salute Swamys efforts.

  8. I remember a case relating to polio and other vaccines. Government owned facilities were closed down and private players were promoted. Could you please sign out the details and write a comprehensive article?

  9. Nothing can be concluded till the event takes place. I am referring to jailing PC, Ahmed Patel, DKS, TADAK and Buddhu. i have a strange feeling, all the folks in cabinet and around are in the same boat. Swamy alone wages a valiant war. I am not sure if judiciary is clean. We all know about OP Saini. God knows how many of those are around.

  10. Due to the efforts of Dr Subramanian Swamy I think corruption cases are coming to conclusion otherwise I don’t think corrupts would have been able to see #Tihar

  11. A well compiled syneresis of the bold initiatives Dr. Swami – that wiped out the cynicism from our nation

    It was Subash Chandra Bose & many such unsung heros who got us the real freedom

    It is Dr. Swami who really got us freedom from the corrupt.

  12. Long live Dr Swamy Sir.What you are doing despite Hostile Shakunis and Co and Inept 56″ is really commendable.If you were the FM instead of Shakuni by now Tihar would be short of space. History will not be kind to 56″ for this grave lapse.

  13. Fantastic collation of behind scene actions of DrSwamy to unmask and fix royally known crooks.No wonder Mahaperiyava encouraged DrSwamy to pursue politics and firmly told Gurumurthy to stay far away

  14. One man army indeed. Temple control from the govt needs to go. In Kerala it’s terrible. Why should Hindu temples contribute to the govt welfare. Why not the mosques and the church.


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