Attention: Paid Agents and Tweetitutes in the Right-Wing ecosystem

Tweetitutes periodically gang up to spew venom against Subramanian Swamy. Here are some truths that they should know before engaging their crania

A section of neo-Right-Winger's, Paid Agents and Tweetitutes periodically gangs up to spew venom against Subramanian Swamy
A section of neo-Right-Winger's, Paid Agents and Tweetitutes periodically gangs up to spew venom against Subramanian Swamy

Who is a Tweetitute?

A Tweetitute is similar to and acts like a Presstitute. Many Corporates and Political parties engage such persons to tell ten versions of the truth or do a public relations exercise. A few IT Cell employees to jobless homemakers are also part of this dubious gang. A section of neo-Right Winger‘s (RW) periodically gangs up to spew venom against Subramanian Swamy. The narrative is always the same – Subramanian Swamy vs Atal Bihari Vajpayee (ABV) and how he brought the ABV government down. Swamy and Vajpayee were known political enemies and it led to Vajpayee blocking a sitting Jan Sangh Member of Parliament (MP) Swamy from joining the BJP when it was formed in 1980. Swamy, who remained in Janata Party was the prime mover of the collapse of the Vajpayee Government in 1999. What did Vajpayee do to Swamy when he became the Prime Minister in 1998[1]? First, he kept Swamy out of his Cabinet, and within the first few days, he ordered an Income Tax probe into Janata Party’s accounts and found nothing. RW guys never tire of saying that Swamy back-stabbed Vajpayee. It is totally wrong. Swamy stabbed Vajpayee from the front. RWs accuse Swamy of conducting a Tea Party with Sonia Gandhi, Jayalalithaa, and Mayawati before the vote of confidence. Let us see how the BJP dealt with the teen deviyan who were at the tea party.


In 1997, the Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), entered into a power-sharing agreement, whereby the BSP and the BJP were to rotate the chief ministership every six months. Mayawati, after being in the office for the first six months, refused to step down. The BJP, under Kalyan Singh, hit back by splitting the BSP and smaller parties and ended up being in power for the rest of the term. But that did not stop Mayawati from aligning with Vajpayee and the BJP when he became the Prime Minister in 1998. Everything was forgotten! The surprise was that when a confidence vote was taken, Mayawati defected from BJP and voted to bring down the Vajpayee government, saying, “this is our revenge for splitting my party in UP[2].” And again Mayawati joined NDA in 2000 and was an active campaigner for Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat elections (she described him as mere bade bhaiyya Naren bhai in all her campaign speeches) and quietly left the NDA by end 2003. After that, at crucial times, she has worked for the BJP and till date BSP steps up to deliver crucial votes at the time of passing bills.

Subramanian Swamy’s cases against anti-corruption became a boost for the anti-corruption movement against the UPA regime led by the Congress and his Janata Party was accommodated into the NDA in 2011 and ultimately Swamy joined the BJP in 2013.


After the 1999 debacle when AIADMK pulled the rug from underneath the Vajpayee government, the BJP again aligned with Jayalalithaa post-2014. The Narendra Modi Government even diluted the Income Tax case against her when her appeal in a corruption case was pending in the Karnataka High Court. The then Finance Minister Arun Jaitley landed at Jayalalithaa’s home when she came out on parole from jail and within hours the Income Tax diluted the case.

Sonia Gandhi

After pulling down the Vajpayee government, Sonia tried to form a government only to find Mulayam Singh in the way. Then Kargil happened. And BJP came back to power in October 1999. Sonia Gandhi and Vajpayee became friends in 2000 and had many dinners at the Prime Minister’s home. The deal maker was none other Vajpayee’s Principal Secretary and National Security Advisor (NSA) Brajesh Mishra, whose son-in-law is an Italian. It is a known fact that Vajpayee and Brajesh Mishra went the extra mile to release Rahul Gandhi caught by US authorities in Boston Airport for carrying loads of cash illegally along with drugs[3]. Perhaps as a mark of gratitude, the UPA Government awarded Padma Vibhushan to Brajesh Mishra.

Swamy and the RSS

During Vajpayee’s period, Swamy and the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also had problems with the RSS siding always with Vajpayee. Till 2003, there were problems between RSS Chief Rajju Bhaiya and Swamy. All issues were settled when K S. Sudarshan became the RSS Chief. Sudarshan and the Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) chief Ashok Singhal brought back Subramanian Swamy to the Sangh Parivar and used his legal acumen in many cases including saving the Ram Setu. Subramanian Swamy’s cases against anti-corruption became a boost for the anti-corruption movement against the UPA regime led by the Congress and his Janata Party was accommodated into the NDA in 2011 and ultimately Swamy joined the BJP in 2013[4].

Paid tweeting

So what is the problem with paid Twitter handles who started associating with Sangh Parivar and BJP in the period 2012 to 2014 and some landed even after the BJP came to power. Some were real estate agents, brokers, stock traders, etc, who will take money and tweet. Like Presstitutes, these people are Tweetitutes. Some RW guys are now praising Republic TV’s, Arnab Goswami. These fellows have forgotten that Arnab was a total slave of Congress regime and did all Supari stories against the then BJP President Nitin Gadkari, Gujarat fake encounter stories against Modi and fake stories against Sushma Swaraj. There were also several fake Hindu terror stories aired by Arnab. Now his Republic TV is paying a lot of money and several RW-pretenders can be seen in debates singing his praises.

Some Swamy haters even joined Swamy’s Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) and later left after finding that there is no scope for making money. Some left because they got no posts in VHS.

Ram Vilas Paswan

Ram Vilas Paswan was the first one to leave NDA in 2002, accusing Narendra Modi of the Gujrat Riots calling him a mass murderer. Where is he now? Sitting in Modi’s Cabinet from May 2014. Smriti Irani in December 2004 declared that on Vajpayee’s birthday (December 25) she will go on fast demanding the resignation of the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, the sole reason for the electoral failure of Vajpayee. Where is Smriti Irani now? Sitting in the same Modi’s Union Cabinet from May 2014.
In 2013, Union Home Secretary R K Singh said terrorists are trained in RSS Shakhas. In 2014, he joined the BJP and is now sitting in Modi’s Cabinet from 2014. Why so? Incidentally, the same R K Singh stopped and arrested L K Advani from letting his Rath Yatra proceed in 1990 on orders from the then Chief Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav.

It is all about Politics

In politics these things are normal. People change their opinions. Narendra Modi was bashed by Ashok Singhal for the demolition of temples for road construction and road widening when he was the Gujarat Chief Minister. He even infamously said “Pehale Devalay, Baad mein Shouchalay”. Now we have seen Modi perform Ayodhya Ram Mandir Bhumi Pujan.

Can any Right Winger answer why the CBI is continuing the case against L K Advani, Murli Manohar Joshi, etc, for Babri Masjid Demolition[5]? This appeal of CBI was filed during the UPA tenure in 2012. Why is Modi allowing the CBI to continue this? He should have ordered the CBI to withdraw the appeal. Any answers?

Sharad Pawar

Why did Modi honour Sharad Pawar with a Padma Vibhushan? If he can adjust with Pawar, what is the problem in adjusting with Shiv Sena[6]? We have seen how BJP shamelessly allied with the NCP and formed the government for a few days. Any answers from those asking Subramanian Swamy questions on political games?

Ex-Congressis with dubious pasts?

Most of these Subramanian Swamy haters are basically old Congressis who joined BJP when it came to power. Some were real estate sub-agents of the 2G-accused Shahid Balwa[7]. Some Swamy haters even joined Swamy’s Virat Hindustan Sangam (VHS) and later left after finding that there is no scope for making money. Some left because they got no posts in VHS.

The Final Word

In conclusion, for the Swamy bashing neo-RW guys and RW pretenders, BJP or Sangh Parivar is not like Sonia Gandhi-dynasty-headed-Congress, where all act like slaves. Subramanian Swamy is not a person to succumb to any pressures. Many in BJP were keeping silent, with a Cat-got-my-tongue affliction when Sonia Gandhi was unleashing power from mid-2004. The leadership in BJP was silent on the big scams of the Congress Government and started speaking only after Subramanian Swamy bombarded the government with charges of corruption from mid-2010. Hope Tweetitutes and their agents have read fully.


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  1. This idea that anybody who writes against Dr Swamy is paid agent shows total bankruptcy of mind on “pgurus”!

    Let us take one by one ! Dr Swamy is economics professor and he claimed to be expert in this, my question is simple : has he served as “economist” for anybody and created results, NO I’m not taking about any political appointments! Well I’m not aware because either it never happened or there are “holes” in such claims hence he never show cases it! It’s like he started he is expert and hold on to it for long so now people remembers his argument more than anything – it’s pure ans sheer magic of knowing how to manage media !!!! That’s no achievements!

    You can then go on his “achievements” of being attended Rajya Sabha in emergency era – but you never mention that internal committee had shown that experts in handwriting says the signature which he claims as his own are not his own!! So why is that not mentioned!?????

    Now I can go on – and on !!! See issue is he is too slippery on his style and associations and making lot of claims – he is not trustworthy!!

    I have been following him for years now and I tell you his talks such a language you beleive him and when try dig deep – you find lot of untrustworthy issues

    No I’m not saying he is not intellectual or his credibility is bad .. what I’m saying is whatever claims he makes are one sided balony based on my reading in public domain !! Now to say that that all is nonsense and he is good person in person I know him … is pure “bxxxt”!

    Frankly he and even you represent this class of “foreign” educated high and stoic upper lip people who are snobbish and think any Indian educated person is not good enough !! That’s the reason why you are not wholeheartedly supporting Modi – he is not educated like you

    The fact is that you bring that western based supremacy and hence are upset thes two new boys Amit shah and Modi and not caring hoot about you

    As for the credulity of De Swamy being economics expert tell me which profession accept on PhD as expert !??? Isn’t the knowledge of any field reside in practitioners??? Will you trust a gold medalist doctor or who is third class pass but he well known to have 40 years of experience and shown results !!d

    Dr Swamy just criticising everyone in his life makes him at the most fit for good journalism- which he could not so his daughter made it for him

    And I know you will NOT publish this comment because it asks questions and do not confide to hero worship

  2. I’m a Dr. Swamy supporter, as well as a Modi supporter. Dr. Swamy has gone on record in his last NewsX interview that he’s always thought Modi is the best man for the PM’ship, and even believes that today.

    With that said I believe Dr. Swamy is also open to questioning, irregardless how much more qualified and accomplished his compared to the average person or graduate – this is b/c he’s a public leader and activist.

    There’s plenty of questions around Dr. Swamy, and fact is his VHS (at least outside of India) is simply functioning like a personal fan-club, with no constructive dialogue, nor and space to present counter opinion to Dr.Swamy.

    PGurus while providing great content and interviews, also is on the verge of becoming a bling Dr.Swamy follower, and fan base.

    Dr.Swamy is one our most prominent Hindu leaders, and he’s key to the leadership team, but he’s not invincible.

    Valid questions are – how did he really escape Emergency in India, why’s he supporting certain causes which clearly Soros realted leftists are (postponement exams), and why his own daughter a Barkha Dutt like leftist.

    • “Valid questions are ––, and why his own daughter a Barkha Dutt like leftist.”

      Are you kidding? His daughter is an adult and can do as she damn pleases. She can marry who she wants or not want and say what he wants.

      Why does this reflective of Dr Swami beliefs?

  3. Until the second half of 1990s, the international espionage was a live mission. The spy or his agents will be stationed in the target country. Read about the ISRO spy ring case of 1994.

    Now with social media, the global liberal mafiya agents can do many things like (1) Regime change without any bloodshed (2) influence democratic elections (3) spread hoax stories in peaceful society (4) leak out sensitive data (5) understand the perceptions of people and manipulate their thinking through Psychological Warfare PSYOPs tools.

    The bio-terrorism is purely a media hoax. Germ agents alone cannot accomplish the goal of the terrorists. Corona is a fake pandemic. The disease is more mental. Ban TikTok and prevent a hoax

  4. Everyone has an opinion. Here’s mine. Not for argument please.
    Politicians in India ( possibly all over the world) have become the scum of the earth. They have no honesty, no integrity etc. They have sold their souls and been put on the monetary leash by the Fed and their Swift system .
    They have no backbone and bend with the the wind.
    If you believe one, you need to be admitted to the mental asylum.
    Parties are nothing but a name for thugs and goons.
    The future for India is not the present lot. Both ruling and in opposition.
    The thing is people will realise it too late.

    • I respect your opinion.

      But my belief is politicians are us. We elect them. They are not devine beings.

      If we want better representatives, we have to nominate better people.

      • I understand.
        Nominating better people is just hoping.
        The problem is that the person whom you elect belongs to a group called a Party by some name.. It is nothing but a den of the worst kind of people grouped together, each trying for a position if of power and accumulating money.
        Once elected it is a different ball game. He/ She no longer plays ball with you but with other party members.
        The Party’s wants and orders take precedence over the persons who elected them.
        If India is to survive the Party system needs to be abolished.
        The right to recall an elected person is a must. If you hire someone in an organisation , he can be fired. The same applies to the Representative you elect. Procedures can be set in motion to determine the method/s.

  5. By now most people know how this tweeting works. Paid tweeties, that is for sure. But how can you be sure the BJP supporters are doing this?
    For all you know it might be Pappu’s followers, not right wingers. The dynasty has been honing these disinformation skills for 70 years. I would not be surprised if they are behind this.

  6. Sri Iyer sir there small correction in para. Its written that Modi infamously said: “ pehle devalaya baad main sauchalaya”. In fact he said reverse: “ pehle sauchalaya baad main devalaya”. Because of this he was ridiculed a lot in 2013.

  7. Any democratic party needs to accommodate dissent and there is nothing wrong in Dr. Swamy dissenting. However, there are occasions when his “dissent” is more of an attack than a “dissent”. His calling out Ms. Sitaraman’s “Act of God” is in poor taste at best and an unwarranted attack at worst. His RTs indicate that he has a following that is no different from those of Gandhis. Nevertheless, BJP needs educated RW intellectuals like him and let us hope that both BJP/Dr. Swamy accommodate one another. That PM Modi has not accommodated him is glaring given the accommodations identified in this article.

  8. It is only Congress Mukt. BJP has no problem with any other party. It can split with a party and again join with them, be it DMK or BSP.
    In 2014 I made comments saying it is a blunder not to let Swamy be the FM. Many in the party I was attending said, ‘give it 2 years time, you will know who he really is’!.
    They were wrong, it took 6 years.
    BTW can you repeat all the things he said against RSS one time?

    • I see nothing indicating that swami isn’t loyal to his country and he should be supported.

      I won’t hold anything against him because he supports the principles I believe in. And I don’t care what he said 10
      Years ago.

  9. swami is probably the biggest bootlicker of sonia Gandhi and congress 😆

    How long has it been since he’s been fighting the National herald case? Wasn’t it supposed to be an open and shut case back in 2014? That’s when I heard him discuss that case, it’s almost 2021 now.. A genius lawyer from Harvard who was kicked out from Harvard in 2008 for peddling false propaganda articles in DNA which caused a massive uproar.

    Will Swami clarify why sonia and pappu aren’t in jail or even scared of it?

    Will swami clarify how exactly he fought for Ram Mandir? Wasn’t this case fought by different group of lawyers who put in the actual effort?

    Is Swami a lawyer or a court clerk? He only talks of opening cases against people but I haven’t heard him closing any successfully and getting anyone behind bars.

    2G scam=failed, National herald = failed, been ages and nothing, Ram Janma Bhoomi= not fought by swami, still proudly takes credit for it.

    And now swami is busy in attacking Modi and BJP whenever possible. Sometimes he’s attacking Jaitely, sometimes Nirmala Sitharaman, sometimes the law minister.

    Shall we look at the track record of swami as a commerce minister in 1990-91 govt.? Wasn’t that the time when India had to hand over our gold to world bank as collateral?

    Swami brags a lot but delivers very little, he needs to get his ego under control. I still remember how proudly he boasted when the BJP govt fell in early 2000s. How he thought “BJP was fascist and communal”.

    So, he brought UPA and vatican gandhi in power for 10 years and now he brags about being a messiah for Hindus..

    disgusting bald little lizard who couldn’t teach his own daughter about Hinduism or Nationalism and lost her to some kashmiri jihaadi lol, she bootlicks sonia gandhi and talks crap about Hindus 24/7 on ndtv or other darbari media

    Pgurus, stick to working for Hindus or close your shop. You need to decide if you are working as a propaganda arm of swami or working for Hindus.

    Have some shame

    Btw, what happened to the PIL fir CBI inquiry that Swamy was going lodge regarding the Palghar lynching case? It’s been more than 3 months since he announced that, now he has jumped on the SSR case 😂

    Is swami a lawyer or a monkey

  10. Dear Team PGurus, What all you have written here are known facts and nothing new in it. we also agree with these facts. But what is the purpose of writing this article? Break the Bjp to pro-Modi and anti-Modi? BJP is a democratic party. If you are not happy with Modi find an alternative within the party. If BJP splits it will be easier for congress to come back to power. Do you want that to happen?

    • Instead of commenting here, why don’t you rebut the rabid, verbal diarrheas of Tweetitutes? They will take any (and all) forms of W and will write thinking they can get away with it.

      • Can my rebuttal stop these Tweetitutes? What I do is to ignore them. But why don’t you reply to my question? What is your agenda for writing this article? What do you want to achieve? I am an admirer of Swamiji, I adore him and respect him. I also feel that he is being ignored but for that splitting, the BJP is not the solution. This will only help the Congress.

        • “What I do is to ignore them.”

          Ignoring them isn’t enough, you need a response so others who are gullible won’t fall for nonsense.

          You don’t have to agree with everything pgurus write or publish, but at least they are making an effort to provide another point of view.

        • 1. If you want to criticise someone of the stature of Dr. Swamy, you must earn the respect for doing so. Send a politician to jail; print a paper in a prestigious journal; withstand a storm of cases the way JJ put against him in every court of TN…
          2. Every line in the post is a fact. Politicians do not want to be remembered for these things but common persons should apply their minds before tweeting out.

          • Who criticizes whom? Why an independent citizen of independent India has to reach the stature of PM to criticize the PM?. My point is simple. It is not the time to bring out differences and split the BJP which will benefit only the Congress. The majority of Indians do not want Congress to be back in power. So it is the pious duty of all Indians to forget personal ego and inter-party differences and work together to build a corruption-free strong and vibrant India

  11. So, you meant to say everyone is double agent including swamy. What is the point in writing this article when you can’t even name one handle at least.

    • “you meant to say everyone is double agent including swamy.”

      The authors wrote what they “meant” to say.
      Why take things to the extreme? How can you conclude that “everyone” from the article?

    • The handles are: @officedgp, @aparbharat @surnell, suresh nakhua is the gang leader. There are many of these chella chappattis

      • Dear Rahul you are spot on!
        @officedgp is an arm chair fellow having 5000 followers!! He claims he is a data scientist but does very little to Unite all Hindu voters! @officedgp fellow having a doctorate says, LKA, MMJ, Dr.Swamya are not fit to occupy BJP’s marga darshak mandali!! Our own educated Hindus hate fellow highly educated Hindus.

        During 2014 elections, on corruption/ Black money its Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev,Ram jethmalani and Dr.S.Swamy sung 12% opinion on voters in BJPs favor out of polled BJP 31% and Dr.Swamy added banning P-notes and Hawala also to the list then!

        In my interaction with few Tamilians they are a typical Dr.Swamy haters apart from a minuscule group within the BJP and negligible in RSS.

  12. BJP also conducted a Tea Party with Jayalalitha same time. So much water flown. These SM guys knew nothing. Just abuse. Some even call Swamy as Chinese Agent. Fact was Modi was buttering China and what now happened. Modi love eating cake alone and not want to give a piece to anyone. The way he avoided all including Advani, Joshi and Rajnath from Ayodhya Bhumi Pujan as despicable. If Modi had a chance to avoid RSS Chief Bhagavat, he would have done that also. Look at his Cabinet with many incompetent people like Jaishankar, Nirmala, Hardeep Puri. From 2014, people not remembering names of Cabinet Ministers names. Just Modi Modi which fell flat two times in Delhi Assembly election, recent elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand etc. Modi has no courage to conduct a Press Conference and face questions from the Press- shows the coward inside him.

    • “The way he avoided all including Advani, Joshi and Rajnath from Ayodhya Bhumi Pujan as despicable. ”

      There was a quarantine, remember? Or you wanted them to make the event a vector for spreading the virus further?

        • So you preferred politicians over the sanyasi? They represented different aspects of Hinduism it’s not like you had hundreds of sanyasi from a single temple. At most there was one each.

        • Vinay Gautam, PM should have uttered “who funded” Ayodhya SC case hearings during 1990s and Ashok Singhal ji………….

    • Vinay Gautam well said.

      Why Modi has been silent on China ? Because China invested nearly Rs.18000 Crores in Gijarat alone and Ambanis Jio depends on China’s hardware! Modi does not like his own party men to run away with winners Trophy. PM Modi and HM Shah wants only maximum “MLAs/MPs numbers” into their folds.

      He should have asked President Kovind ji to do Ayodhya Bhumi Pujan just to unite all dalits who have been misled by many political parties for 70 years now. I guess, Modi ji arranged only RSS Chief Bhagavat to stand beside him just to tell him that not to mess up with him until 2024!!

      Ministry making is PM Modi’s prerogative. Yes majority are incompetent, dumbos and dummies and wasting precious time.

      PM Modi fell flat twice in Delhi Assembly election, recent elections in Maharashtra, Haryana, Jharkhand etc and neglects South Indian states because of power drunk arrogance and TINA

      Modi has no courage to conduct a Press Conference and face questions in Hindi from the Press- shows his disregard for the fourth pillar of democracy that is The Press. Novice late PM Rajiv used to hold world and Indian press conferences.

      • LAPramod

        Let’s keep the comments on topic.

        “He should have asked President Kovind ji to do Ayodhya Bhumi Pujan just to unite all dalits who have been”

        We elect representatives to represent us. They chose the best course of action. If there wasn’t a quarantine, millions would have attended.

        The puja is over, and it marked the end of 1000 years of foreign rule.

    • All said and done, one has to know how to lead and win an election. L. K. Advani could not do it, Vajpayee could not repeat it.
      When ever I praise these leaders the immediate retort is , ‘they could not win’.
      Modi wins thumps down in this winning department and that is what count, else we will have the dynasty forever.

  13. Fabulous Insight.. After reading this.. I am not happy but sad that the faces we praise are all corrupt by thought by their actions by their charater and what not.. सब अपना काम निकाल रहे है। See the case of #AsaramBapuJi how dare modi government is silent on this matter.
    Thank you Team PGurus

    • “the faces we praise are all corrupt”

      That’s a stretch. It’s not what the article is about.

      Another way of looking at this is people are humans and their actions are molded by circumstances and their reactions have effects. We must not look at a simple example as representative of someone’s life.

  14. Thank you for posting this rebuttal. It is silly to expect any objectivity from trolls who identify themselves as modi fans and modi bhakts. Politicians are meant to serve public and people have all the right to ask questions and hold them accountable but there is a bunch which believes in raising politicians to demigod status and fawn over them overtly.

  15. Tweetitutes is the correct word. Wonder seeing so many guys even educated fellows engaged in Paid Tweeting and Hate Mongering in Social Media. Money can buy almost many

    • Let’s distinguish between “learned”, “educated” and “graduated”.

      Many of the people we think of educated are jut graduates who took a few courses and received a certificate. Oh, and the speak English.

      • Rohit Ji, you are perfectly correct.
        If I am not wrong PM Modi ji went to school and completed 8th standard and if I am not wrong again did MA in Sociology degree through Distance Education mode. Personally he is a Teflon and incorruptible! He distanced himself from his big family members and mother too! In my humble opinion one should not keep mother 1000 kms away from PM’s residence. Sorry to say this. How will you categories and distinguish him under “learned”, “educated”, and “graduated” your classification?

        We need not get into Dr.Swamy’s very high educational qualifications and having worked with Late PMs Desai, Rajiv, Chandrasekhar and PVN Rao!! There is no age bar in getting knowledge from all eight corners of this fantastic Universe! At 80 Dr.Swamy’s mental faculties are too strong and inherited problem solving character! How about PM Modi and his 57 ministers barring few good ones?

        Rohit Ji, Dr.Swamy’s followers are not proving on SM to divide pro-Modi and Anti-Modi groups within RSS/BJP! Following are my very humble views on why PM Modi did not prefer Dr.Swamy et al are given below:
        1).The first job Modi government did in May 2014 and thereafter was to change the method of computation formulas of GDP, WPI & CPI for faking data from the very beginning with due consultation with PC by late Arun Jaitley thus white washing UPA1 and UPA2 massive scams and NPAs! Look at SC catching BJP lead NDA govt lead by all mighty PM Modi ji, spectrum calculations/huge AGR dues / loss to the exchequer by all telecom companies and Cong-I is silent as sphinx!!Both Congress-I and moral preaching BJP are thieves in the kitchen.

        2).Before Covid19 the Indian economy was on railway platform!!

        3). Dr.Swamy’s article appeared in September 2015 on Southward moving Indian Economy, I lost faith in PM Modi still trusting jaitley and shooting Dr.Swamy from his shoulders differently and Dr.Swamy has been consistent with a view that our economic growth/GDP will end up at negative 9% and look at predictions of others our Economic Growth may end up from minus 5% to minus 25% by 31st march 2021. Who is “learned”, “educated” and “graduated” here according to you Rohit ji?
        MMS passed on the baton to PM Modi with 8% GDP (3% was parallel economy, hence its 5% in 2014)

        4).PM Modi proved himself that BJP does not have a policy on Economy and still ignores and insults Dr,Swamy and ignores Suresh Prabhu but Piyush was over burdened with few ministries!!!

        5). Present FM Nirmala ji ” Act of GOD!!” Nirmala ji if anyone “defaults loans” does it come under an Act of God? After she took office she visited MMS!! Why?

        6).Prof RV says WAR—Wisdom After Retirement! Here Dr/Swamy et al are proving otherwise and much better than dummies in the present ministry. If PM Modi does like rotten Parliamentary System let him drive us towards Presidential form of Govt with major five ministries only! Let State Govts and UTs manage rest of the Admin!

        7). PM Modi’s priorities are hidden and are opaque and may move financial capital Mumbai to his home state Gujarat and replace Tatas and Birlas 150 years old golden household names created wealth for the nation with crooked names Ambanis and Adanis who created and still creating wealth for their families and funding Cong-I and BJP!!

        8). Dr. Swamy does not like shady deals of any political party!And he is out spoken.
        There is no point in planting stories on Dr.Swamy. Dr.Swamy is not like Ji Huzur! or Ji Hukum Jo Hum variety!

        9). What is this Niti Ayog mandarins do with PPT yielding Only “increased cost of Compliance” and duplicating works with FM in the name of “ease of doing business”?

        Hence, Rohit this “learned”, “educated” and “graduated” and the speak English does not solve life threatening issues at any given age. Good Knowledge, Wisdom and Sanatana Dharma shows the way to bring back ancient Bharateeya Glory!

        • I mostly agree with you.

          Modi Ji and Swami are both very clean and incorruptible. They are also very effective which is why they have so many enemies.

          I won’t judge nor do I want to classify Modi but it goes without saying that he is very intelligent and loves his country. One can be learned without having college degrees.

          Swami and Modi are patriots of the highest caliber and we should never again allow ourselves to be devided.

          • Rohit Ji. True. But BJP calls itself as a party with a difference. BJP should have shut down a group tweeting against Dr.S.Swamy. BJP leadership looks the other way!!!Grassroots RSS does not investigate the bad mouthing team within its massive organization including BJP.

            You are entitled to have your positive views on PM Modi ji. I respect your views. And yes he loves his country and I do not agree when you say he is intelligent too. I feel that any intelligent Ruler/PM/CM will have the best talented/skillful team to lead the country and rectify the rotten system. Precious time is wasted and I have not seen anything of that sort during the last 6 plus years!

            There is no point in tinkering here and there and phrasing it as surgical/masterstrokes! Modi hi to mum kin hi.

            Managing headlines to divert attention of the people and event managements are not needed.

            I recently watched Rajiv Malhotra jis video in which he expressed his displeasure on HRD,cultural ministry/disinterested bureaucrats whom BJP/PMO trusts the most on reforms in education/funding certain vital projects. I too felt the same when I deal with policies and procedures with such comatose bureaucracy,customs officers various GOI departments and felt that UPA was better in responding……..

            Our country will be a super power if we are Economically strong and militarily too powerful for which Admin, Judaical and macro Economics reforms are needed. I dont think the incumbent majboot sarkar is interested in them.


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