ED attaches over Rs.17 crore assets of Amnesty International India on Money Laundering charges

ED attaches properties of 2 India-based Amnesty organizations for Money Laundering

ED attaches properties of 2 India-based Amnesty organizations for Money Laundering
ED attaches properties of 2 India-based Amnesty organizations for Money Laundering

ED attaches bank accounts of AIIPL & IAIT under PMLA

The Enforcement Directorate (ED) on Tuesday attached over Rs.17 crore bank deposits in connection with its money laundering case against two entities of Amnesty International (India), the India unit of the multinational Non-Governmental Organization (NGO). The agency said in a statement that a provisional order has been issued under the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA) “attaching bank accounts of Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd (AIIPL) and Indians for Amnesty International Trust (IAIT)“.

ED said “both the entities have acquired the proceeds of crime and layered the same in the form of various movable properties. The order involves attachment of movable properties worth of Rs 17.66 crore being proceeds of crime”. The ED attachment of properties is based on book values and actual market values are expected to much higher around Rs.50 crores.

The agency said Amnesty International, UK sent Rs.51.72 crore to AIIPL in the guise of export of services and the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

Recently PGurus reported how Amnesty in India operates in the garb of influential journalists and Left lobbyist groups[1].

This money laundering case of the ED is based on a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) FIR filed against AIIPL, IAIT, Amnesty International India Foundation Trust (AIIFT) and Amnesty International South Asia Foundation (AISAF) that was filed under various sections of the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and the Indian Penal Code (120-B which denotes criminal conspiracy).

“Amnesty International India Foundation Trust (AIIFT) had been granted permission under the FCRA during 2011-12 for receiving foreign contribution from the Amnesty International UK,” said ED in a statement. “Since permission/registration has been denied to the said entity on the basis of adverse inputs received from security agencies during the year 2011-12, AIIPL and IAIT were formed in the year 2013-14 and 2012-13, respectively to escape the FCRA route and carried out NGO activities in the guise of service export and FDI,” said the agency.

In a probe found the ED said, that upon cancellation of the FCRA license by the Union government, Amnesty International India Foundation Trust and Amnesty entities adopted “new method” to receive money from abroad. The agency said Amnesty International, UK sent Rs.51.72 crore to AIIPL in the guise of export of services and the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI).

“For export proceeds/ advances to Amnesty International UK there was no documentary proof, such as invoices and copies of agreement between AIIPL and Amnesty International UK, has been furnished by AIIPL to the authorised dealer (AD) banks.

“It is prima facie found that Amnesty International India Pvt Ltd and others have obtained foreign remittances to the tune of Rs.51.72 crore in the guise export of services and the FDI from Amnesty International (UK) whose source is the donations from individual donors,” said ED. The agency has earlier attached some properties in this case and the total attachment value now stands at Rs.19.54 crore.


[1] Amnesty International’s covert operations in India using journalists and activists Oct 04, 2020, PGurus.com

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  1. I have read ‘the polyester prince’ and I don’t support Ambani, but Modi can’t be blamed for everything. But, to understand this one has to stop hating Modi. I know more about Ambanis than you do, but I don’t hate Modi. You are so blinded that you see Bharat Ratna of PB, but not who made him cabinet minister (multiple times) and eventually President. Just because PB was close to Ambani he can’t be respected? Your obsession with Ambanis is so absolute that despite the article being about Amnesty you are fixated on Ambani. How many people have Amnesty given employment? What useful services does Amnesty provide to the people?

    It really feels great to see people like you frustrated as Modi-Shah salt your wounds. People like you made me realize that Modi-Shah are not just necessary, but extremely important for this country. My view about them has significantly changed in the last few months. Like I said before, Modi-Shah are here to stay, deal with it!!!

    • Here the topic is ED attaching an economic offenders property, and Nara- Simha ie human cum lion starts bashing a wealth creator. This type of nature is found among many people in India who instead of learning from a successful person will bad mouth them. A positive person creates wealth for society which includes an old woman selling veggies on pavement or a lady hawker selling flowers on a running train. I salute these women who are much above than parasitic people, who by luck survive on the hard of other wealth creators.

      Modi was selling tea on trains and Shah was pasting posters in their early lives and senior Ambani was trader in an Arabic country. Any wealth creator is indirectly distributing wealth among people be it one Rupee or 1000 crores. They eat same food like us and sleep on abed of 7 ftx 3ft and get cremated like any human. Human being is a seed. Few seeds bloom, become giant trees and bear abundant fruits. Same analogy is with wealth creators. Unfortunately Indian society abuse and demonises wealth creators, not knowing that God himself is a wealth creator, but they don’t abuse him/ her.

      • I completely agree with you. Just one thing ‘Indian society abuse and demonizes wealth creators’, actually it doesn’t, Socialists demonize them. Due to decades of Socialist rule now this has become a behavior of Indian society. It was due to this socialist system that corrupt could rise so fast. If India has followed free-market capitalism, then distribution of wealth would have been much fairer.

        • Stalin a socialist, shot 36,000 people to come to power. Mao eliminated thousands during his rule. Indian socialists are unwanted extra baggage of the nation whom Modi rightly called as parasites. These parasites cannot survive outside India leave alone China. Modi is too,too liberal being a follower of Gandhi and it is time to send Gandhi teachings to archives and strictly follow Gita / Krishnas teachings.

  2. This applies to all funds that enter.

    Only people connected to the powers that be in Ambadania will thrive with their FDI.

    All others may bring money in, but if found it gives a problem for those connections, your capital is it risk. Any pretext can be adopted. India’s courts are left to your imagination.

    Caveat emptor or in this case, Investors Beware is a message one can infer.

    Ponder and act. Not act in a way now and repent later.

    • Hahaha…so at least you agree that Amnesty International is like a ‘private corporation setup for monetary gains’, just like Ambadania businesses. That’s a good start! Who would have thought this confession will come voluntarily. Modi-Shah seems to be on the right path.

      • Hahaha. Guess you don’t even know whom your EAM works for ! Which executive committee he is a part of! Tri checking out. Spelling mistake on purpose.

        Modi Shah works for Ambadania. You have no idea of where the funding for these organisations like Amnesty and the think tanks come. What actions are done as eyewash and what are done on purpose.

        Yes for you it may seen to be the right path.

        • I think you don’t even know which party was called ‘Ambani ki Dukaan’ before 2014. Go check that out!!! Who gave only Ambani all India 4G license while everyone else got limited territory. This list is endless, but I think you are ignoring that ‘on purpose’.

          Yes, I don’t know who funds Amnesty, but soon everyone will know. As I said its a nice start that people like you have accepted it as a ‘privately owned profit making corporation’.

          Not just me, most of the India thinks they are on the right path. Deal with it!!

          • LOL
            I am aware of the early 80’s when Pranab Mukherjee was the enabler and founder of the the Dhirubhai Reliance Industries. That was he was given the Bharat Ratna
            The monster Ambani and Reliance Industries Ltd was created with the help of Murali Deora. Reliance Balu was the points man in Delhi etc. The new monster was created by him.
            First Posting CM GUJARAT. Then PM
            And from the horses mouth.
            Same Boss FOR BOTH.- That’s why you will never have any conviction of the Congress Top echelon
            That would be giving away the game. This game is only for public consumption.
            S. Swamy must of course be smiling.
            I know more than you will ever know. of course not as much as S Swamy. But of course am willing to learn something new in all humility
            Could you kindly help.


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