EP 97: Democrats finish their arguments on Impeachment; GOP in progress, China bans BBC

#EP97 Democrats finish their arguments on Impeachment; GOP in progress, China bans BBC & more! #DailyGlobalInsights

Sree Iyer: Namaskar, episode no 97 of Daily Global Insights. I am with Sridhar Chityalaji. Today is February the 12th 2021 and we are back to starting with the impeachment proceedings. Sridharji, what do you have for us in terms of impeachment proceeding and Namaskar and Welcome to PGurus channel, sir?

Sridhar Chityala: Namskar, Good Morning, sir. Episode number 97 today. Impeachment proceedings, well, I think the Democrats wrap up their arguments and basically stating look, replaying and playing those videos, including the dramatic scenes that occurred where Mitt Romney and Nancy Pelosi were running helter-skelter and then the guy is making provocative kind of comments. Somehow the same video did not make, that’s a single article of impeachment which is namely that Trump somehow insurrection. Lots of facts have emerged subsequent to that which says all these riots were even pre-planned well ahead of time and if you curate the content and provide the verbiage you see appropriate then it could go very melodramatic. So as they said, the blue state has the blue still and they just could not get it across to the Republicans. That’s the general impression of the presentation. And the Republicans soon followed and basically, they took the same position which are three essential factors, which is please listen to the speech, he said march peacefully and express your descent and so on, and he may have appended the words, but nevertheless that there were these words which are March peacefully and not to create any damage. And so, therefore, that same video was played differently.

Mr David Scone made his case which is, where is the tie-up of the riots to Mr Trump directly and there’s nothing, it’s just linear speculation. That was the second rationale. The third which we have played out, which is the unconstitutionality of the impeachment process of a president who is no longer a president. So, I think the arguments, this is what happens when you have a single article of impeachment and when everything rests on one single piece of evidence, which is that the riots somehow were, it’s almost like you’re trying to find whichever and every way to garland President Trump. So Republicans made their statement and then, of course, following that Ted Cruz said very categorically, it’s crystal clear to everybody, Trump will be acquitted because there is clearly no evidence. As far as Senator Graham, he made a similar statement, he said the impeachment process will end soon, the not guilty votes rising.

Then, of course, Adam Schiff said the GOP is still living under the cult of President Trump or ex-President Trump and Senator Warner said constituents probably went to sleep, they’re not interested in paying enough attention. I think we mentioned this yesterday because it’s the same rhetoric. So, in summary, the drama of the circus hopefully will conclude, today, tomorrow and this particular phase of the trial with conclude and some Senators and House reps have raised the 14th Amendment Section 3 to see whether they can use that not impede but restrain him from taking further office. There is a provision which says a retired president, the president as the senior officer has taken the oath of allegiance, swearing by the Constitution does not get arson, rioting, insurrection, etc all those kinds of things, if that is the case then such a president can be set aside. But many believe that is going down a slippery slope.

My fundamental question is what is it that is bothering the Democratic Party so much, that this has become a game of vendetta targeting. This is been going on since 2017 or 2016. The Russian investigations never stopped, for four years they went on and on and on. And then you had Donald Trump, I won’t be surprised if these two things failed, I won’t be won’t be surprised if they again bring this Russian investigation for an election, that’s probably five years ago to surface. But they will not investigate Hunter Biden or any of the other instances, but they will continue to investigate President Trump. So this whole Impeachment drama surrounds that begs the question, ‘What is it that Trump has done that is making them fear so much that they somehow want to see that, there’s also a video that has surfaced of Senator Harris, which talks about ‘hey, you know, we should be going to any level to take care of President Trump. But this is being run by left media around the world. The left media shapes the narrative, the left media communicates what everybody wants to hear, and we haven’t covered it, but, there is a very interesting article which has a similar analogy to  President Trump in Bloomberg, which will probably post it on PGurus website, which targets Modi the same way, article 370, section 35A, these riots going on, there is Twitter being banned. So nobody is guilty, the only person who is guilty is Prime Minister Modi. So similarly nobody is guilty here, only President Trump is guilty.

Sree Iyer: Well, viewers stay tuned for this program. We’re going to give you some very interesting information coming out of a new state that was not in the mix in terms of electoral irregularities, there is a new state in the play, we will reveal that in the course of this conversation. But first, let us take a quick look at the US budget, the details of which are beginning to emerge. Sridharji, this is right up your bailiwick, you love to talk about numbers, take it away and help us understand what is in the US budget for 2021?

Sridhar Chityala: I think the US budget 2021, one caveat before we get into that. The $1.9 trillion stimuli are not factored into the 2021 budget that has come out. At a high level, the deficit is projected to be 2.3 trillion versus 3.13 trillion that we had in 2020. The deficit as I said, is exclusive of the $1.9 trillion stimuli. Also, I think it is very important to understand that the revenues from the taxes are at 3.5 trillion relative to 3.4 trillion last year. The outlays are 5.8 trillion versus 6.5 – 6.6 trillion last year. So, therefore, that takes the deficit to 2.3 trillion and the total public debt right now goes to 22.46 trillion. There is another good news that is that has come out. Now, we have an actual published GDP number for 2020, that number has inched close to 21 trillion. We recall that the 2019 budget was around 21.43 trillion. So roughly as the FED predicted the contraction in the United States has been around 2% and the amazing number that’s going to come out for 2021 projection without the stimulus is Goldman Sachs states that the economy is on good wheels and the GDP is expected to be 6.8% unheard of in the US in recent times. The FED has projected 4.2% and actually the CBO, the budget office has only projected about 3.2%. If you take the number of the lower Side, we could finish GDP at 21.95 trillion which means, if you recall we had talked about this, the GDP turning the cliff in next year versus this year. No, we’re going to turn the cliff this year with these 21.95 on the lower side. If you take the higher side the 6.8, we would be 22.43 trillion, which means this has really become like the economic uplift which we saw on the unemployment, retail sales etc. We may see the GDP lift in 2022. That’s an astonishing number, 22.43 trillion. So the US economy is very robust and very strong driven by the consumer sentiment and obviously this big stimulus has played a part. So that is the high-level headline numbers officially published by the budget office.

Sree Iyer: And the new stimulus is actually going to be 1.5 trillion and not 1.9 isn’t it? There have been some cut there. Now there’s also some interesting developing news that came, a couple of GOP Senators were trying to ensure that taxpayer money does not go into funding WHO. What happened to that and several other restrictive measures that the GOP was trying to put into the stimulus bill so that the money is reflected for America, for citizens of America and not for legal illegal immigrants. What are the different things that happened there and looks like the Democrats are starting to throw their weight around and many of those things have been taken out? Can you share some details?

Sridhar Chityala: Sure, thank you. So the Goldman Sachs has predicted the stimulus to be 1.5 trillion versus 1.9 trillion and they believe that there will be some cuts. This is Goldman Sachs belief. But if you listen to Chuck Schumer and if we listen to Nancy Pelosi, they are no mood in terms of cutting, they actually want to add to this 1.9 trillion. So who wins, let us see. Goldman Sachs are generally insightful in terms of understanding the dynamics.

Now to the specific question, Mr Sree Iyerji has posed is what are these things that are likely to be more restrained first and foremost? Paying unemployment or making a direct payment to illegal aliens. Now that seems to have been removed. Second, paying a fee to WHO, Schumer seems to have removed that restraint. Funding some of the activities around the borders of the immigration and asylum seekers, remember, we are going from zero tolerance to 100% tolerance. So, therefore, that money. The fourth, sending money overseas for some of the programs which do not make any sense for us for the US taxpayers, so they’ve effectively diluted everything and it’s gone back as is and this is the new senate rules which Schumer and Mitch McConnell agreed. So the restraints are gone.

Effectively making it almost as you exist but you don’t exist. So the whole process, this is what happens when you establish rules when you break the filibuster and when everything becomes a simple vote then you can pretty much do anything. Especially if you are 50/50 or your 50/49, very very simple you can turn the tide. It doesn’t augur very good for the long-term, in the next few years unless there is a change in the government, which is either the house or the Senate deals one way versus the other way.

Sree Iyer: Well, in the other United States news, some news coming out of Georgia where there has been a fair amount of activity regarding in and around the election and its mechanism, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think specifically they have targeted Senator Warnock. A 35 member selection panel mostly Republicans have raised a flag, which is to say that Senator Warnock who was head of an organization founded by none other than Stacey Abrams has violated the norms in terms of specific deadlines in the voter registration process. So, therefore, that is under investigation by Georgia and if that proves to be true, then it begs the question of whether Warnock qualifies or whether Warnock gets disqualified and we go back to the election again. So there is that issue that is under investigation and there is a lot of murmurs that, in Texas, there is the problem. Texas is raising questions around Arizona, still, there are questions around Wisconsin and Michigan. There is this big litigation pending. So I think we have not seen the end of this election outcome, not the outcome, but all the processes whether they were violations. Election results are done, there is not going to be any change and but as far as the processes are concerned, we may see more revelations come out.

Sree Iyer: As a matter of fact, there is a new state that has now come into the mix where the Gateway Pundit, which by the way, viewers may know is now banned by Twitter, has released data that shows that there was a 6% shift towards the Democrats in terms of the voting patterns and they are specifically citing one software company. We are going to provide the link for that and this is very interesting. It’s going to bare some look-in because you see what had happened in New Hampshire is that there was a shift away from the Democrats at both the state senate levels and the state congress level. Now, it is a comfortable Republican majority. So there was a swing from Democratic majority to the Republican majority, yet something else happened. Sir, why don’t you spill it out for us?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think that the scenario is that there appears to be, we got to be very careful because this has been published only by Gateway Pundit. There seems to have been a systematic pattern of about 6-7% of the vote from the Republicans to Democrats managed through this software process. That is the alleged investigation outcome. Remember, Dominion has got major litigation against the attorneys as well as even news channel. Dominion software has filed ligation against the lawyers, Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani and Lynwood. So they have filed that litigation and all the other people adjacent saying that it’s reputational damage. It has no good proof and they have simply used their own kind of judgment in making the statement.

So against this background, this research or these findings comes out. So it remains to be seen whether this is again going to be contested by the software company or whether it is going into the courts for the purpose of adjudication. So what will happen, one way or the other way, there’s going to be some form of an outcome. If it is the case, then we are going to have a mad run of people going into each of the states and saying look, we need a complete an audit of this whole systems and processes. But it’s too late, one way or the other way. But the fact is, this is a very unfortunate development.

Sree Iyer: So just to summarize, viewers what we found by reading that article is that the software tabulated the results in one way and a manual count of this shows consistently a pattern of a 6% shift from one candidate to another. As I said, we’re going to give you the link to that article you can read and find out for yourself.

We are not going to give you any judgments here. We are just merely reporting the news to you. So let us move on to Global News. India’s vaccine diplomacy seems to be now getting into the high gear where India is slowly emerging as one country that can perhaps supply vaccine to many of the countries who seem to be in need. It also needs to be remembered that South Africa has said that the Oxford AstraZeneca is not helping it. So it is actually putting a hold on the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine, which means all the suppliers, one supplier, perhaps one country has started as this particular strain variant makes its round to other countries it might happen. But so far, I think the Indian generated, Indian produced vaccines seem to be doing quite well in the international market, although early data now, we can still claim that Indian vaccines are better than the others. At least there has been no adverse news. What can you tell us a little bit more about this and where do things stand as far as Canada is concerned?

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think Canada the whole Covid show has been a disaster for Prime minister Trudeau. So, he’s in a mess and he needs vaccines quite badly. Where does he go? This is because of the supply shortage in Europe the even UK faces some challenges, but, they have been able to augment it. The US needs supplies, so the US has just ordered 200 million. So, where do you go? You go to either China or you go to Russia or you go to India for whatever reasons, he has chosen In to go to India and say look, you know India has been supplying to a number of small Nations around Asia and into Africa. So let me also speak with Prime Minister Modi and seek his consent and obtain supplies so he can address the Canadian needs. Then, it goes on to say if covid is to be contained then, India will be the anchor in terms of the supplier of the vaccines for that event to unfold, so, he is giving not even prior to receiving it. He’s acknowledging that India could be the Savior to get out of this Covid mess that the world is in.

Sree Iyer: Well, it would be nice, if you could take back some of the vomit that came out when the support for Farmers riots was being expounded. And this is the very unfortunate thing about politics, today people remember all these things and Mr Trudeau will have some explaining to do as to how he had is 180 degrees change in the shift towards the Modi government. Let’s move on Sir, quickly. The Chinese government has banned the BBC from its voice service in China, this is just started. We will keep track of that and the most important thing before we wrap up Disney’s stunning streaming success in the markets. What can you tell us about Disney? It had one huge hit called Franklin, I think that is the one that is really really made a big difference in their numbers, that’s all I know about Disney streaming service, take it away, sir.

Sridhar Chityala: Well, I think the way Disney has projected its success is that it has seen that it has a deep reach and capability to reach new audiences as they evolve and emerge. They say they have been able to tap into the new audiences who have come up as a result of the implications of the Covid. So, the traditionally though the people who go and watch some of these programs or who watch some of the Disney kind of Classics in the theatres and also watch their kind of the private programs Franklin and what there is another one. I think if I’m pronouncing it correctly.

Sree Iyer: It’s Alexander Hamilton, I stand corrected, its Alexander Hamilton, the musical that has come from here there.

Sridhar Chityala: Mandalorian, that’s another very kind of popular program.  Yes, sorry guys. I don’t watch these programs. I only attract Disney within the context of from a stock point of view and I’m always fascinated by Disney as an Enterprise. They always have been dreaming their million dreams, so they still you know, we can dream a million dreams when you wander into the world of Disney, a fascinating company, their revenues were up. They set a target of reaching 240-260 million Global subscribers by 2024-25 when you add Disney plus which is Hulu and ESPN, you know, they are almost like, you know, 140-150 million right now and well on their way to achieving these big numbers. They have already reached 90 million in this new Disney streaming service. Their stock was up two per cent after the results, the revenue was also up two per cent, reflecting that Disney is here and Disney is shining in all its kind of Glory. The reason why we have highlighted Disney is this is one of the companies that we talked about even as the last quarter results came in and we compare Disney with Netflix.

Sree Iyer: Yes, indeed and that brings us to a close of today’s program. And before we go I just wanted to share with our viewers that this book National Herald Frauds of mine, it’s hitting the stores today and it will be available for purchase the hardbound version very very soon on Amazon. Today, you can download the Kindle version. Do read it, do support us, please subscribe to our Channel and also donate to our cause. Sridharji, as always a pleasure to have you on our Channel.  We will be back bright and early on Monday, but, before that tomorrow there is going to be a fireside chat where TV Mohandas Pai and Sridharji will be talking about India’s Covid success, also, India’s economy where things are headed and so on. Please do join us for that,  it’s at 9 PM IST on, Saturday and it will be live on all the channels of PGurus and we will see you there. Namaskar.

Sridhar Chityala: Namaskar and have a wonderful day!

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