Excavations from Saraswati river sites show civilizations older than Harappa, says Prof. Subhash Kak

At Dholavira, a 7000-year-old sculpture of a Yogi doing Padmasan has emerged. Just off the coast of Dwarka lies a city much bigger, in the sea. When will these be excavated? An in-depth conversation with Prof. Subhash Kak.


  1. In the discussion above there was mention of Mahabharata . Nilesh Nilkanth Oak mentions in his book ” When Did The Mahabharata War Happen ? The Mystery of Arundhati ” that the war the first day of the Mahabharata War was 16th October 5561 B.C. Bhishma fell in the battlefield on the 10th day of the War on 25th Oct 5561 B.C. And Nilesh Oak goes on the mention fall of other warriors like Abhimanyu, Drona, Karna & others giving dates.

  2. Very disturbing vdo with shrill sound like a bird call always playing in the background. Please take care to provide a text version of the commentary/ discussion that you post. A very good and informative site. Keep it going. God bless you all.

  3. Destroys the fake Aryan Draviders narrative planted by evil family of Xtian Brit pimp family of DON STALIN n M Karunanidhi, Sir also PERIYAR IS A FRENCH WORD FOR LORD..ITS PERIAR IN FRENCH N FRECH RULED PUDUCHERRY


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