What are you doing Kashmiri Hindus?

The phenomenon is not restricted to Hindus of Kashmir but is common across all linguistic groups of Hindus

House Niggers and Kashmiri Hindus
House Niggers and Kashmiri Hindus

Many Kashmiri Hindus have signed a petition opposing abrogation of article 370 [1]. The abrogation is the only chance that their extermination may be halted and even reversed. So, one would expect that after 700 years of slavery, persecution, and slow-motion genocide, Hindus of Kashmir would rejoice, but obviously, some are not.

In the slavery years of the Blacks in the US, a lot has been written about the “House Niggers.” They were the Blacks who worked in the homes of the slave owners, not in the cotton fields. That made them feel superior, and superior they acted towards the Blacks who picked cotton.

It is for the sociologists and historians to study whether Hindus and Blacks developed these gradations to clutch at something psychological in a position of total and abject helplessness, or they had these gradations that is why they became slaves.

To a man, as a member of the species Homo Sapiens, the only thing that influences his material and spiritual well being are Freedom. To A, materially and spiritually it does not matter how he and B are treated by C. But to Hindu A, it seems that being slave to C does not matter so long as C treats him slightly better than fellow Hindu slave B. In fact, even if C is treating both Hindu A and Hindu B exactly the same (as Hindus of Kashmir faced exactly the same rapes, loot, beheadings, and extermination as Hindus of the rest of India), to Hindu A it is fine so long as he is able to maintain the psychic illusion of being superior to Hindu B.

This is beyond stupidity. This is something de-evolution. A regression of species. And the phenomenon is not restricted to Hindus of Kashmir but is common across all linguistic groups of Hindus.

It is sad, and it is tragic, that such loonies exist. But it is outright dangerous for all of us Hindus that such loonies more often than not hold power, as politicians, bureaucrats, and businessmen. And decide, destroy, lives of all of us.


[1] Kashmiri Pandits, Dogras and Sikhs Sign Petition Condemning Abrogation of Article 370 Aug 10, 2019 – The Wire

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  1. Is there a survey of the political maturity or political opinion of these Kashmiri Hindus? I bet if there is one will discover that these people are all secular liberandos of the kind found in TV debates and in the urban centres. Such people have never brought up the issue of the genocide in Kashmir nor done anything to highlight the islamization of Kashmir. And this is not strange. A majority of the political and bureaucratic class that went whole hog with Nehru on socialism in India were also Kashmiri Hindus!

  2. It is a bit sad to see such a LOWLY piece from a perceived respected PGurus.

    While I agree that what was done by 60 odd Kashmiri Hindus deserve all the condemnation, but to categorise all the Kashmiri Hindus into that IDIOTIC bucket is just either ignorance or a narrative-setting, not to talk about some of the comments on this post!

    Usage of HOUSE-NIGGERS is not just racist but pathetic to the core. Coming from Team PGurus shows a level of frustration and ignorance.

    Wonder where will you bracket the other communities of Hindus, which have such JAICHANDS too. Anyways, some things and businesses have some “terms and conditions” to work with. Having followed your portal for some years now, this was least expected.

  3. There will always be betrayer like Jaichand in the country and the Hindus who have signed the petition opposing the abrogation belong to the same clan. These betrayers should be exposed, named and shamed so that every Indian know of these untrustworthy anti-nationals and taught a befitting lesson of their life.

  4. Kashmiri Pandits actually AMPLY deserves what happened to them..THEY ARE BASTARD PRD of BRITS N THR KEEPS. THEY connived with these Wahabbis, salamis, and other terrorists, against Dogras, Valmiki n other Hindus. NEHRU a supposed Kashmiri pandit is responsible with that Brit agent Gandhi, for all terror,crime, threats n war Hindus face, the destruction of HINDUS..T.N KAUL another treacherous traitor white pandit is chief suspect in poisonings of L.B SHASTRI, THIS KGB dog pushed ITALIAN, VATICAN XTIAN DERANGED SONIA IN TOP FAMILY, ON KGB OPUS DEI ORDERS, resulting in the mortal enemy of Hindus n Bharat controlling the Vatican, CIA, n Wahabbi International vying for Hindu extermination, may his soul burn in hell with Nehru in eternal hell including all his families, these Kashmiri pandit bastards like other white created sewer lumpen pakipanjabi feel themselves to be 3 rd rate whites only, their behaviour worth Native Indians is no less than worst of slave runners. They licked white shit, and a bastard of nazis is always a bigger nazi than the worst, to earn a little kick of goras on their ever willing eternal slave asses and also white spermFDI, for thr whore like women. THESE PAKIPANJABI N KASHMIRI BRAHMIN rats have started showing their true gutter DNA of whites while they entered India like f..king beggars. I wud personally implement article 370 and throw these plague white created rats, hybrids, in Kashmiri n even remove IPC protections and throw these Pakipanjabi pitvipers to PORKI gutters .pakistan is Pakipanjabi hell where thr whore like women can Nooyi their traditional jobs, satisfaction of carnal pleasures of beloved holy white beastly n ISIS, JIHADI D..INDIA ALWAYS FED BLOODY PITVIPERS N RATTLESNAKES, PARSIS, XTIANS, PAKIPANJABI, BDESHI RATS, N THESE KASMIRI RATS..WHAT HAPPENED TO THESE SNAKES N HAPPENING IN BDESH N PAK N KASHMIR IS WELL DESERVED BT THEM, WE SUFFRED 10 million deaths in hands of Islamic, xtian, naxal (pakipanjabi n BDESHI) commie pigs, hunger , genocide due to these rattlesnakes. Great examples being NEHRU N XTIAN KHALISTANI ISI PIG MMS..DEATH TO THESE PARSI XTIAN PAKIPANJABI BANGAD AXIS OF EVIL..INDIA FOR INDIANS

  5. This psuedo intellectualism and show-off liberalism is the reason we even being branded majority are not majority.This appeasement for personal gains has created the hedgemony of all the so called minorities in such a disguised way that we the so called majority is slipping down to minority status and are always at the receiving end.


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