Explosive letter to the President of India by an ex-Home Ministry Official

Explosive letter by RVS Mani, former Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs who was tortured and harassed by the CBI during the UPA rule

Explosive letter to the President of India by an ex-IAS official
Explosive letter to the President of India by an ex-IAS official


His Excellency the President of India


New Delhi-110004


Your  Excellency,

We have to approach and seek your kind intervention in a very important issue that has a bearing on the National Security as well as security of the Prime Minister of India but also security of each individual law abiding citizen of the Country. That relates to recent repeated  judicial intervention at the behest of certain forces inimical to the interest of the country. This relates to grant of protection from arrest to several persons against whom the investigating agencies have meticulously collected evidence about a conspiracy to assassinate the Prime Minister of the Country.

  1. In this context it is submitted for your kind perusal that before the investigating agencies could even commence complete their prima facie search of premises of these five individuals as a precursor to enforcing the requirement of only transit remand, the judicial authorities including the Supreme Court of India intervened on a petition from alleged  human rights groups seeking to protection to them against transit remand, and both the Delhi High Court as well as the Supreme Court obliging them with the protection. It is a mystery how the highest judicial authorities applied their mind in short span of time to grant this protection. It is also a mystery that why these courts according priority to these cases when there are close to 50,000 pending cases begging for finality be the Supreme Court. The larger question in this context, is whether Supreme Court judges were just giving protection in to those who are conspiring to assassinate the democratically elected Prime Minister of the country or they are also a part of the conspiracy.

Antecedents of the conspirators

  1. IN this context, the past antecedents of these criminals and anti-nationals  also betrays that they have been previously also proceeded against as per law. While the government in power had not only admitted in the LokSabha in 2008 regarding one human rights activist referring to his organization as having anti india bias. It is also a matter of record, that he was stopped from entering the disturbed state o Jammu and Kashmir in 2011 as he was a threat to security. There are others who have been granted protection who have served sentences for subversive activities against the state.

Anti-India Forces behind this conspiracy

  1. Having submitted this, we are also constrained to submit for your Excellency for kind perusal that this is not the only case in which such aberration stand exposed. There are several cases repeatedly happening in this country where human rights of criminals, conspirators, terrorist, naxals and other persons inimical to interest of the country are repeatedly protected to the utter dismay of the public at large. In this context, repeatedly irrespective of the political dispensation, in both houses of Parliament, the Government has admitted that such anti National activities are being  amongst other things planned, perpetrated and funded by forces across the border besides admission of the Government in Parliament of India in replies to several questions about the busting of sleeper cells of ISI and other agencies inimical to interest of india, arrest of persons compromised by the ISI and other agencies inimical to interest of india,. The question which is agitating us is whether;these sleeper cells have compromised their lordships that such judicial pronouncements are coming forth one after another.

Previous cases

  1. May we also share with you that the brief annotation of other cases where the judiciary has given priority to this class of persons over the general public as well the judgements which has come forth.
    • In the case of YakubMemon, you may recall that after the mercy petition had been rejected by your august office, the Supreme Court heard a curative petition in the wee hours of the morning. Such privileges are not extended to common law abiding citizens of the country
    • The group of students who were chanting Bharat keTukdeTukde, and other seditious slogans were also given protection by the jurisdictional courts and these persons are still roaming freely, propagating their doctrine.

From the above cases we believe that there is adequate grounds for citizens of this country, to reasonably believe that many of the judicial authorities at several courts including the Supreme Court of India, have been compromised and are prosecuting the agenda of ISI and other forces inimical to the interest of this country.

No recourse available.

  1. WE are ordinary citizens. We can criticize the Judiciary or show them a mirror, lest we will be prosecuted under the draconian Contempt of Court Act. It is travesty of justice that this act negates the very principle of natural justice as the court against which I express my views, grievance will try me for this and hence a neutral ruling can never come forth. As regards any initiative for exposing these judges or impeach them, the  power lies with the Parliament of India and ordinary citizens cannot effectively get their grievance redressed in this mechanism. Also impeachment results only in removal of the judicial authorities and in case it does happen at our behest, the concerned judge in collusion with his handler take his revenge.

Your kind intervention

  1. Therefore, we are constrained approach you as the Head of State and also having oversight over the Supreme Court and other Judicial authorities in the Country, to kindly intervene and recommend steps, that are possible to not only stem the rot, but also lay down process that will ensure that no one gets priority hearing, in any of the courts in the country and other malaise which is plaguing the judiciary.

With warm regards,

RVS Mani

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  1. Hats off to RVS Mani ji to put the blatant subversion happening in our Judiciary and the slanted postures if the judges…we the common folks are left in the lurch.
    This has to be shared to the Maximum and a mass awakening must be created. More grouos of citizens must petition the President in this regard .This is what PM ji keeps insisting upon ..JAN BHAGHIDARI.
    let’s do our bit.
    Vande MAATARAM.

  2. WE THE CITIZENS OF THIS DEMOCRATIC INDIA MUST SUPPORT THIS HONEST FORMER GOVT. OFFICIAL OF HIGH RANK. Mr Mani was an upright Govt official a former Under-Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs who was tortured and harassed by the CBI during the UPA rule. He has appeared in REPUBLIC DEBATES with Arnab Goswami and Exposed how P. Chidambaram and Sushil Kumar Shinde manipulated FAKE cases against Col Purohit, Sadhvi Pragnya and Swami Assemanand to build up a false political narrative on “Saffron” Terror.

    Mr Mani also Exposed this Congress mafia on Ishrat Jehan who was a terrorist sponsored and funded by ISI of Pakistan but Sonia Gandhi and her mafia gang led by Chidambaram gave a political twist to this case and made it a Fake Encounter to “Nail” then Gujarat CM narendra Modi and HM Amit Shah. This fabricated story was propagated extensively in the media by Congress paid Journalists and Fake Human Right Activists like Teesta Setalvad, Kavitha Krishnan, Jhon Dayal, Medha Patkar. Prashant Bhushan and many more hired fraud activists.

    Mr Mani knows how Congress in power tried to use him, misuse him and then abuse him when he refused to “Toe” their false line. The man has also written a Book and Exposed the corrupt practices by Congressmen during UPA Time how the opponents were “Fixed” to their political advantage.

    I am glad he has written this letter addressing directly to the President. Because “ENOUGH IS ENOUGH”.

    The recent Urban Naxal Cases are of serious consequences where Maharashtra Police have done an excellent job by getting to the bottom of the truth on the Bhima Koregaon Riots when the intelligence Agencies were shocked to learn the hand of 5 Urban Maoists Supporters and were even planning to Assassinate PM Modi. In such a serious plot against the Prime Minister… How the SC turned down the request of the police for the Police custody of these 5 alleged Conspirators involved in an Act of Treason, Sedition against the Nation when police had tons of evidence against them?

    Judiciary has demoralized the police force on many such cases Mr Mani is rightly referring to.

    How can a common man have the confidence in the judiciary which gives verdicts in 5 minutes with clean chit in cases of Salman Khan, Late CM of Tamilnadu Jailalithain, all high profile criminal cases but let Col. Purohit, Sadhvi pradnya, Swami Assimanand Rott in the jails for 9 long years when even FIRs were not made against them of any criminal allegations? Why the courts allowed innocents to remain in jails for 9 long years in these cases and as against the SC, HC is concerned about the Human Rights of Urban Naxals who are supporting Maoists Bleeding India and planning to overthrow democratically elected government?


    The larger question that a common man who waits for justice for 5 years, 10 years and even 25 years is asking today to this Judiciary…. ARE THEIR TWO SETS OF LAWS IN THIS COUNTRY? ONE FOR COMMON MAN ON THE STREET AND ONE FOR THE POLITICIANS, CELEBRITIES, HIGH PROFILE PEOPLE?



  3. It is visible on the ground that the judiciary has compromised in this case. There was no urgency to grant bail for such serious cases, where national security is involved. The court should have acted firmly without any bias & should have given time to the investigating agencies to complete their job & submit the charge sheet. Bail should have given on the facts of investigation. Now, the judiciary has sub verged this case for the reasons known to them. A common man can understand the
    actions in this case, but, the learned judiciary has shut their eyes. Shame

  4. My God ! So much venom against judiciary, deserving defamation straightaway. The President owes it to the nation and his high office to protect the respect of judiciary, not through defamation process, but through proactive intervention. Lest whatever respect is left may also vanish.

  5. I put my signature to the letter. Every word is meaningful and The President needs to respond favourably. I would suggest Mr Mani should have put this letter as a petition and invite support. Good luck.

    Navin Joshi

    • If you have guts, write to CJI. Being a home ministry ex you do not know that The Hon. President can not interfere in judicial process. Often the PM also reiterated that Kadi se kadi saja hogi. Who are you to promise stern punishment for any body when you have judicial power. You can only pressurise the court.

    • Never heard of Dabang Hindu. You could not fight the moghuls, British , Naxalites. Can you go Pakistan as human bomb and destroy terrorists there. The Islamic terrorists can do it.

  6. True,their lordships actions are questionable not only in this case also in various adjournments,stay,bail to Corruption cases in which top Politicians are involved.House arrest of recent activists added in this list.Judiciary must take note they work for people not for corrupt politicians and anti national terror supporters

  7. It appears court is meant for Chidambarams, Karthiks and Marxists, who knock the doors at will the doors of Supreme Court and get bails.

  8. I don’t know why the court will not show this much courtesy to a common civilian, they are the one discriminating like common and important people, no equality in their eyes, if the police arrested a common man then if he went to court will court will handle the case with such a hurry? It’s again proving that when you have a money, power n lawyer, u can do anything,

  9. I fully agree with Mr.Mani.When we see such open support to undeserving people by the highest court the deep pain & anguish is conyed through his open letter.Where is democracy heading?

  10. Democracy has 3 pillars: Legislature {Includes indian parliament and state assemblies} Executive {Includes the President, PM, Governers, CM, Cabinet, and govt officers like IAS} Judiciary {includes all the courts}
    But Democracy is for the people, by the people. We the people r benefactor and beneficiary of democracy.

    Indian Democracy 92:
    We don’t have direct hand in composition of all three pillar except the first one. We elect some people (1st pillar Legislature) directly & indirectly (rajyasabha etc.). Then they choose/ elect ‘executive’. Now these 2 pillars used to chose the 3rd pillar judiciary. We the people of Indian republic were the ultimate boss.

    Indian Democracy post 92:
    Now judiciary has taken advantage of fractured & impotent legislature and declared its total disregard to people. Now they say that people won’t have any direct or indirect say in our matters, we r the boss, to hell with u.

    Now, we the supposed ultimate boss of democracy, don’t have any say in its one pillar viz judiciary.. Now judges choose their successors without giving reason to choose or not to choose anybody. They don’t want to divulge any single criterion of the process.
    This is akin to a lalaji, sethji or a shopkeeper deciding whether to handover his shop to his one nephew or the other because his son has called the parents to US.
    The democracy has become the lalaji’s shop (Apology to all lalas because either they or thier forefather has earned the shop unlike these bastard judges.)
    Democracy is being raped repeatedly by supreme court judges but hijre parliamentarians r busy picking up their petty quarrels.
    Fuck this judocracy.
    I am using this below me language for this judocracy deserves this, they deserve more than this but I can go no more below than this.

    • Fully agree.

      The least, Supreme Commander (&defender of Constitution ) must do, is to stop such judges from getting cases, if he can not put them under confinement. We the taxpayers can keep paying their salaries

  11. Well Good Joke , There is no Explosive Stuff in it , neither any facts – Just a Buffoon Article/Letter , May be RVS Mani is trying to follow NSA path to get Post-Retirement Job in Modi Govt.

  12. There are many instances wherein judiciary has not delivered justice.Fine example is Rohingyas from Myanmar.It is judicial overreach.Besides you see the judgements in case of Hindu festivals and rituals. We have no option but to think that SC is afraid of giving any judgement regarding muslim and Christian religions.People have even started calling it Sharia court.Pathetic .

    • True, biased rulings : Rohingyas, bursting crackers, Kashmiri pandits, naxal terrorists, Dahi handi, cow protection etc. . If the judiciary saves anti-national interests like this, this 3rd pillar of democracy is infected & we now need pesticides (herbal) to exterminate the pillar.

  13. The SC seems to be in awe of some lawyers practising there. To defend the activists leaning to the left, these lawyers along with some other left leaning”intellectuals,”, descended on SC like a pack of wolves. And the SC agreed to take up the matter immediately. Will they extend this kind of treatment to ordinary citizens? Why have lower judiciary if SC takes up the issues itself as there won’t be any scope for a review of the decision?

  14. Well done Mani Sir .U showed the guts .Yes India has the worst JUDICIARY .Most Judges are either corrupt or show loyalty to their political bosses ,who inducted them as Judges .We have to just be on lookers .No one can save this country from the clutches of Rogues .Pakistan Judges better .They showed guts to prosecute a sitting PM of the country (Sharif) &unseat him .Will it happen in India ?

  15. Just scrap contempt of court rule. Orders should be issued that no court will work beyond the stipulated time of working hours. No case will be heard in any other place, except the stipulated court room and only during court working hours. Holiday is a holiday to everyone.

  16. These are questions in our mind for monrgs together. Thanks, most important issues are brought to the notice of H.E.

    • I totally agree. Lato ke bhoot bato se nahi mante is apt for indians. Political lobby of Congress n ghathbandhan is scary. People of india is carried away by negative publicity. Vote for modi. The failed hazy parallel economy will be back with internal and external security at stake.


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