Fight against corruption must be one of the main New Year Resolutions of PM Modi

With less than 500 days to go before the next Lok Sabha polls, Modi needs to speed up his fight against corruption

Dear Prime Minister,

We are now entering 2018. Looking back, the year 2017 had a dismal track record on Government’s promised fight against corruption, basically due to lethargy and internal sabotages to save the corrupt in the really big cases. The shocking judgment in the 2G Scam case[1] has created doubts in the minds of common man that anything is possible and the venal are beginning to think that they can get away with anything (in one case even murder)! Nothing can explain the inordinate delays in the corruption cases involving the Sonia family in the National Herald case, and Robert Vadra in the land grabbing case.

For past three years CBI, ED and Income Tax are beating around the bush in the massive land grabbing and money laundering cases related to Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra

The probes into Chidambaram family’s corruption cases[2] like the Aircel-Maxis scam, INX-media bribery case and illegal assets amassed in 14 countries and Ahmed Patel family’s case involving the Sterling Biotech and Sandesara Group[3] companies are moving at a glacial pace. A similar lethargic attitude by the probe agencies is also seen in the various cases against NDTV.

Dear Prime Minister, given below is the status of the probe in each of the high flying cases mentioned above.

Sonia family:

National Herald case:

Still the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI), the Enforcement Directorate (ED), Income Tax and the Urban Development Ministry has not yet moved an inch in this case involving land grabbing in major cities worth more than Rs.5000 crores by Sonia and Rahul. From trial court to Delhi High Court to Supreme Court,  all have ratified the illegalities prima facie and the accused Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and other Congress leaders are now out on bail and facing trial in the private case filed by BJP leader Subramanian Swamy. What prevents the CBI, ED, Income Tax and Union Urban Development Ministry, State Governments of Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh to act on the massive land grab and bank loan jugglery in the name of media operations by these top Congress leaders? Only Haryana Government initiated action[4] and handed over the case to CBI, which is still sitting on the case.  As a private complainant Subramanian Swamy has many limitations in providing all the proof and undertaking all the legal proceedings. It is time for Government agencies to do their duty in National Herald scam, which is ratified in all legal forums and trial is going on.

Vadra land grabbing:

For past three years CBI, ED and Income Tax are beating around the bush in the massive land grabbing and money laundering cases related to Sonia Gandhi’s son-in-law Robert Vadra[5]. People have started losing faith in the Government’s attitude on the fight in regard to high profile corruption cases. There is a general perception among the people that politicians at the top in all parties do under-the-table dealings due to the delay in Vadra probe and other cases.

Chidambaram family cases:

The obscene delays in the Aircel Maxis and INX Media bribe cases probe is really testing the patience of the common man (see Figure 1). Chidambaram’s son Karti is now openly defying summons of CBI and ED and the delay by the agencies have provided ample room for him to drag it to the courts. There is no excuse for the inaction, including the arrest of Karti for not appearing before agencies. Further, Government agencies have still not started to register cases under the Black Money Act and Benami Act for illegally amassing properties in 14 countries and 21 undeclared foreign bank accounts by the members of Chidambaram family[6]. It is an open secret that many top people in the Finance Ministry are trying to hush up the cases against former Finance Minister P Chidambaram’s family[7].

Ahmed Patel family cases:

Ahmed Patel’s family is now caught in the Rs.5000 crore bank loan fraud involving Sterling Biotech and Sandesara Group of companies. The ED officers such as Rajeshwar Singh are facing all kinds of hardships from the corrupt lobby and friends of Chidambaram and Ahmed Patel after the registration of these high profile cases. It is time you read out the riot act to the babus that their loyalties are first and foremost, to the country and anyone indulging in acts of sabotage should be dealt with severely.

NDTV cases:

India’s premier peddler of fake news, NDTV, is caught by CBI, ED and Income Tax and still the cases move at a pace that can only be described as turtle-like[8]. Even after having been provided proof of the massive rigging by the NDTV promoters in Stock Exchanges, the Regulator Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI) has not yet acted due to the interference of NDTV-friendly people in the Finance Ministry[9].

Controversial 2G trial court Judgment:

The government must ensure the immediate appeal and day-to-day basis arguments in the Delhi High Court to bring justice in the 2G Scam trial court judgment, which acquitted all the corrupt persons. This trial court judgment, ignoring all the concrete evidences of money trail and findings of the Supreme Court shows the handiwork of corrupt elements who manage to ensure outcomes to their liking[10].

Dear Prime Minister, in the light of above-stated facts, I and everyone at Team PGurus urge you to evolve a clear strategy on a war footing to fight corruption, as promised by you to the electorate.

Wishing you a nice 2018 ahead.


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  1. “With less than 500 days to go before the next Lok Sabha polls, Modi needs to speed up his fight against corruption” is a dubious statement. To speed up,one must start and he has grandly swept those under development agenda…
    In this government, I appreciate Piyush Goyal (for atlast reviving railways) and Smriti Irani (cos she speaks in right language to commie media / presstitudes). I will also appreciate higher allocation of funds to ISRO, Varanasi cleanup and development of NHAI.
    But, most importantly I have been harassed by oil taxes, Demo, PMAY (housing scheme) and finally adhaar aadhaar aaadhaar. Idealogically too – I do not see any stellar achievements.

    Now fedup with this chamcha Nehru in disguised form!!! ‘I will abstain from voting to same party in 2019 for sure….

  2. None can not catch all the fishes at a time.Modi is making an effort to catch .Let us
    appreciate.This is the debris of 70 years.Can we clean clean it in a day or two.The whole
    corrupt people are uniting to resist Modi.Let us reconstruct our India of our own choice.Think awhile.with our brain.

  3. If fight against corruption is not taking its logical route, all those supported Modi would vote against him. Let Modi give the status of each scandal and scam

  4. Amazing you still have faith that the corrupt will be punished. I have lost all hope on this. There is not even a single encouraging development in the positive side to bring the big corrupt behind the bar. The common man is considered as a fool here. Mass dejection amongst voters can reverse the positions of power.

  5. Fight against corruption is a continuous movement. When our Respected PM has been fighting against corruption, he should get support from all corners. Decision in 1 or 2 court cases cannot stop it. From last few years, there are ongoing strikes on corruption. Corruption cannot be uprooted completely but it must be controlled in such a way that it could not affect a common person.

  6. Modi ji, BJP party having very short period of time to fulfill the election manifesto. Kindly re-collect what has been committed to people.

  7. Yes Government of Modi ji rode to power seated on the crest of the wave of corruption of UPA—For three years the people have waited —-only see a mountain in labor —nothing has come out—-those who have let down the Nation even if they are supported by Rothschile Kosher groups from outside skin them alive

  8. Nothing will change unless the corrupted politicians, high Govt officials, big industrialist were penalized who swallowed our economy. No proof any one punished under these categories and rather crush the middle income group who is genuine to Govt who follow the Indian Laws. Only big corporate is getting benefits where the Govt., is giving relief in various ways who does not bother about general public. really people have become tired who lost confidence with any of party. first let the Govt., brings Lokpal to be implemented against people elected candidate to bring little confidence with people then start the other parameters to eliminate corruption.

  9. CBI requires more powers by amending the constitution of India or enacting a spl Law or Act giving more powers to to CBI and strict time schedule should be fixed for CBI to complete its inquiry within scheduled time and similar schedule of timing must be fixed for CBI courts to decide the cases.

  10. Now he is lying that he has enabled Muslim women to go to Haj w/o Mehram whereas this is a Saudi law
    and perhaps they have abolished it and Modi is taking credit for that to win Muslim votes by appeasing them
    but accusing Congress all the time. .

  11. Who is Modi to punish anyone. He can misuse the CBI ED who are caged parrots who on their own do not
    do their work but will do only at someone’s bidding. It is for the Courts to punish all guilty people. By the
    way no one is clean. Why you are excluding people like Mukul Roy, Sukh Ram etc. like when they joined
    their sins have been washed away is it because BJP is pure like gangajal.

  12. Corruption is enshrined as reservations, inequality under law, exceptions to the rule of law, and non accountability in India’s bizarre Constitution, The rest, which is actually extortion and blackmail masquerading as corruption follows as night the day:

  13. Sree Iyer is right in saying that corruption cases are being stalled due to lethargy and internal sabotage. Why blame Modi alone ? We have ED under finance ministry, CBI under home, P Prosecutors under Law and Anti corruption agencies under State beurocrats. What are these people doing ? Modi is preoccupied with development and external relations and mascot for elections. With moles nurished by UPA from peon to secretary, can Modi alone make a push ? With a faulty system of punishing the guilty, it is not going to be easy for govnt. Prevention is better than cure is what the govnt is doing to limit corruption thru transparency. Wait for 30 years before the cases of past corrupt are settled, and let us take Lalus case as a study and how indian masses glorify a convicted politician. Change HAS to come within society.

  14. There is every possibility of completely shelving the cases not only that they willbe given clean chit ,if by badJuck,any other govt supported bycorrupt congress comes into power. Modiji should hasten the process andsee that all corrupts should be made to give companionship to Lallu,

  15. At current trends, “Corruption hatao” will remain only as a slogan and will be ineffective to win polls. People at large are losing faith in “governments of any kind” to provide good governance. The huge mandate, Modi got has been showing signs of deceleration every passing day and with every judgement delivered. GOD alone can save our dear country.

  16. Don’t expect anything from him for his made deals with all corrupt to win elections. Common man is being screwed , environment being gang raped and Constitution being molested. He had sold his soul to the devil of Fame power position

  17. Almost nothing has been done to punish the corruption accused. Beginning with the Sham judgement in the 2G case the Adarsh case and slow progress in other cases like National Herald Coal Gate Modi has nothing to show. This couple with very little gains thru Demo, Falling revenues through poorly studied and implemented GST and international oil prices on the rise is likely to create a big increase in fiscal deficit numbers. IN SHORT MODI Government has nothing to show on the economics front. The agrarian crisis joblessness in industry is adding to the misery. How will the Government defend itself at the next elections?


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