FinMin trying to save Chidambaram by holding Sanction for Prosecution of Co-Accused four IAS officers in Aircel-Maxis scam

PM must intervene and direct Finance Ministry to sanction approval for prosecution of four IAS officers at once

PM must intervene and direct Finance Ministry to sanction approval for prosecution of four IAS officers at once
PM must intervene and direct Finance Ministry to sanction approval for prosecution of four IAS officers at once

In a bid to save the former tainted Finance Minister P Chidambaram, the Finance Ministry is doing the biggest fraud by holding Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)’s request to Sanction for Prosecute four IAS officers, co-accused with Chidambaram in the Aircel-Maxis case. CBI’s request is pending in the Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley, who is a close buddy of accused Chidambaram for more than 100 days. CBI has charge sheeted Chidambaram and his son Karti along with two retired Finance Secretaries and two serving IAS officers as accused on July 19 and now the Court has asked the agency to submit sanction for prosecution within November 26.

It must be remembered that former Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has given Sanction for Prosecution in 2G cases within 24 hours of CBI’s request.

This holding of CBI’s request is an unhealthy activity by the Finance Ministry to save its former honcho Chidambaram and dilute the charge sheet in the Aircel-Maxis scam. Apart from the lobbies favouring Chidambaram, the corrupt IAS lobby is also behind it to save their four tainted colleagues involved in the Aircel-Maxis scam.

Who are the four IAS officers co-accused with Chidambaram and son?

  • Former Finance Secretary Ashok Jha
  • Former Finance Secretary Ashok Chawla, currently serving as the Chairman of National Stock Exchange
  • Kumar Sanjay Krishnan belonging to the Assam Cadre
  • Deepak Kumar Singh belonging to the Bihar cadre

On the previous hearing on October 1, in 2G Court, CBI was slammed by Judge OP Saini for the delays in providing Sanction for Prosecution of the above named four IAS officers. The Judge even went on to say that he will pass “suitable orders” if the sanction for prosecution is not submitted by November 26, the next hearing[1].

Before filing the charge sheet on July 19, CBI has approached Finance Ministry through the Department of Personnel and Training (DoPT) for the Sanction for Prosecution of Chidambaram’s co-accused four IAS officers. Now for more than 100 days the Finance Ministry is sitting on this file. It must be remembered that former Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has given Sanction for Prosecution in 2G cases within 24 hours of CBI’s request. One of the accused RK Chandolia was an Indian Economic Service officer and the Finance Ministry in 2011, then under Pranab Mukherjee, provided sanction or prosecution in 24 hours, say veteran Finance Ministry officials. This clearly shows that the Finance Ministry under Arun Jaitley is purposefully delaying the CBI’s request. As to why, it is simple – if the sanction for prosecution is delayed, the charge sheet against Chidambaram and Karti will be diluted, leading to a sabotage of the case.

Who is protecting Chidambaram in Finance Ministry? The passing of the Buck stops with the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. This is not the first time that the Finance Ministry under Jaitley has been caught for sabotaging the Aircel-Maxis case.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi must intervene and rap the knuckles of the crooked persons in Finance Ministry, trying to save tainted corrupt Chidambaram. Prime Minister must ORDER that CBI should be able to provide Sanction for Prosecution against the four IAS officers before November 26 in 2G Court.


[1] CBI pulled up for Finance Ministry’s delays in providing Sanction for Prosecution in Aircel-Maxis scamOct 2, 2018,

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  1. Had there been any leader other than Modiji,the cases would have disappeared entirely by this time and all criminals would have been active again .

  2. Have been reading and viewing through p.Gurus, the impatient devotees of Dr Swami whom in 70 s. I also admired. We have all seen Modi’s performance in Gujarat and thought unintelligently though, that Modi would replicate that in 5 years on all India basis forgetting that India is not Gujarat,Delhi is not Ahmadabad and what he did in Gujarat was over 3 terms. Those who were very close to Mr Modi till few months after election, and became his enemies worse than congressmen can be classified into following categories. Ex senior ministers, who thought, they will get important portfolios in spite of their age and no association with RSS,viz Ram Jethmalani, Yashwant Sinha, Arun Shourie, Shatrugan Sinha and our own Dr Swami(in spite of RSS connection) failed to recognize that they are not actually close to politician Modi. They wrongly blame Arun Jaitley as if he was instrumental in blocking them. While after few blowing, Jethmalani disappeared, Shourie and Sinhas have almost joined the opposition,Dr Swami is doing his might from within. you sishyas of Dr Swami,should understand that none of his political friends including Chandrasekhar trusted him with finance portfolio.He was utilised as glorified version of Amar Singh and he keeps repeating in his lectures ad nauseam, his leelas with this leader or that leader. For all these people there is one common enemy.That is Arun Jaitley. Why? Once Arun Shourie, explained why all of them hate this lawyer minister. In every cabinet meeting, he has his way by his shear logic on any issue.That is why PMs like Atalji and Modi trust him and even Manmohan Singh approached him for help on tricky issues. Pl recall the 15 years period during Modi’s Gujrat rule.Who helped him survive and succeed against the onslaught of Delhi through CBIs, SITs, rightists,leftists,activists,TV anchors,courts besides his own VHP,RSS etc simultaneously? It was only Arun Jaitley, in spite of being in opposition. Modi like Narasimha Rao is a great political Prime minister.All of us know it was Rao who managed politics while policies were left to the great economist who got the name.Similarly, trust Modi why he has some one where he is placed. People like Cho and Gurumuthy can better answer Modi/Arun relationship. So leave Jaitley aside. He has no say in these matters. Please check with Gurumuthy and not Swami.

    Gujarat results became fully visible after 3 terms of Modi’s rule. It is a homogeneous small state easy to govern and develop.India is heterogeneous in as many ways as possible.Everyday, there is fire fighting to do some where. PC is important for you, not so much of priority for the present government to pay 100% attention.Corruption is indeed priority. But systemic corrections particularly in Banking and Corporate sectors including supervisory control of ever obliging Auditors are rightly on top. The anti corruption proceedings appear to be going slowly particularly against opposition leaders like PC but there could be political reasons for it.Difficult for us to understand. Suffice it to recall what Janata Party did to Congress and Mrs G, with a Home minister like Charan Singh listening to Raj Narain. Morarji appointed Shah commission was progressing slowly testing Raj Narain’s patience.Rest is History. Janata was a disappointing experiment starting with great expectation of people of India. This is the second time people have trusted but one man. Modi is what he is because he is Modi and not due to Arun Jaitley or Dr Swami.

    Let’s trust him.I am almost certain that he will be able to convince voters when he speaks to them directly over the heads of channel experts.This, is in spite of what happens in state elections.
    I implore you all to be patient, things will happen ,though not as per your priority and speed. As a family we are Rajaji followers,was brought up by speeches of Masani, Dandekar, Palkhiwala etc during student days. I too was once a great admirer of Dr.Swami. He should stop his antagonistic views toward Jaitley. He should verify his sources before taking them to be true.

    Sorry became too long.

    • What this guy saying in 1 line is: Modi trusts “jai italy” because he is great negotiator, problem solver and very resourceful. And Modi keeps Swamy away because he can’t trust Swamy??
      my ingliss is not great, so will come to point directly:
      What an idiotic argument? If Modi loses 2019, that is ONLY due to one incompetent ministry. FINANCE
      “jai italy” couldn’t pass any bill thru RS during 14-17 (remember land reform bill?)
      remember, Modi will be chest beating by repeating “bail gaadi” during 2019 campaign. and we all know who is behind that. ONLY ONE MAN. SUBRAMANIAN SWAMY. What is the point of having power??
      Only god knows why modi keeps that AJ snake with him.

      • Dear Krishna, I agree with you. I have many Tamil speaking friends, sorry to say now , out of ten, six do not like Dr.Swamy!! Few reasons are due to his caste, he supports Hindi to be spoken even in TN state, a true nationalist, ……………..
        I started liking Dr.Swamy when he visited my High School soon after he was released from jail during 1975 Emergency. Since then I became a “devotee” of Dr.Swamy also due to his erudite scholarship, achievement at the age of 24 on global scale then, boldness, brave fighting spirits and self financing most of the cases he fights, worldly wise and tries to help those who approach him without hiding things…………………
        I liked the way Sundararajan.V tried to defend Modi ji in his big Comment which should be welcomed. PGURUS is meant to debate and discuss. Jaitley has been the in-charge of Gujarat for four terms and BJP MLAs have had 123 during first term came down to 99 ONLY in 2017 ! Gujarati’s started to reject Modi too!
        When it comes to fighting corruption, Modi failed and nearly nullifying cases thru Jaitley while Dr.Swmay’s successful gains are being frustrated hnce Dr.Swamy’s “devotees” are not happy.

        I like Jaitley’s articulation on certain tricky things. But not on Macro, meso and micro economic aspects.If Lawyers run the economy of the country where should the Economists, Finance Analysts go? Why not make at least retired RBI Governors as FMs if law permits for the interest of our nation?
        Sundararajan.V does not understand that Dr.Swamy’s “devotees” like us voted for Modi on “corruption issue” and not because of speeches of Modi promising moon and bringing down PC’s “tax terrorism”. PC’s taxes were better then Jaitley!!
        Keeping aside astrological predictions, to form the government, if Modi falls short of 100 LS seats in 2019, it should be attributed to Adhia and Jaitley et al.

  3. Chaiwallah Modi has relied too much on his Delhi warlord, Arun Jaitley who grabbed power by back door methods [like the way PC rigged the polls and made his way to Delhi] and projected himself as the King maker of NDA. Lot of great old leaders of BJP were sidelined to accommodated this Delhi Lutyens member, Arun J who was avaricious to administer Defence andFinaance portfolios [ much more that what he could chew given his failing health and chronic kidney disease] He is another seasoned old oiled Delhi machine wheeler-dealer Lawyer, cricket fanatic not too serious about helping the poor and common man of India. Ambani, Arun Jaitley Adhani along with Amit Bhai is the A-comapny of the BJP Govt. doing a more refined swindle than the Congress-Chidambaram – C- company. If Modi does not let Arun Jaitley pack off his baggage from North and South Blocks, Modi should pack up. CBI, ED, RBI, FM have been well penetrated by Chidambaram and C- Company mafia and Arun J. is simply clearing papers for them stalling and stopping the cases against being taken by courts. Arun J is with the UPA warlords and he should be relieved ASAP.

    • Dr. Venkat Gopalakrishnan, thanks for your brief views which are true in the present situation and context. Today BJP is a pan Indian corporate party while Cong-i has been an International racketeer political party.

  4. I want to draw pgurus attention to Vineet Narain’s(Hawala case fame/bruj foundation ,kalchakra ) allegations on why Jet Airways PIL by DrSwamy was diluted by himself several times in Hon’ble SC.

    Pgurus as well as even DrSwamy or his typical friends are maintaining a strange,interesting stoic silence on above matter. Why?
    If DrSwamy didn’t dilute then say so or if he did explain but why giving air to further speculation by Vineet who as far as I know has more or less same reputation inanti corruption arena.
    Just name calling him as Natwarlal or throwing muck at each other doesn’t help..
    Further he has taunted DrSwamy by even more damning allegations which if I write I am sure pgurus will delete it

    • Looks like “jai Italy” has set up some “social media” stooges. Good job pgurus, you really hurting them where it hurts.

      • Lol. Why should I get hurt here? I just asked a casual Qn on silence of pgurus or DrSwamy. They can answer or not which is their wish.
        Anyway as a citizen I will watch patiently how the case proceeds as to whether loud noise made initially in the matter by petitioner are really worth or not

    • Vineet Narain is a pucca fraud. He was just a signatory in Hawala case conducted by Ram Jethmalani. Later he and Jethmalani and Prashant Bhushan quarreled for credit and case collapsed. It was Vajpayee and Narasimha Rao joint venture case to fix their rivals in their parties. Vineet Narain later started blackmailing and fund collection on many occasions in the garb of journalism and earned lot of money from Corporate CSR Funds. Piramal Group is the main donor. Mid 2000, he started Braj Foundation and started grabbing the area and tried to become like Dera Heads and started collecting money and selling of sands. After Subramanian Swamy’s petition, UP Govt started acting against his Braj Foundation activities in Mathura. Vineet Narain, Nira Radia and Upendra Rai and all eating money in the garb of media activities. Fit case of a jail bird. During UPA rule, his assigned job was to malign Prashant Bhushan in TV debates. Now favouring tainted CBI officer Rakesh Asthana simply because both belong to say Kayasth caste. In Airecel Maxis, Vineet took money from Chidambaram to file fake cases against Investigating Officer Rajeshwar Singh. Such crooked guy should be put in jail. Vineet’s father was also a corrupt guy. He was terminated from Jaunpur University Vice Chancellor post by Kalyan Singh Govt for taking money from teaching posts. Young Vineet was the collector of papa’s bribe. Was trying to become a Dera Pramukh in Mathura with help of Congress, BSP and SP. Now Yogi Govt fixed him.

    • Nonsense. Vineet Nrain is liar and his KalChakra is BlackMailer Magazine. No Magazien is availeble in Market. Just shoot questions to Coprorates and collect money. As far as Swamy’s petition on Jet – it still alive and Central Govt is not at all providing replies and delaying.

  5. One FM & Lawyer saving another FM & Lawyer….Both old friends, lawyer professionals, privy to each others & their families and their Departments ( babus) secrets.!!!… Only a self honest, clean and brave leader would see them behind bars..

  6. Mr. Jaitly to be relieved from the post of Fin Minister and PM Modi if he is interested to contain corruption at high places he must order an enquiry why the movement is lethargic and slow in prosecuting offenders. Probably there must be a tacit understanding for FM with lucrative position after the election even if BJP dont come to power,Educated People who wanted corrupt free govt voted for PM Modi are vexed the way administration are disturbed and moving very slow which may not end before election. Once the elections are over the corrupt again will rule the country. It is a sin for the common people of this country.Even it is not too late for PM to induct Dr. Swamy in Jaitly place to see remarkable turn over from the present situation the country is facing.

  7. When will this AJ die or get permenantly sick so that better and abled people can take hold of this FM ship? It is saddening to see our money getting eaten by this sharks and our money spent to protect them. Honest middle class tax payers have to regret forever. If PC criminal is caught and all his properties are confiscated, middle class need not pay any IT for years.
    And if you can catch and confiscate the properties of all lutyens, we need not pay tax for generations.
    Let us pray for his death.

  8. All those who have their comments posted here are least likely to go personally for voting during Elections in May & June.
    Poor voters least bothered about your corporate fights.
    They seems to be happy with Modi. That’s make the difference.

  9. It is crystal clear the Delhi Lutyens [the Den of Top Netas from all parties, Top Bureaucrats, Media Barons, Hawala conduits, high end Corporate honchos with their reps to look after their interest in the NCR] Club member, the poster boy, Mr. Arun Jaitley of the BJP ruling Caucus is protecting the other member of the Den/Clan, Mr. PC. If Modi or the PMO has no hand in it, he must relieve AJ, clean up malfunction of CBI, ED, RBI and address, weed out Corruption at the TOP Swiftly, Smartly, Sincerely. AJ is the weak link of the BJP and Modi should not rely on him too much as AJ’s inaction at the FM will ensure the down fall of BJP and Modi’s agenda. It is now or Never. Showcase Modi, you mean business if you have no hand in going slow and in stallin these crucial cases getting cleared. Get out of this mess and act in the overall interest of common man. Yes, AJ played a critical and crucial role to sideline the oldies of BJP and it is now high time for him to step aside and be the Marg-darshak. National interest and welfare should be the focus that the party and private agenda.

  10. If Modi loses 2019, it will be entirely attributable to his inability to bring crooks to the book, for whatever reason. His unpopularity due this failure is far outweighing his popularity due to welfare measures. He has no reply to the charges of failure on corruption front , and adds suspicion of involvement of his govt in various deals . If he still ignore warning signs,then he will be personally responsible for NDA’s fiasco.

    • If Rains fail for one year, what happens to welfare measures ? Hindus are surviving because few punya Purushas, and to feed them, nature is giving food or else there will be street fights and daytime robberies as in Latin American countries.

      Modi is lik,a second stage rocket engine which falls after certain time and Hindus require one more rocket stage to put into orbit, the glory of Hindus. Both RSS and BJP have taken Hindus for a ride. Even a pious Hindu is branded as RSS, for no fault of his and I am glad the chief showed his ignorance of Hinduism , claiming Hinduism is a way of life similar to begging or dancing.

  11. We should follow a uniform policy as far as providing SANCTION for Prosecution- It should be made automatic – so many Gujarat cases govt has not provided the sanction and many mass culprits are roaming free. If uniform policy is adopted then, all will JUSTICE.

  12. Swamy is known as a corruption crusader. Corruption is across all parties including his party , the BJP. To prove his credentials, let him start to file cases against his own party members and corporate supporters. Else he loses credibility.

  13. Who is fooling whom ? The buck doesn’t stop at FM. It stops at PM being CEO of the country. The on going events in BJP are like a gladiators fight. Till Modi became PM, he started eliminating his opponents like a gladiator including Togadia, Advani, M M Joshi etc. Now the fight is between Modi and PC. If Modi wins, he has a chance for Gaddi in 2019. If PC wins, he will be PM in 2019. It is like Mahabharata war. Modi with development, NSA chief and A Shaw on one side and PC with beurocracy, judicial system, money, entire opposition ( Secular ) , Vatican and M East rulers on his side.

    Lord Rama , unlike Krishna is not taking sides as his name has bee misused. Picture will be clear by month ending.

    • Exactly. The principal culprit (in protecting the thief Chidambaram) is Modi & nobody but Modi.

      Jaitley is a known Mafia-sharpshooter & is in the payroll of the Italian Mafia acting as their TROJAN HORSE

      By suggesting to Modi that he should intervene, does this author seriously believe Modi is, till now, unaware of the SKULDUGGERY that is being perpetrated the UPA criminals through Jaitley????!!!!

      It is with Modi’s abetment, connivance & complicity that the CBI has been brought to TOTAL PARALYSIS intended to sabotage the SERIOUS FRAUD & SCAMS

      It is with Modi’s connivance & complicity that Ram Jetmalani was silenced & prevented from exposing the GERMAN LIST OF BLACK-MONEY HOLDERS

      It is, without doubt, with Modi’s knowledge & complicity that the 2G & Aircel Maxis cases were allowed to be defeated by fraudulent dilution of the proesecution


  14. As per SC ruling in Dr Swamy initiated 2-G case, the SC ruled that Public authorities MUST acknowledge and reply / take action WITHIN THREE MONTHS of receipt of any requisite application / Complaint. The CBI should cite this judgment before Patiala CBI Spl Court of Saini during the next hearing on 26/11/2018. CBI had already moved an application to FinMin seeking sanction for prosecution of 4 IAS Officers who had handled Aircel-Maxis file, which is PENDING with FinMin for more than 100 days. The delay CANNOT be attributed to CBI. Non submission of permission for prosecution of 4 IAS Officers cannot be the ground for granting any relief to the MAIN accused involved in the case. CBI can only make an application seeking sanction, it can’t direct FinMin to give requisite sanction. That is the tragedy. We can only remind Prime Minister Modi, that People expect him to act against corruption decisively, otherwise they will come to a conclusion that PM Modi’s Statement NAA KAAVUNGAA, NAA KAANA DEVUNGA is a mere rhetoric to hoodwink the gullible voter. If no action against corruption from PMO, then voters retribution in May 2019 against BJP is inevitable.

  15. Jai Italy is a crook.We fail to understand why is made minister at all.

    This article must be sent to PM sothat Modi understand the corrupt FM and kick him out without delay.He has to see that PC is in Tihar before 2019 elections.

  16. This concept of sanction is an archaic provisions made by the britishers as they wanted to protect their officer from prosecution. High time these are eliminated from our constitution.

  17. Crooked Jai Italy will do all tricks to save his buddy corrupt Chidambaram. Otherwise Chidambaram will expose the huge money trail to Jaitley’s son and daughter and her husband’s accounts from Corporates and Fugitives. Time for PM Modi to act. Modi is responsible for this MESS. He must Order for Sanction for Prosecution of PC’s co-accused four IAS officers.


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