For saving Chidambaram & Prannoy Roy, Revenue Department & CBDT closing the case against NDTV bribe taking lady IRS officers?

Chidambaram is scheming right under the nose of the Govt. to save NDTV using pliant officers in the CBDT, with promises of out-of-turn promotions

Chidambaram is scheming right under the nose of the Govt. to save NDTV using pliant officers in the CBDT, with promises of out-of-turn promotions
Chidambaram is scheming right under the nose of the Govt. to save NDTV using pliant officers in the CBDT, with promises of out-of-turn promotions

Why are some in Revenue Dept. & CBDT trying to save 2 tainted IRS officers?

Some officers in the Finance Ministry’s Revenue Department and Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) are playing a diabolical game to save their old boss P Chidambaram and NDTV’s owner Prannoy Roy by saving the two lady IRS officers who are caught for accepting bribes or benefits from NDTV, while one officer’s husband was a journalist in NDTV. The very latest is that Finance Ministry’s Revenue Department and CBDT top officers including Member (Admn) P C Modi is trying to close the criminal prosecution case against lady IRS officers Sumana Sen and Ashima Neb. Sumana Sen was caught for helping NDTV in Income matters when she was in Tax circle head of NDTV and her husband Abhisar Sharma was a journalist in NDTV.

The frauds to save NDTV and the bribes and benefits earned by the lady IRS Income Tax officer and her colleague was exposed by whistleblower Income Tax Commissioner SK Srivastava[1], who faced the then Finance Minister Chidambaram’s wrath.

Later all false cases foisted against Srivastava on the orders of Chidambaram lost in all courts and as per the strong directions of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Finance Department was forced to issue Sanction for Prosecution against these two lady officers. Sensing that this would be an imminent danger for them, Chidambaram and Prannoy Roy are lobbying in Finance Ministry’s Revenue Department and the CBDT.

The Revenue Department, currently headed by A B Pandey, and CBDT’s Member (Admn) P C Modi are behind the attempts to close down the criminal prosecution against lady IRS officers Ashima Neb and Sumana Sen and her controversial journalist husband Abhisar Sharma. If the criminal prosecution starts, the case would reach the doorsteps of Chidambaram and Prannoy Roy. It is a billion-dollar question as to how these officers are trying to close down the criminal prosecution after Sanction for Prosecution was granted as per the strong orders of none other the Prime Minister.

The CBDT and its Member (Admn) P C Modi who is hoping to be appointed Chairman, CBDT very soon, is scared that once criminal cases are filed by the Income Tax Department against bribe-taking tax-evader IRS officers Sumana Sen & Ashima Neb & journalist Abhisar Sharma for not paying the tax on bribe received by them from NDTV Ltd.; no one, not even Chidambaram could save NDTV Ltd., Prannoy Roy and Radhika Roy. If criminal prosecution starts, automatically the case will go to the top people. This case clearly shows that Chidambaram had aided and abetted these bribe taking officers.

Shumana Sen had lost the case in Delhi High Court. The Judgment is published below the article along with the Sanction for Prosecution against these two officers.

Income Tax law prescribes criminal prosecution for not paying taxes on bribes received & as IRS officers Shumana Sen, Ashima Neb, and journalist Abhisar Sharma had not paid due taxes on the bribes paid to them by NDTV; Income Tax Dept. is correctly attempting to file criminal cases against them. The matter was considered in detail by Ashok Kumar, Principle Commissioner, Delhi who by his Sanction Order dated 30.03.2017, yes, 21 months ago, sanctioned criminal prosecution of bribe-taking tax-evader IRS officers Sumana Sen & Ashima Neb & journalist Abhisar Sharma for not paying the tax on bribe received by them from NDTV Ltd. and sanction once-given cannot be withdrawn come what may.

But in his desperation to save NDTV Ltd. & P. Chidambaram who can be saved only if the corrupt IRS officers and Abhisar Sharma are saved, P C Modi has been for about 10 days pressuring Principal Commissioner Anil Kumar, IRS to act illegally & either destroy the Govt. file or to cancel the sanction given by his predecessor.

Overreach by P C Modi

The illegality of act & conduct of P C Modi, who is expecting to become Chairman CBDT leapfrogging his senior by one batch (Sri Aditya Vikram, IRS 1981) is writ large as criminal prosecutions under Income Tax law are not dealt with by Member (Admn), CBDT but by Member (Investigation), CBDT. Sri Sushil Chandra (IRS 1980) is the Member (Investigation), CBDT & only he is competent in law to ask for any report in the matter of criminal prosecution of bribe-taking tax-evader IRS officers Sumana Sen & Ashima Neb & journalist Abhisar Sharma for not paying the tax on bribe received by them from NDTV Ltd. but is not even aware of the machinations of Member (Admn), CBDT P C Modi. It would take no cake or prize to find out who could have got the mischievous CBDT Circular issued on 31.12.2018 to save the mother & son in National Herald-AJL fraud case.

Things were moving along well for P. Chidambaram & NDTV till yesterday. But, to their horror, S.K. Srivastava, IRS got wind of the fraud being played in the CBDT & met the Chief Commissioner [Ms. Geetmala Mohnani, IRS 1985] & protested on Friday over the sheer illegal attempt to hush up the case & all hell broke loose. Immediately, Sumana Sen & Ashima Neb were dispatched to Revenue Secretary A.B. Pandey [IAS 1984 Maharashtra] to run their record-breaking one-act play of having been sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, molested & raped by S.K. Srivastava, IRS & in return of which they should be allowed to take bribe from NDTV Ltd. & evade tax on that bribe & by evening Member (Admn), CBDT, P C Modi had issued fatwa that Income Office would remain open on Saturday, 19th January though being a closed holiday & a report would be submitted by the Income Tax Dept. by 10 AM in the morning to close the criminal case against Sumana Sen, Ashima Neb & Abhisar Sharma.

Principal Commissioner Bala (IRS 1990) was promptly sent to the house of Anil Kumar [IRS 1985] to ask him to submit the desired Report to the Revenue Secretary by 10 AM on Saturday, 19th January 2019. A thoroughly annoyed Anil Kumar proceeded on leave leaving Principle Commissioner Bala to somehow arrange junior officers to do the job.

A simple question arises – if bribe taking tax-evader IRS officers Sumana Sen & Ashima Neb & journalist Abhisar Sharma are not guilty of not paying the tax on bribe received by them from NDTV Ltd. why are they running scared? Because they can always tell the Court their story & get acquitted but once bitten twice shy & having been twice bitten, remember High Court Order & Supreme Court Order quoted above, who can take a chance? So, P C Modi, whom P Chidambaram through his crony Arbind Modi has assured to be made Chairman, CBDT in the last week of this month has decided to do the hatchet job himself & not take the grave risk of letting the matter reach Court.

The Dept. of Revenue & the CBDT can have any number of honest & upright IRS officers but a serial scamster like Chidambaram & habitual fraudster like Prannoy Roy is born once in a thousand years & therefore, CBDT feels compelled to save & protect NDTV, P Chidambaram tax-evader IRS officers Sen, Neb & journalist Abhisar Sharma for not paying the tax on bribe received by them from NDTV Ltd.

Law is the cheapest commodity in the Department of Revenue & the CBDT. Will Revenue Secretary A B Pandey stand up and be counted or would go the way of his illustrious seniors Ashok Chawla, IAS & Ashok Jha, IAS, now facing prosecution along with their boss Chidambaram in Aircel-Maxis case? Only time would tell.

The Delhi High Court Judgment and Sanction for Prosecution against the two lady IRS officers is published below:

Prosecution Sanction Qua ANSSAS 2017 – Copy by PGurus on Scribd

Delhi HC Order Oct 19, 2012 by PGurus on Scribd


[1] NDTV Frauds: The Real

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  1. The Major areas where the current Govt. FAILED MISERABLY that would come to HAUNT BJP are: i) Demonetization Debacle, 2) GST Implementation, 3) Ineffective Finance Ministry Administration: a) Brawls and Morale Breakdown in the Top Echelons of the FM and its other subsidiaries: CBI, ED, IT, SEBI, RBI. Departures of Raghuram Rajan, Arvind Subramanian, Urjit Patel – all midway, no one wanted to stay and work for Mr. Arun Jaitley. 4) Despite overwhelming evidence provided by other non-cabinet members of the BJP, Arun Jaitley SAT on ALL these FILES for FAR TOO LONG to help the TOP CORRUPTS to FIX, tamper with, erase all the available evidence. Mr. Arun Jaitley continued to remain and protect ALLl the Top Bureaucrats in his FM who were appointed by the UPA and never took any bold and decisive action against the TOP officers who colluded with Mr. P. Chidambaram in making FIPB clearances with the approval of the PMO. He worked to save ALL of them along with his professional lawyer colleague and friend, across the party line: Honourable Mr. P.C.
    BJP/RSSand Modi stands to lose the election in 2019 because Arun Jaitley failed the party and the nation, playing his dual role. Modi giving AJ the charge of both DM and FM portfolios in the first two years was a grave policy mistake.

  2. The Dept. that would get the tag as “Worst Performing” goes to the FM and our AJ remains the pet boy who has now gone to USA to escape key questions but releasing press statement that he would be back in Lutyens Delhi for Budget Announcement. Neither AJ nor his boss PM give press releases on FAILING in their duties to Tackle Cases against the Top Corrupts that is well within their reach. Time has run out. They deserve to go out for letting down the entire India on this Key Poll promise they used as the plank to ascend to the throne and waste everyone’s time besides bungling on Demonetization and GST implementation. Empty Talk. AJ is out to collect a huge retainer fees for saving his Fellow Colleague Lawyer, a white Collar Criminal.

  3. first of all, taking bride itself is a crime so where is the question of paying taxes for bribe? does this mean taking bribe is legal in IRS

  4. PM Modi is also another Manmohab Singh; there is no difference. MMS supervised wrong deeds, corrupt deals, and all his colleagues made money. He too enjoyed his position. PM Modi is also not taking action against wrong doers. Motives of non-action are not known.

  5. Any new head of any organisation can’t expect that all will obey rules… atleast in government offices it’s possible because the head will always remain the head…
    But in politics, where things keep changing and leaders keep changing, you can’t expect 100% sincerity…
    Modi ji will definitely understand things better and people better in his next term…
    Let’s be patient…
    It’s not easy to remove corrupt officers immediately.. because they don’t have an explicit tag.
    Experimenting and giving chances might help.
    Honest officers should be searched and given appointment…
    Seniority should not be the criteria for promotions…
    Sincerity and honesty should be the selection criteria.

  6. So NaMo got another stick…!! Not bad; Modi Sarkar, Phirse ek baat…!!!
    Coming term’s agendas are: Education and Judiciary.

  7. If it is true, it is shocking. The country would go to dogs and corrupt elements would destroy ethics, integrity and honesty in public life.

  8. Shakuni will single handedly destroy BJP in 2019 and 56″ will be found gaping.Very sad that 56″ could yeild to pressures from a cunning Lawyer cum blackmailer.

  9. Most of the TV channels/Newspapers do not report/publish these kinds of information.
    Cricket, cinema release first day big box office earnings, celebrates weddings, just like sprinkling pepper and salt on an Omelette fuming on BJP is the order of the day!!

    It was reported that hard working PM spends and looks at “performance” of each of his ministers, I do not know has he ever looked at AJ/FM at all… his nearly five years and looked into Stocks Exchange/CBDT ……!!!
    Had PM been serious from the day one on corruption/scams, by now all such long pending cases on NDTV or UPA mega scams would have come to some logical conclusions or such cases would have reached final stages and he needs a second term.
    NDA took three years to book cases on JNU thugs, did not take up privilege motion on Rahul last week, less said the better on Cong-I black money, hawala network, scams…..
    Sometimes I feel why would one join “India Pe charcha” or TeamModi to give him another term of five years since his performance on “corruption/scams” just below average in the past 5 years? Are we trying to vote him/his party because of a lesser evil in nature or the prevailing maha-thugs-bandhan grim situation? In his probable second term he will continue to have the “same team” and arrogance grows much higher…TINA makes one so….! Hence, BJP is slowly grooming us to “forget and forgive” Dynasty/UPA governments mega scams,huge NPAs and build a new India by electing them(BJP) again and again!!

  10. Recently, the infighting amongst top officials of CBI, crumbled its credibility and it will take a long time for CBI to regain its image. Now that CBDT and Finance Ministry follow the footsteps of CBI. If this being the way, all Departments in various Ministries should be thoroughly overhauled to inject honest Officials.

  11. Very surprising why Finance Ministry and Jaitly is not looking into all these. What could be his interest in saving This bastard PC and Pranoy. This would have rather made the image of PM better with no corruption. Someone must advice PM to remove Jaitly and look into this personally.

  12. This is just one case that has been brought before public . The very fact the case has been going on and on and on for five years means the government does not have intent .this is a fraud government with no intent to prosecute the bribe givers and bribe takers. So bear with this.

  13. It is quite incredible that even after a full term we are having to read such articles. It is difficult to interpret this as anything but ineptitude on part of the govt in power.
    Even if it is the rebellious minions then too it is ultimately this govt’s ineptitude in their inability to take them to task.
    Things like inordinate delay in sanction for prosecution in several instances is an indication that it is not the minions only..
    At the moment it seems a gameplan for disaster…


  15. Shame. Why Finance Ministry and CBDT doing all these frauds to save Chidambaram and Prannoy Roy. Why aving these two corrupt lady IRS officers? Rascals are fooling Modi


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