Form a nationalist party to save Hindu civilization

The author submits that the only way to save Hindu civilization and the Hindu identity of truncated India is that patriots all over India must form a new political party to wield political power for implementing nationalist agenda

The author submits that the only way to save Hindu civilization and the Hindu identity of truncated India is that patriots all over India must form a new political party to wield political power for implementing nationalist agenda
The author submits that the only way to save Hindu civilization and the Hindu identity of truncated India is that patriots all over India must form a new political party to wield political power for implementing nationalist agenda

Need to save Hindu civilization and Hindu identity

Hindus have already lost the lands now known as Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh which used to be Hindu lands.

With each passing day, even the present truncated India is getting de-Hinduised because after getting power in 2014, the BJP government has vastly expanded the Congress-led government’s pseudo-secular, discriminatory, and minority appeasing policies.

Fake secularism is the culprit

Logically in 1947, on India’s partition on a religious basis and the creation of Pakistan as demanded by the Muslim League, truncated India should have been declared a Hindu country. But instead, a strange variety of ‘secularism’ (where anything which is anti-Hindu and pro-minority) was foisted on truncated India.

The term “secularism” implies non-discrimination on grounds of religion; one nation and one law; the same laws and same rights for all citizens irrespective of their religion; justice for all and injustice for none.

Though Article 15(1) of the Indian Constitution prohibits discrimination against any citizen on grounds of religion, bogus ‘secularism’ practiced in India gives special rights to non-Hindus labelled as minorities, and discrimination and deprivation for Hindus, the majority.

Since almost all political parties are pseudo-secular, pseudo-secularism has been made an unofficial religion in India.

Such atrocious discrimination does not exist in any other democratic country.

This write-up explains how ‘pseudo-secularism’ practiced by various political parties has crippled Hindus and is destroying Hindu civilization; and that to liberate India from the slavery of fake-secularism, and to save the nation from looming disaster, patriots all over India must form a new nationalist political party.

Embodiment of pseudo-secularism

Though most political parties in India are pseudo-secular, let us see the record of the Indian National Congress and BJP, two main political parties which have a pan-India presence.

Indian National Congress has been in power for a major period since 1947, and its performance makes it the embodiment of pseudo-secularism.

Its Prime Minister’s declaration in December 2006 that minorities must have the first claim over national resources reflects the Congress Party’s ideology.

Its countless pseudo-secular actions since 1947 cannot be narrated in this brief article.

Therefore, besides its enactment of the “National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992” which divided the nation into majority and minority, only a few of the Congress-led government’s minority-centric policies from 2004 to 2014 are being mentioned here:

  • The Congress-led government constituted Sachar Committee and started the Ministry of Minority Affairs in 2006.
  • It passed the “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” which means the government’s control only over Hindu-run schools since minority-run schools are exempted from this Act.
  • Implications of the Congress-led government’s above-mentioned discriminatory Acts and policies are discussed below in “BJP’s expansion of discrimination” since BJP has continued to implement the same.

BJP’s pseudo-nationalism

BJP is a status-quoist and Gandhian.

BJP’s record shows that it uses nationalism as a tool to get power. But after getting power, it discards nationalism and embraces pseudo-secularism.

Thus, BJP’s pseudo-nationalism is as deplorable as Congress Party’s pseudo-secularism.

Unhappy with the Congress-led government’s discriminatory laws and minority-appeasing policies during 2004 to 2014; and impressed by the BJP’s promises of “justice to all and appeasement of none” and “Uniform Civil Code”, nationalists brought BJP into power in 2014.

But after getting power in 2014, BJP has abandoned “justice to all and appeasement of none” and “Uniform Civil Code”; and has wasted eight long years in continuing the Congress-led government’s discriminatory laws and in vastly expanding minority-appeasing policies which are destroying Hindu civilization.

Shockingly, after BJP’s victory in 2014, a prominent national leader like Dr. Subramanian Swamy whose relentless efforts demolished Congress Party and its top leadership’s credibility, and paved the path for BJP’s historic win, was kept out of government.

As a part of the government, Dr. Subramanian Swamy would have steered the nation to the right path.

BJP’s expansion of discrimination

Some examples of the BJP’s continuation of discriminatory laws and vast expansion of discriminatory policies are given as follows:

Nation’s division into majority and minority

BJP government has continued to implement the Congress government’s “National Commission for Minorities Act, 1992” which divided the nation into ‘majority’ and ‘minority’ on a religious basis by notifying Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians as minorities in 1993, and Jains in 2014.

Special schemes for minorities

In 2006, leading a minority government with just 145 out of 543 seats in Lok Sabha, the Congress party created Sachar Committee and Minority Affairs Ministry.

Though while in opposition, BJP had condemned Sachar Committee and Minority Affairs Ministry as communal, divisive, and “appeasement” of minorities, and though having an absolute majority in Lok Sabha in 2014 and 2019, the ruling BJP has not abolished this Ministry.

Rather, BJP has vastly expanded minority-appeasement policies by launching many new schemes such as “Nai Manzil”, “Nai Udaan”, “Naya Savera”, “Shaadi Shagun”, “Padho Pardesh”, Pradhan Mantri Jan Vikas Karyakram, etc. for minorities.

The government is spending thousands of crores of rupees every year on financial and educational incentives, scholarships, etc. for minorities.

And after BJP won the 2019 elections, Prime Minister declared five crore scholarships for minorities in June 2019.

Right to Education Act, 2009

The Congress-led government passed the “Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009” which means the government’s control only over Hindu-run schools since minority-run schools are exempted from this Act.

This Act has made the cost of Hindu-run schools prohibitive closing thousands of Hindu-run schools.

BJP government has neither repealed nor amended this Act to ensure the same educational rights for all communities.

Hapless Uniform Civil Code

Although BJP’s election manifestoes of 2009, 2014, and 2019 had promised to implement the Uniform Civil Code; though Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested its enactment in many of its judgments; and Article 44 of the Indian Constitution stipulates that “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”, BJP has yet to fulfill its most important promise.

“Equal Rights” bills not passed

Despite having an absolute majority in Lok Sabha, BJP has not passed Dr. Satya Pal Singh’s Bill Number 226 of 2016 and Bill No 205 of 2019 seeking to give the same religious, educational, and cultural rights to Hindus as are enjoyed by minorities.

Therefore, discriminatory laws and policies continue.

Education policy

BJP’s National Education Policy, 2020 expands minority appeasement in the field of education by creating the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Groups (S.E.D.G.s) and including minorities also in “S.E.D.G.s” for special treatment regarding funds and scholarships, creation of colleges and universities, admissions for school and colleges, etc.

Hindu temples

BJP has done nothing to liberate Hindu temples from the government’s control to treat Hindus at par with other communities in religious matters.

Political orphans

In any democracy, politics is the most potent instrument to protect; or destroy.

Since those who behave like sheep are trampled by wolves, the fact that most Hindus are apolitical and passive has made Hindus permanent victims of discrimination and deprivation.

As pseudo-secularism being practiced since 1947 has destroyed much of Bharat and its civilization, the problems faced by Hindus and Hindu civilization are political problems that can be solved only politically.

As already explained, both Congress and BJP are Gandhian, pseudo-secular, and minority appeasing.

Other political parties also follow pseudo-secularism. Or have a limited presence.

Since no party is opposing the discrimination being continued by the BJP government, victims of discrimination have become political orphans.

Only solution

Since victims of discrimination have become political orphans, the only way to save Hindu civilization and the Hindu identity of truncated India is that the patriots all over India must stop wailing; and start forming, a new political party to wield political power for implementing the nationalist agenda.

Self-serving politicians having politics as their profession can never bring the desired change in the country. Only selfless nationalists treating politics as their sacred duty can save the nation from disaster.

The new party would liberate India from the slavery of pseudo-secularism. It would dismantle the communal, divisive, discriminatory, and destructive fake-secular edifice.

This party will also fulfill the constitutional obligation to implement the Uniform Civil Code as per Article 44 of the Constitution of India. It will abolish the Ministry of Minority Affairs, and help all deserving Indian citizens irrespective of their religion.

In the liberated polity, there would be no majority and no minority. There would be only humans, only citizens. All citizens would be governed by the same laws, and enjoy the same and equal rights irrespective of their religion.

Since there would be one law and one nation, the new party will transform India into a strong, equitable, really secular, united, and vibrant nation.

The new party will ensure that Hindu civilization survives, and our cherished hopes and dreams shall never die.

For those doubting the importance of politics, I conclude with the words of American patriot Ralph Nader, “If you are not turned on by politics, politics will turn on you”.

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  1. If any one has min of Rs 100 Cr or if u hv any formula for raising 100 Cr rs, then only one can think of a political party, otherwise it’s only a mirage.

  2. The dwindling population of Hindus due to discriminatory policies of successive governments have put the entire nation in a state of jeopardy. Hindus have become minority in almost 9 states and after the ethnic cleansing of Hindus, Sikhs, and Buddhists in afghanistan, pakistan, bangaldesh, kashmir, Now history is repeating itself in Bengal, Kerala, Bihar, Karnataka, etc. There are almost 500 Kashmir-type “no-go zones” in India fully controlled by the mafia masquerading as a religion. Ghettos are being transformed into garrisons, the common man is being radicalized to become a hardcore fanatic getting funding and resources from minority appeasement policies funded by a narcissist incompetent bunch of self-serving Gandhian politicians. Hindu hatred fueled by religious education has multiplied their insatiable hunger to usurp Hindu resources and further takeover the entire country. Hordes of unruly violent mobs driven by the vicious ideology of hatred and radicalism inspired by the medieval barbaric cult are engaged in daily vandalism and riots all over the country. No army or police can counter the Random, Unceasing, Low-level, Scattered violence (RULLS). No society can afford a posse of Police at every home. Nobody would like to live in such a society. RULLS have become a daily phenomenon now in India. It’s not only threatening our daily lives but it’s dismantling all structures of government by using every idea from Gene-Sharp theory effectively. The impending civil war and inaction of the government is leading all peace-loving law-abiding citizens to mass slaughter and the dilemma is that victims are suffering from Stockholm syndrome. Wake up India.Wake up now… As Swami Vivekanand says… Arise Awake and Stop not until the goal is reached

  3. The First war of independence in 1857 failed because there was no proper coordination or in fact lack of synchronization between various groups of freedom fighters struggling in various parts of undivided India. As the saying goes “History repeats”, we are facing a similar situation now. With the development and availability of Modern Technology and the power of social media, we can overcome those shortcomings. Crores of Hindus who voted for BJP to safeguard Hindu civilisation, are totally disillusioned due to the inaction of BJP on the atrocities on Hindus or in fact abetments of ruling politicians in actively collaborating (directly or indirectly) with anti hindu forces to crush Hindu society to create insecurity among majority community so that this type of communal polarisation can help them in repeaing electoral benefits in one after other elections. The myth of BJP being Hindu hardline party has been busted already as their own ministers (Muktar abbas naqvi,etc) have publicly confessed that they have done in the last 7 years that others have not done for minorities in the last 70 years. It’s shameless confession as they have been indulged in doing the same thing which they were always opposing while being in opposition for a long time. RSS & BJP have opposed minority appeasement and sacchar committee for a long time and now they being in power, have implemented the same thing with several times larger budget funded by Hindu taxpayers money. It’s too much injustice to Hindus, they are making a mockery of constitution by immersing deep into minority appeasement policies which are vehemently anti-Hindu and proving harmful to the long time interest of India. With all politicians licking the feet of so-called minorities, now Hindus have no hope and expectation from these power-hungry myopic morons ruling the country in the guise of leaders. Due to the discriminatory policies of these selfish politicians, Hindus are rapidly being pushed towards a black hole of violence, terror, destruction and death.
    There are almost over 1 billion Hindus and they are disillusioned, disappointed and disgruntled. Due to never-ending appeasement by ruling politicians, The situation is pathetic and is deteriorating day by day. If things are bad, they only go worse. There are millions of patriots worried about the deteriorating situation on the ground and the sad plight of Hindus globally. Its time to reach every Hindu organisation (Social, Religious and Regional) and bring them on one platform using the power of technology and social media, Make a Hindu charter of demands with the Uniform Civil Code a top priority and unite every likeminded patriot into an umbrella organisation of council forging it as pan India united Sanatan or Hindu front. By Hindu means, it includes our Sikh, Jain, and Buddist brothers as well. First, make it a non-political front and raise your voice to implement the Uniform civil code demanding equal rights for the majority community “Sanatan Samaj” as well. If BJP agrees and immediately implements UCC and abolishes special privileges to appease so called minority in name of development and extend the same privileges to Hindus as well. If politicians do not fulfil the promises mentioned in their election manifestos, we should ensure that these self-serving semi-literate selfish politicians are defeated and decimated in the coming assembly elections in four states, especially in Gujarat. God forbids, even after the humiliating defeat in assembly and local bodies elections, if They don’t return to their nationalist agenda and implement UCC, all true patriots should think of forming a Pan India Nationalist Political Party to safeguard national interests and save Hindu civilisation. Now there are many regional parties, groups, outfits and individuals mulling contesting forthcoming assembly polls, we should fully support them. Never commit a mistake by voting for anti-Hindu congress, “mango people party” (AAP), leftist commies, etc but motivate the local patriotic youth and field their candidature to give Hindus an option. BJP says Hindus have no option but BJP. I feel BJP have no option except Hindus. No matter how much appeasement BJP does, the so-called minorities will never vote for bjp and in fact, they will try to infiltrate bjp in name of a minority cell to weaken the bjp from within as they have been doing for decades. Enough is enough long back. it’s time to call a spade a spade. It’s time for a Pan India Hindu Political Front to give a credible & viable political alternative. If Shri Subramanyam Swami Ji can take a lead, I am sure the Top people like Pujya Baba Ramdev Ji, Dr Praveen Bhai Togadia, Subhash Velingkar Ji (Goa), Advocate Ankur Sharma (ikkjutt Jammu), Shri Pramod Muthalik (Shri Ram Sena), Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Samaj, and hundreds of other patriotic organisations with support and millions of Hindu youth will volunteer. Ruling politicians have only two options now – Either perform or perish.

  4. Mr. Arora has aptly put the issue. Now that the Law Minister has given statement in the Parliament that the GOI has no intention to bring Uniform Civil Code (which goes against their own several election manifestos) it is apparent that they had been speaking lies during last several years and were befooling Hindus just to acquire power. They are deeply drowned in the sea of appeasement, may be much more than the Congress who had done lip service only to appease but this Government is out to sacrifice Hindu interests altogether. No hopes are left with them. A new party is urgently needed if we want to survive in this country. But who is there to take the lead? Not even a single soul. We are very active on social media but are useless on ground.

  5. If Subramanium Swamy starts forming Hindu Party, as BJP is ignoring HINDU interest, BJP will change Muslim appeasement & our purpose will be served.

  6. Subramanium Swami should take initiative to form new Hindu Party. Just by starting movement,BJP will revise policies, which favors Muslims. Then our purpose will be served.

  7. It is relevant to note that though there is uniform criminal law in India, there is no Uniform law in civil matters in this country.
    By giving same laws and same rights to all Indian citizens irrespective of their religion, implementation of Uniform Civil Code would have stopped discrimination against Hindus.
    But as mentioned in this article, though B.J.P.’s Election Manifestoes of 2009, 2014 and 2019 had promised to implement Uniform Civil Code; though Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested its enactment in many of its judgements; and though Article 44 of Indian Constitution stipulates that, “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”, BJP has done nothing to fulfil its most important promise regarding implementation of Uniform Civil Code.
    There can be no reason, whatsoever, which can justify BJP’s non-implementation of its permanent promise of implementation of Uniform Civil Code.
    Instead of implementing Uniform Civil Code, BJP government has continued the Congress government’s discriminatory laws; and has very much expanded minority appeasing policies which are damaging Hindu civilization.

  8. Minority appeasement policies of successive governments of congress and communists have turned our “God’s own Country” (Kerala) into a hotbed of extremism with gulf money being pumped by remittances from Malayalis abroad. Terror groups like PFI, SDPI, MNP, etc have spread their tentacles in every state of the southern part of India. They are casting fear in the hearts of peace-loving citizens by their show of strength in so-called “Freedom Parades” where thousands of war-age able-bodied men march in army outfits. I am surprised that in spite of all intelligence inputs and the involvement of PFI in many terror acts, Government is hesitant in taking stern action against it. In Kerala, we never had BJP Government but it’s a reality that every true Hindu in Kerala supports Prime Minister Mr Modi and wants to see him PM forever. It’s painful to see BJP implementing the same discriminatory policies of congress which bjp used to always oppose before coming to power. We voted for Bharatiya Janata Party only because we had high hopes from Modi Ji when he said ” Development for all and Appeasement to none”. It’s so disappointing to see that exactly the opposite is being done by bjp which they promised before coming to power in 2014. A civilised society should think to create a nationalist party or at least field patriotic candidates in coming elections to voice their concerns.

  9. One of my friends from Bangalore shared this article, Being an ardent supporter of Modiji, I was sceptical about the claims of appeasement made by the author. After reading this article, I checked the website of the Ministry of Minority Affairs. I was shocked to see that every charge levelled by the author on the ruling politicians is true 100%. The damage is much more than mentioned in the article. Hindus voted for this Government and they are treating us like orphans. Wake up Indians and use every medium to raise your concern before you lose everything in election-winning gimmicks of “Sabka-Sath, Sabka Vikas”. Tell the truth and Please tell Loudly

  10. Decisions taken in haste (Demonetization, GST,etc.) have destroyed the economy. Lockdowns in name of the so-called Pandemic have also shattered life of middle-class Indians. In place of utilising the scarce resources to provide relief to the needy, the valuable resources are being wasted for minority appeasement. It’s shameful. The nation never expected this from Modi Ji as before becoming PM he always oppose the appeasement policies of congress and now they are engaged in expanding the same pseudo secular policies of congress with double scale and speed. The irreparable damage has been done. Educated Indians and especially the Middle class should rise and unitedly call for regime change. Either Govt. should change its way of working or it should be ousted, further paving the way to real patriotic leadership working truly for the betterment of everyone. The author is correct while calling to implement a Uniform civil code or equal laws for every citizen. This blatant discrimination should cease immediately. Please share the article on other social media platforms.

  11. The so-called leaders are pitting one caste against another and creating divisions in the society to exploit it for their narrow political goals. The very existence of Hindu society is at stake and we are heading towards very hard times. The situation is deteriorating day by day. Politicians are enjoying their power in Airconditioned chambers with Z plus security cover whereas common Hindus are being hunted by hyenas daily. Violent mobs are attacking security forces, pelting stones at police and torching public property, we are in midst of a civil war infact a one-sided onslaught against Hindus.
    The country needs Strong leaders like Netaji Subhash Bose, Sardar Patel and Veer Savarkar who always kept Nation before themselves. We can experience the pain of the author, every patriot can feel this pain. Government should act to mitigate to rectify the situation before public anger erupts like a volcano. People should boycott selfish politicians who divide society to capture power with empty promises. We should boycott these useless bunch of idiots. It’s time to form a credible national political alternative so that Patriots have a choice.

  12. The author should be commended for the guts and courage he has shown by exposing self-centred, power-hungry, selfish politicians playing cheap vote bank politics harming the long-term interest of Hindus. It’s sad to see Hindu religious heads and social leaders silent on this matter of grave concern. Now every common Hindu should make use of social media platforms and modern technology to spread the views and create awareness to build a mass movement in India so that plight of Hindus cannot be ignored anymore. Every citizen should do their bit to contribute towards the noble cause to save the Hindu civilisation.

  13. When Modi Ji was CM of Gujarat, I always use to share his videos and messages on my Facebook and other platforms of social media. I had a dream to see Modi Ji as PM of India. Millions of youth like me voted and even volunteered in the campaign “Modi for PM”. We organised “Chai pe Charcha” in my College as well as in other places. We were active on social media day and night and working tirelessly with one aim – Modi as PM. in beginning, he made the right noises and took good steps like abrogation of articles 370 & 35 A, Bhoomi Poojan for construction of Shri Ram Temple at Ayodhya Dham and bring law like CAA to rescue Hindus and other minorities in pakistan,afghanistan and bangladesh. But their lackadaisical approach in addressing other issues like UCC, PCB, etc has disappointed us all. Due to pressure from the anti-Hindu lobby, they even backtracked on CAA/NRC has only shown that they lack a spine. Their hopelessness during Delhi riots has resulted in lost credibility. Time is running out fast, Country is inching towards civil war or large-scale conflict on borders. Innocents are being murdered in every corner of India. Hindus are neither safe in neighbouring countries (Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh), nor are safe in India. Government silence on atrocities and massacres of Hindus bangladesh and the silence is deafening. It’s sad to see when PM tweets on death of a thief tabrez or on health of bollywood dwarfs shabana azmi but he is quiet on Hindu murders in kahsmir, bengal, kerala, karantaka, haryana, uttar pradesh and even Delhi NCR. I wish bjp comes back to its nationalist agenda seriously otherwise millions of young hindus like me may not vote for bjp. although we will neither vote for anti Hindu congress and other pseudo secular parties but we will not vote for pseudo nationalists also. Enough of “Pseudos” , We need something “Real” and “Truthful” now which is committed to the nation and devoted to Hindu ethos.

  14. Getting sleepless nights since PFI’s anti-India Mission 2047 has surfaced in bihar. Kudos to the Bihar police, special thanks to top Cop Mr Manoj Kumar for his daring exposure of the anti-national agenda by PFI terrorists. Although the author has written this article in very simple words and in a politically correct manner, every point of this masterpiece is related to the very survival of Hindus. It’s a question of our existence. All major political parties bowing before radicals have made Hindus political orphans. The absence of a Powerful Hindu voice will make things worse and may embolden the hostile elements and sleeper cells in society.
    It’s the right moment to heed a call for unity of all patriotic forces for the greater good of India. One Billion Satanis should have their Political Voice.

    If Bhagyanagar (Formerly known as hyderabad) based AIMIM can spread its network all over India with its head Owaisi spewing venom against Hindu Gods and goddesses unabetted, then why can’t Hindus have their right-wing leadership to create a true Hindu political force with pan India presence.

  15. The author’s knack for correctly analysing the real scenario of the Nation is impeccable. For a quiet, while I have gone through many articles written by Author Shree JG Arora Ji, The more I read, I want to read more. I have searched his articles online and am glad to know that he has a continuous track record of raising the issues of national interest for over two decades. He mentioned it in his articles ten years back and it’s happening now exactly. He is a visionary statesman who can foresee the events of the future. His predictions are so correct that I am mesmerised. Politicians should head a call for action to save Hindu civilisation by acting in a decisive manner to address the concerns of Hindus. If we don’t act now, it will be very much difficult to save this truncated India from the homegrown threat of the fifth column added by discriminatory policies of successive governments including the present one. It’s a wake-up call for India.

    In Bihar, we are highly disappointed to see the anti-Hindu policies of “Sushashan Babu” (Nitesh Kumar). Bihar has become another kashmir, illegal arms peddling, drug rackets and bomb-making is like a small-scale industry in rural areas of Bihar. The entire Bihar – Nepal border is a hotbed of radicals which is posing a grave threat to the safety & security of the country. its so sad that Nitesh Kumar’s second tenure is just opposite to his first one. I wish bjp central leadership is aware of the situation on ground.

  16. Initially, all Hindus in general and Kashmiri Pandits, in particular, were very happy when on 5 August 2019, the Parliament of India voted in favour of a resolution tabled by Home Minister Amit Shah to revoke the temporary special status, or autonomy, granted under Article 370 of the Indian Constitution to Jammu and Kashmir. It was a morale boost for the Indian Defence Forces as well as Millions of Sanatanis but when present government reeled under pressure from fundamentalist forces in J & K and succumbed ultimately to unilaterally surrender before anti-India forces and implemented domicile preconditions which hampered total integration of J & K to India. Not even a single Kashmiri Hindu was able to settle back in the valley and claim their property as they were neither safe nor protected from the state, On the contrary, once again terrorists started targetted murders of innocent Hindus living in the valley. The government is again committing blunders by pumping thousands of crores of Hindu Tax payer’s money to Kashmir in the guise of the development of Kashmir which will further strengthen anti-India forces in kashmir as funding the enemy will only result in your massacre. It’s not about illiteracy or lack of development or unemployment but it’s about vicious ideology supported by the evil nexus of radicals and their nefarious designs to separate Kashmir from India. You can never win your enemy by appeasement, Always remember that appeasing the enemy will create more enemies. It’s time to review all policies related to J & K and stop all plans which are counterproductive and may result in more damage. It’s time for damage control and it can be done by strengthening the Pro India Forces in Valley. Govt should ensure secure rehabilitation of Kashmiri Hindus back to the valley with all protection provided by the Armed forces. If concrete steps are not taken in J & K, you may witness the same situation in Jammu and Laddakh soon. The author has highlighted the plight of Hindus and I commend the author for penning down the pain & plight of Hindus. This eye-opening article should be translated into Hindi as well as other regional languages and shared on social media so that it can reach maximum Indians. If the present Government is still not acting on this burning issue, it’s the right time to launch a Pan India Patriotic Political Party. Patriotic Hindus of Jammu have shown the way by launching a Staunch Patriotic Political Party in Jammu – ” Ikkjutt Jammu” to safeguard Hindu interests in fact National interests in J & K. Patriotic Advocate Shri Ankur Sharma Ji is a shining example he mooted the idea of Hindu Political Party to represent Hindus of Jammu and he got the support of likeminded patriots like Ashwani Sharma Ji, Kiran Kumar ji and hundreds of selfless volunteers and now they have a full-fledged registered Hindu Political party in Jammu ready to plunge in next Assembly elections. Slowly but surely it’s becoming a force to reckon with. Nationalists in other states can take a lesson and make similar organisations in their state to voice Hindu concerns at every forum and in the end, every organisation can unite into a single National entity with an election symbol to contest the next Loksabha Polls. Once bjp leader Venkaiyyah Naidu underlined the TINA (There is no alternative) factor for Hindus so We can should make sure that Hindus have a option and that also in political arena. We should launch a National Hindu Political Party before 2024.

  17. During Congress and Communist times, BJP leaders used to raise hue and cry about the threat posed by illegal infiltrators from Bangladesh but now in power from last over 8 years almost, not even a single Bangladeshi infiltrator has been deported back. Winning an election by mere rhetoric will not serve the purpose, it’s time for bjp leaders to muster courage and take concrete action. Why cannot we erect an Israel-type security fence on our borders? Although development is important, but nation’s security must be a top priority.

  18. Hats off to Author for such a wonderful article. Although being Majority, still Hindus are being treated like orphans in India because of the dirty vote bank politics since independence. Now it’s time to create a Hindu voice in Parliament and state assemblies. Religious conversions are converting fifth column pockets in India and will be a nightmare for the internal security and integrity of the nation. It’s either now or never.

  19. In spite of all odds , Hindus in West Bengal supported BJP but due to lack of spine in BJP leadership, Bengal was lost. Hindu workers and BJP supporters are being systematically hunted in Bengal. There is no hope. BJP needs a tough and dynamic fearless leader like Yogi Ji or Himanta Biswas Sharma (CM Assam) at the Center.
    Readers should copy and post this article on social media and tag every BJP leader so that their eyes could open and they can see the reality on the ground which is not clearly visible from the Airconditioned Chambers and Election War rooms. The author is a true patriot and well-wisher of BJP and is doing a great service to the nation by courageously writing truth to awake Indians. Please share this on Facebook and WhatsApp so that it can reach maximum Hindus and compel myopic politicians to mend their ways and act in national interest.

  20. Patriotic Hindus have twice supported BJP and voted Modi Ji in power with the thumping majority for two consecutive terms buts its sad not much has been achieved except mere rhetoric, polarisation before elections and capitalizing on nationwide murders of innocent Hindus by using every tragedy to drum up support for BJP candidates and garner vote to capture power. Gerrymandering, Media propelled flamboyant campaigns, managing Caste equations, using of Govt machinery and dirty vote bank politics of appeasement can bring you a few more seats in parliaments and assemblies, The governments can be made by toppling others by cheap horse-trading techniques but it may not result in a Glorious Nation Building. You can only make History by Truth and Principles. Even after 75 years of Independence, 100 crore Hindus are waiting to get equal rights in India. The Uniform Civil Code comes under Article 44 of the Constitution, which lays down that the state shall endeavour to secure a Uniform Civil Code for the citizens to give them equal rights. We had high hopes from BJP, so far they have failed us. Even after repeatedly promising UCC in their election manifestos, So far they havent fulfilled their promise.
    With Economy in shambles and personal security of citizens at stake are making general public disillusioned with Government. Time is running out for ruling parties. There is not much time left for politicians before they are being booted out from their well secured houses like it happened in neighbour Sri Lanka and also in the process of happening soon in pakistan. Government should act on both the fronts – National Security (Both External & Internal security) and Strengthen the Economy. Govt can prove it by bring competent people like Shri Subramanyam Swamy , Arun Shaurie, etc on board and act in planned manner decisively.

  21. I fully agree with the author. Every point raised in this article is valid. It’s high time that we should acknowledge the truth and stand United as a Nation to defend it. I feel when you have limited options, you should choose the least bad, in the case all other parties are publically anti-Hindu so BJP remains the only available option until a credible alternative is ready for Hindus. But since BJP is has gone far in implementing these anti-Hindu policies and neck deep in appeasement of the so-called minority at the expense of Hindus so is best to give a final warning to BJP to mend its ways and implement UCC (Uniform Civil Code) immediately and agree to the “Hindu Charter of Demands” in National Interest. If BJP agrees and implements UCC in this session of Parliaments, its well and good, If not, we all should go to create awareness to build pressure on the central leadership of BJP to implement UCC and other important demands as mentioned in this article otherwise formation of a National Hindu Party is the only option left for Hindus before the nations plunge into full-scale civil war amid a conflict with china or cross border incursion from pakistan. Tough times ahead, It’s time to wake up, Unite and act decisively.

  22. Being a Nationalist, and a person from a long family history of serving in the Indian Defence Forces, We always support BJP in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is the Great Land of “Father of Nation” Bappa Rawal, Rana Kumbha, Rana Sanga, Maharana Pratap, Veer Durgadas Rathore, Rana Raj Singh, Maharaj Prithviraj Chouhan is always in support of Unity and Integrity of Nation. Recently few weeks back when PFI “Mission 2047” mission to islamise India was in media, We can feel the true patriots are not only deeply concerned but deeply worried about the safety and secrity of Nation and Hindu Society. Being ardent supporter of BJP and fan of Shri Modi Ji, I am deeply concerned about the inaction of Central Govt on the matter of PFI emerging as Threat to the internal security of nation. Former CDS (Late General Bipin Rawat Sir) was well aware of this threat of impending civil war. Bipin Rawat Sahab had talked of 2.5 fronts many times during his address. By “2.5” General Rawat referred to China as the enemy number 1, Pakistan as second, and 3rd he was referring to internal enemies which are much more dangerous than the first two. Former PM Vajpayee Ji immediately banned SIMI and seized its activities but the same terror outfit SIMI has resurfaced again in its more dangerous mutated form “PFI”. By doing some internet research, we can clearly see the Metamorphosis of SIMI to NDF to Popularfront to SDPI. PFI / SDPI is nothing but the vicious terror ideology of “Al-Qaida / ISIS” manifested as a mainstream political party. Radical group PFI is notorious for vicious ideology, violent training, indoctrination of youth and its hands in numerous terrorist activities all over India. Civilised society all over the country & specially Rajasthan were deeply shocked by the brutal beheading of tailor Kanhaiyalal Ji in Udaipur. It’s not a mere incident of violence or crime. It’s not only a terror attack but it’s an act of war with a vicious ideology, a large network of terrorists, huge funding and a well-planned motive behind it with full support from the terrorist state of Pakistan. Its clarion call for all peace-loving Indians to wake up and unite to put pressure on the central government to stop appeasement in name of “Sabka Sath-Sabka Vikas” and call for the immediate halt of Funding in name of minority welfare. Is it a crime to be a peace-loving majority in India ??? Due to these discriminatory policies of governments, Hindus have become a minority in almost over 9 states and law-abiding men, women, elderly & innocent children are being murdered all over India. Earlier it was only Kashmir but now the whole of India is turning into kashmir.

    India which is “Bharat” is continuously under attack for over 1300 years. In the year 711, it was mohd bin qasim and now in 26/11 Terror attack (year 2008) it is mohd ajmal kasab… its never ending war and you can’t win this war by appeasement. Always remember, appeasement bring more terror.

    Today Jammu & Kashmir Director General of Police (DGP) Shri Dilbagh Singh Ji has warned about the Hybrid Terrorism in a grave threat to safety and security.

    Enlightened Citizens must read the eye opening article of Prof. J.G.Arora and share this masterpiece with all their contacts so that it can reach all educated citizens of India to create awareness about the grave existential threat we as a nation are facing because of this hydra-headed monster of terrorism which is, directly and indirectly, feeding on minority appeasement policies of successive governments and criminally funded by myopic politicians by wasting Hindu tax payer’s money on vote bank politics of appeasement. World Famous Counter Terrorism Expert Mr Boaz Ganor says Global Terrorism is an existential threat to the whole world and appeasement breeds more Terrorism. The key to combating terrorism lies in stopping all sorts of appeasements, freebies and concessions in the guise of winning trust. If this is real “Sabka Sath-Sabka Vikas” then why over a billion Hindus of India are deprived of all the privileges being enjoyed by the so-called “peaceful minority”
    at the expense of Hindus. Enough is enough.
    Patriotic Hindus in Rajasthan have twice supported PM Modi Ji at the centre by winning all 25 Loksabha Seats (Member of Parliament) for BJP but now if BJP doesn’t stop all its discriminatory anti-Hindu policies, we need to think of an alternative as the year 2023 (State elections) and 2024 (National Elections) are coming.

    Political Parties and Politicians come and go but the Nation remains.
    Our Loyalty is to our Nation.
    Nation First.
    Jai Hind

  23. Defining the concept of Hindu Land to preserve Hindu Civilization:

    Firstly, I commend the author for his deep concern to defend and to preserve Hindu Civilization. However, my first concern is about defining the concept of Hindu Land which the Hindu tradition describes using numerous names and other identifying characteristics that make the Land unique, original, distinctive, one of its own kind of Landmass created by God.

    1. In the Hindu concept, Prithvi or Earth is a celestial object created by a designer God called Vishwakarma or All maker, a divine Architect.
    2. In the Hindu concept, this Hindu Landmass is very ancient, meaning that the Land existed for a very long, long time prior to the arrival of a new species described by Science as Homo sapiens, sapiens, the Anatomically Modern Man. For this reason, we should not entirely depend upon the Natural History of the Modern Man who may identify himself as Hindu and developed what we today recognize as Hindu Civilization.
    3. I ask the readers to make a careful distinction between the identity of the Land and the identity of people, the activities of people that represent and understood as Civilization. There are several interesting components of the works of Civilization that contribute to the greatness of India. But all of them are of recent origin. Particularly, when you consider the Geologic History of Earth, the Hindu Civilization may have started in the most recent times called the Holocene Epoch, the name given to the last 11, 700 years.
    4. The Indian Landmass is ancient, and the Hindu concept describes its existence as an Island called Jambu Dweepa or Jambudvipa. This Indian Landmass slowly moved across the ocean and crashed into the Asian Landmass causing the creation of Himalaya Mountains.
    5. It is man including the man called Hindu, and the man called Muslim with the connivance of a man called Christian and other men erected the political boundaries to ruin, to destroy the original identity, the work of the Creator God.
    6. This ancient Land before the arrival of the Modern Man has identified itself with numerous features such as the mountains, hills, plains, forests, rivers, streams, lakes, ponds, and a variety of plants, and animals that the Hindu concept of Hindu Land always glorifies to the same extent as the works that we call Hindu Civilization.
    7. I ask the readers to keep this Land holy for the Land owns us and we are not the owners of the Land. The Land belongs to God and we are all aliens, travelers, or sojourners.
    8. Yes, we need a Constitution that upholds the sanctity, the glory of this Land and let no man divide it and disgrace it by erecting political boundaries overriding the natural boundaries put in place by the divine Architect.

  24. Jai Shri Krishna to all Sanatanis Brothers and Sisters. Pranam to the “Patriotic Saint” of the century who brilliantly penned this article to awaken over a billion Sanatanis from a deep slumber. Gujarat is a state with a purely Hindu soul and ethos but power-hungry selfish politicians have always abused the beliefs of religious Gujaratis by mere rhetoric and jingoism, they have really done nothing or too little to strengthen Hindus in Gujarat. Being Patriot, for over 20 years, My family have unanimously voted for BJP & still, we have no option but now we feel disappointed and disillusioned. I will give a simple example Since the beginning majority of Hindus in Gujarat are demanding the renaming of Ahmedabad to its ancient name “Karnavati”. Patriots in Gujarat have done almost everything to raise this demand at every forum but even after over 20 years, nothing has happened except empty election promises. Hindus are asserting that “ahmedabad” should be renamed as “Karnavati” as intolerant, bigot and fanatic invader sultan ahmed shah had renamed the original city of “Karnavati” as “ahmedabad” on 26, Feb 1411, and by doing so tried to replace the original culture and civilization. There is a number of sins of ahmedshah recorded in history including his attack on Rudra Mahalay Shiv Mandir in Sidhpur in North Gujarat. The ancient Shiv Mandir is still present in ruined condition.
    Hundreds of Saints, Social Activists and even Celebrities have requested Govt authorities to restore ahmedabad’s original name “Karnavati” and bring back the glory.
    In Gujarat, from 1960 until 1995 Ruling politicians were all from the Congress, except for eight years when the opposition Janata Party/Janata Dal ruled. Since 1995, however, the Bharatiya Janata Party has dominated, controlling the Chief Minister for all except 18 months. So BJP is in control in Gujarat for over two decades, On November 7, 2018, deputy chief minister of Gujarat Nitin Patel announced that the state government was contemplating changing the name of Ahmedabad to Karnavati while appreciating the Uttar Pradesh government’s move to rename Faizabad as Ayodhya.
    Vijay Rupani, chief minister of Gujarat, has echoed his deputy’s statement – adding that “concrete steps will be taken after looking at it from legal and all other angles”.
    In the BJP-led Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC), in May 1990, had passed a resolution to this effect. Later, in September 1995, the state government headed by the BJP passed a similar resolution. Both the resolutions have failed to be converted into reality.
    Immediately after becoming Chief Minister of UP, Shri Yogi Adityanath Ji Maharaj renamed allahabad as “Prayagraj” and “faizabad” as “Ayodhya”, but on the other hand, our Hindu Hruday Samrat Shri Narendra Bhai Modi Ji is now PM of India but the renaming of ahmedabad to its original name “Karnavati” is still awaited.

    This is just a simple example, there are hundreds of important issues concerning the Nation, Sanatan Dharma and Hindu Civilisation which can be enlisted to be addressed immediately by the central and other state governments on which still concrete and decisive action is pending for a long time. Almost every mainstream political party (including BJP) are working only and only for the “appeasement of minority” (which is no longer a minority) and there is hardly any political party or national politician working or striving for survival of Hindu Civilisation and Bharat as a Nation. I fully agree with Shri Arora Bhai that there is a need to “Form a Nationalist Party to save Hindu Civilisation”.

  25. Truly an eye opener for all Indians whether at home or abroad. Each point has its gravity but as “Dharma” is the core so I feel that the paragraph related to “Hindu Temples” is most important because if are able to free our Hindu temples from the clutches of evil politicians, we will witness a Grand awakening and religious revival of Hindu Civilization. Hindu Temples are the soul of Vedic Culture & the core of Sanatan spiritual ethos and are being suffocated to death. A vicious policy of seizing control over millions of Hindu Mandirs to take over their land and revenue was begun by the East India Company, 200 years ago.

    Unfortunately, the same policy of government control over temples continues today, 74 years after Independence.

    Powerfully consecrated temples are losing their vibrance and crumbling, causing enormous pain to crores of devotees and communities.

    Our hearts cry to see the dire state of Hindu temples in Tamilnadu. In Tamilnadu alone, over 1200 sacred ancient idols were stolen in the last 25 years, 11,999 Temples dying with no Pooja conducted at all,37,000 Temples have just one person to handle all activities – Pooja, Maintenance, Security, etc, 34,000 Temples struggling to survive with less than Rs.10,000 income a year.

    East India Company’s policy of grabbing temples still continues 74 years after Independence. It’s time to unite all religious heads and start a mass movement in India to save our temples if we want to preserve our ancient Vedic Civilisation and Satya Sanatan Dharma as ” Dharma Rakshati Rakshita “.

    If you really want a safer world, please save Sanatan Dharma and the key is to start a massive awakening along with the formation of a Political Party for over 1 Billion Hindus.

  26. Every word is well written, Every word has a meaning, and every sentence makes sense, I wonder why other intellectuals are still silent on the alarming situation in India. This article should be circulated as much as possible on social media so that it can reach maximum people. It’s high time, we should reach out to our religious heads specially Shankaracharyas to organise a Dharm Sansad to call for action to save “Dharma”. I bow to the Respected Author of the article. This is the best article which I came across in recent times. I wish I could meet the author at least once in my life time and have his darshans. Truly an enlightened soul.

  27. Nobody could have explained the sad plight of Hindus and the pathetic condition of Indic Civilisation than Shri Arora Sahab. Every Patriot must read it and spread the word to everyone. Salute to Shri Arora Sahab. Jai Hind

  28. Tragedy is that, Majority Community has became Very Selfish…
    and Very Self Centered … and because of this he, don’t want to Spend his Valuable Time for Fighting these injustices ….
    They think, it’s Not their Duty to Fight These injustice….

    Perhaps, Corrupt Bureaucrats is also a “Discouraging Factor”…

    Only, Few People are Fighting All these injustice… with Scared Resources at their hand.

  29. I do not agree with this idea of starting another party. Even if you start another party, there is not guarantee that it will do everything what you want and you are going to get similar world wide support BJP and PM MODI is getting. I agree that India needs Uniform Civil Code. So let us start discussion at a National and International level. The way PM Modi and his administration handling each issue ( 370 , 35 A , Ram Temple, … ) on a timely basis, UCC will will handled on a timely manner also. My prediction is they will handle UCC issue after land slider victory in 2024. Till then PM Modi needs support from each and every Indian, especially Hindus.

  30. In all these religious : Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Zoroastrians, Jains only Hindu and Muslim are vastly talked about.
    So can someone tell me What Is The Main Differences Between These Two Religious That Is Between Hindu And Muslim ?

  31. It is not proper to compare the amount of pscudo secularism of BJP with Congi. Congi is a total liars’ party starting from top to bottom leaders. Similar is the case with its culturally allied parties. Congi practically has nothing to do with MK Gandhi, either in principles or in action.

    BJP is a nationalists’ party. If BJP and Narendra Modi cannot establish a Hindu Nation, no other can do it, you may give any name.
    What is needed is Common Civil Code and strict action under law and order.

  32. Dear Shri Arora,
    Who is ‘Hindu’? Why do you want ‘Hindu Rastra’ ?
    Hindi was never a Religion of India.
    Secularism means No God No Religion.
    Pseudo secularism is to defend and protect ‘Islam’ Muslims and Christians to spread their Religion with conversion. as a constitutional right.
    Great wars have been fought in the name of Religion in the Mid-Century, Islam, and Christianity are political movements
    Democracy is the rule of fools, by the fools, for the fools with the tranquility of Religious opium, for your vote bank, Modi is not wrong.
    Ghazwa-E-Hind is a political movement from Pakistan to convert and establish ‘An Islamic state with the conversion of ‘Hindu’
    Your demand of ‘Hindu Rasyra to save ‘Hindu Civilization is misleading it will surrender the rest of India to Pakistan like in 1947
    Feel free to ask questions?
    With regards.
    Prof. C.P. Trivedi

  33. The tharoor/moitra types need to be educated- veneer of education and liberalism that brag of crumbles when they grotesquely misrepresent, distort and spin in favor of rioting, violently looting gangsterism. They are not getting the facts straight as to who the real vulnerable, dispossessed, marginalized, disenfranchised, colonized, evicted, exploited, brutally victimized is.

    Jihadi terrorism via serial rape, serial murders, arson on trains and public property, stoning of cops and public, so on – is the new manifestation of neo-colonialism; direct result is Hindutva as part of unfinished freedom struggle dreaming for zionism type of deterrence and self-defense denied by global community. There is absolutely no equity or equality under the law; even judiciary has been compromised.

    BJP is showering benefits and concessions, privileges ever more in the hope of pandering to so-called minority who are the x-colonail filthy rich waqf war lords and vatican cabal running education monopoly which is copied by jihadi gangs as well. BJP has no claim to secularism being so biased, continuing gandhian appeasement of jihadi hate politics in support of paki cousins and urduwood under world den of dons. Thanks and regards

  34. In the occupied INDIA, why is not a colonial communal criminal accountable leave alone 1000 years of savagely violent colonial brutality continuing to this day. Why is BJP not doing anything? Nazi never engaged in sex crimes being stupid to copy conquistadors and desi musal predators who are really ultra nazi in that sense both exploiting and expanding like nazi plus preying on teens for frequent and widespread rape, lynch mob violence and even mutilation. . Even CM-WB is accountable for pre- and post election violence that invalidates her win. Her nephew is also culpable in violence and corruption. Right to vote and right to life have been denied to us for several centuries. Udaipur type violence was clearly by colonial communal criminal. If there is no resistance or deterrence by rebel uprising that zionism provides, this will continue. Swamy Narasingh ji is advising it. Thanks and Regards

  35. BJP is to weak to ban:

    1. PFI
    2. SDPI (political outfit of PFI)
    3. CFI (student wing of PFI)
    4. NWF (women wing of PFI)
    —–Monthly —–SALARY ————-
    ?500,000 President
    ?400,000 Vice President
    ?350,000 Governors
    ?2,00,000 Prime Minister
    ?3,90,000 Delhi Chief Minister

    The sensational news is that Mohammad Zubair is a Bangladeshi citizen. Hailing from Faridpur, Bangladesh, studied in Dhaka. Came to India in 2011 and took Indian citizenship with the help of some anti-national people. The investigation continues.

    6:32 AM · Jul 13, 2022·Twitter for iPhone

    unless they clearly incite hatred and discrimination against religious/ethnic/caste communities. Narasimhananda fits that description who called for genocide.

    How many FIR against him?…it only takes few minutes
    Anti-indians incite agitation in streets- tharoor/moitra
    In a democracy the will of the people is voiced with the ballot.


    Jul 6
    Bring it on BJP!

    Am a Kali worshipper. I am not afraid of anything. Not your ignoramuses. Not your goons. Not your police. And most certainly not your trolls.

    Truth doesn’t need back up forces.

    Savitri Mumukshu – ?
    I used to think what Arabs & Mughal invaders did to Hindus was the height of horror, but after reading about 18th c. Afghan invasions, there can be no example of greater bestiality by religious fanatics. A Kashmiri Persian verse says “They cut heads as if plucking flowers.”

    11:48 PM · Jul 5, 2022·Twitter Web App

  36. Tragically, most of the Hindu social and religious organisations are apolitical and have no political agenda.
    In order to protect Hindu civilization, Hindu heritage and Hindu identity of truncated India, all nationalist individuals and organisations must assert themselves and ensure that there is no discrimination against Hindus, and that Hindus are treated at par with other communities.

  37. This is an excellent article. It must reach everyone who wants the survival of India’s ancient and all-embracing civilization.
    In a democracy, practical shape to our mission and vision can be given only through electoral politics.
    New nationalist party will liberate the country from pseudo-secularism. As rightly mentioned in this article, “In the liberated polity, there would be no majority and no minority. There would be only humans, only citizens. All citizens would be governed by the same laws; and enjoy the same and equal rights irrespective of their religion.”
    “Since there would be one law and one nation, new party will transform India into a strong, equitable, really secular, united, and vibrant nation.”
    I wish the best of success to this noble goal.

  38. I agree with most of what Mr. Arora has written. But he has missed the key ingredient which runs this pseudo-secular philosophy, i.e. is the public. Political parties are the reflection of the society; no more no less. Vote bank politics is more obvious and visible in India but also a significant factor in other democracies as well especially with increasing Muslim population. Apathy, especially among Hindus is the biggest problem facing India within and outside. Unless they wake-up en-mass, the future looks bleak. The question is who will wake them/us up before it is too late?

    • Many thanks for your amazing remark, “political parties are the reflection of society.”
      But I still have a strong grievance against BJP.
      By treating all Indian citizens alike in all civil matters, implementation of Uniform Civil Code would have stopped discrimination against Hindus.
      But as mentioned in this article, though B.J.P.’s Election Manifestoes of 2009, 2014 and 2019 had promised to implement Uniform Civil Code; though Supreme Court has repeatedly suggested its enactment in many of its judgements; and though Article 44 of Indian Constitution stipulates that, “The State shall endeavour to secure for the citizens a uniform civil code throughout the territory of India”, BJP has done nothing to fulfil its most important promise regarding implementation of Uniform Civil Code.
      I feel there is no reason which can justify BJP’s non-implementation of its perpetual promise of implementation of Uniform Civil Code.
      On the contrary, BJP government has continued the Congress-led government’s discriminatory laws; and has vastly expanded minority appeasing policies which are damaging Hindu civilization.


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