Furor amongst BJP supporters over Nupur Sharma’s suspension

The BJP has also expelled Delhi BJP media in-charge Naveen Kumar Jindal from the primary membership of the party

The BJP has also expelled Delhi BJP media in-charge Naveen Kumar Jindal from the primary membership of the party
The BJP has also expelled Delhi BJP media in-charge Naveen Kumar Jindal from the primary membership of the party

BJP suspends Nupur Sharma, expels Naveen Jindal over controversial remark

Amid death and rape threats to BJP’s National spokesperson Nupur Sharma over her “alleged” controversial comments during a debate, the BJP has suspended her from the primary party membership for 6 years. The party has also expelled Delhi BJP’s media in-charge Naveen Kumar Jindal from the party’s primary membership.

Nupur Sharma has been receiving death and rape threats for the past few days over her comments. She requested the media not to reveal her house address over her family’s security concerns.

She tweeted, “I request all media houses and everybody else not to make my address public. There is a security threat to my family.”

Abhijit Majumder tweeted, “India is an Islamic state. Fear of death for blasphemy is real. Love jihad is rampant. Muslims can keep four wives. Ethnic cleansing is still on in Kashmir. There are no-go zones in Assam. You pay jizya in parts of Bengal.”

Rais Pathan, a member Central Waqf Council tweeted, “Jihadis are the Culprit, not Nupur Sharma and Naveen Jindal. Disappointed! #IStandWithNupurSharma”

Abhijeet Iyer Mitra tweeted, “So the BJP has thrown Nupur Sharma to the wolves. So typical. So so so typical. Why do we expect them to stand up for us when they don’t stand up for their own?”

He further tweeted, “What’s worse the BJP by leaking this letter without blanking her address has actually put Nupur Sharma’s location in the public domain. If anything happens to Nupur Narendra Modi is responsible. Full stop”

Anand Ranganathan tweeted, “Suspending Nupur Sharma BJP is a cowardly act by the BJP. The party has thrown her to the wolves. Nupur, we want you to know: The strength of this nation rests in the hands of her people, not any party, and We, the people, stand with you, always, every step, every breath.”

Swati Goel Sharma said, “I am surprised at those who are surprised by this. Fighting radicalization needs much more than electoral politics”

Shortly before news of Nupur Sharma’s suspension emerged, the BJP released a statement on Sunday saying it respects all religions and strongly denounces insult of any religious personalities.

Nupur Sharma also tendered an unconditional apology for her statement.

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  1. BJP should then stop sending their spokesperson to such TV debates instead of sending & firing them !! At this rate, BJP will be without spokesperson.

    Nupur Sharma is an excellent & outspoken spokesperson. She derives respect from all. Mere slip in heated debates, should NOT be the reason for her removal. She need to be restored immediately.

  2. What an irony! I agree with Mr. Anand Ranganathan. BJP should learn from DMK how to show guts. Need a better alternate to BJP for religiously oppressed in India.

  3. Will never vote in my life for BJP for this single act of suspending a very respected spokesperson like Nupur Sharma. Her status to be restored immediately. She is the most graceful spokesperson & speaks on facts. Never heard of her going astray or talking nonsense. One act in heat of an argument….. if it happens, she apologized for it, matter should end there.

  4. She is the finest commentator, well informed & well articulated. In heated debates, at times such things happen, why furor over those things ? Every day M* speak nonsense in India on TV & print media.
    The BJP over-reacted on her. India Today boasts on its TV headlines today i.e. 06-Jun that it took pride over such news highlight that it was the first TV channel to break such news….& identify her….. what a sick TV channel is it ?


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