Global Hindu Teens Conference – Press Release

A Conference for all teenagers across the world

Global Hindu Teens Conference - Press Release
Global Hindu Teens Conference - Press Release

The Youth and Education committee of Hindu Community and Cultural Center,
Shiva Vishnu Temple, Livermore, CA USA is organizing “Global Hindu Teens
Conference” virtual meet in the month of March 2021. The objective of this meet is
to promote interest and knowledge in teenagers about great contributions of early
Hindu society to humanity and develop pride in their Hindu heritage.

This year’s topic is “Early (Pre-20th Century) contributions of Hindu Society to
Development, Peace and Prosperity” that contributed to the overall happiness of
Humanity in general.

Study, research and showcase your knowledge about Hindu society’s contributions to science, technology, maths, medicine, music, astronomy, yoga, martial arts, economics, etc

Participants should be in the age group of 13 to 19 years and submit a short video of
about 3 to 6 minutes. Submissions will be accepted starting 15th of January 2021
and the last date of submission is 15th of February 2021. A panel of judges from different fields will evaluate submitted videos and write-ups. Winners will be awarded special recognition and cash prizes.

Participants should pre-register to get updates and email communication by visiting or by using the link

We are a team of focused individuals with expertise in at least one of the following fields viz. Journalism, Technology, Economics, Politics, Sports & Business. We are factual, accurate and unbiased.
Team PGurus


  1. Second point: the organizers must involve some temples from Toronto or New York so they can access the globally distributed community. I doubt there are dedicated temples in California to serve Mauritius, Surinam, Trinidad , South African and other communities. If this is global, make the participants global.

    Good job starting this though.

  2. Why limit this to video submissions? Anyone who is qualified and want to participate by writing a research paper should be allowed to.

    What kind of “global” conference does not consider the inequalities and inequities faced by our people worldwide? Do you think a small diaspora living in Aome place without water can afford making YouTube video?


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