What happened in Gujarat RS election…

Gujarat RS election
Gujarat RS election

The cartoon says it all!

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  1. I’m all amigos with Shiv when he regrets that everyone, everywhere and every time, scores zero in straightforwardness, fairness, honesty, transparency, resoluteness and pluck, when it’s absolutely necessary to have all these traits in full, in order for all our dreams of a ‘peaceful, progressive and prosperous’ India to see the light of the day, in complete contrast to the nasty, stark, dark and dancing reality that has tormented, tortured, plagued, burdened, besieged, beleagured, clipped and crippled our nation, right from the moment it had been riding on the zenith of its all-round glory.
    But– I’m not sermonizing!– why and how did our Bharat schlump from its super-duper, splendid zenith all the way down to its suckered-puckered, shabby nadir? Look, what had been missing glaringly out there (= quoted above):in our ‘peaceful, progressive and prosperous’ India? Propelling further the alliteration out there, had there ever been any ‘potent, proud, powerful and perpetual’ India as well in our dreams?
    I can only hazard a guess rather than risk a reply: what has been India’s elephant in the living room? setting off disruptions regularly, routinely and rigorously all around India’s fabricated, improvised and schematized socioeconomic weakpoints and faultlines? abusing democracy in ruining rather than rigorizing India’s premised, prioritized and pragmatized social, cultural and economical options? incarcerating India off the real ‘outside’ world of opportunities, and enslaving it forever as the proverbial frog in the dark well of ignorance, indifference, ignominy and insanity? feeding, and thus fooling, India’s instinctive and insatiable hunger for honor and distinction with crass, gross and counterfeit news, knowledge and intelligence?
    Dear Shiv, rogues can and do survive amidst noble people, but never vice versa! For the dreamt ‘peace, progress and prosperity’ to thrive, the ‘potency, pride, power and perpetuality’ factors,too, must be taken in! The ‘saama (साम), daana (दान), bheda (भेद) and danda (दंड)’ steps are all to be implemented as appropriate.
    Yes! I suppose as a lay person, effective logic and logistics, along with fair and just policies, among other people and harmony oriented implementations could go a long way in India’s breaking free genuinely of all its shackles and rolling on vibrantly all its way towards its long-cherished goals!

    • There is a straight forward way to fix crooks and it needs cajones to do that and for that the carrier of justice should also have track record of honesty and personal probity.When one does lot of skulduggery to achieve dominance,one cannot collar crooks because as he/she points one finger at them, three are pointing at self.Our 3 amigos are in this unique situation.Their objective is to Lord over minions which they now enjoy where as my objective of this nation becoming a corrupt free/less country is still a dream as these 3 amigos are incapable of changing any nonsense going on since independence.This current tamasha which was indulged and royally snubbed is just an example.Indians who are used to the ways of short cuts/treachery/crookedness would have been glued to what went on and even clapped at opportune moments telling themselves that my poster boys have shown crooks how crooked poster boys can be..Pity these people who have become beggers in their minds in their own land.

      • Yes, we all must rue ourselves being beggars in body, mind and soul in our own motherland!
        We are just the masses, ie, the multitude, the rubble, the guineapigs, the grist, the staple, the bare, raw material that the elites thrive on. We’re recklessly captured, caged, catapulted, cracked and crushed on the insides of countless extremes; on most occasions, we end up being served up as, say, molasses or some other motleys of elite-enjoyed end-products.
        Just to simplify and exemplify, on one such extreme, we have the abstract stuff– eg, probity, honesty, clarity, courage, impersonality, universality (all ‘positive’, ‘God’-like)– that none can paw (pull, pummel, push etc), except only ‘project’ (on someone or something), by preaching, propagation or practice, as well as keeping off ‘negative’ (‘Devil’-like) stuff (as repeatedly referenced by Shiv: crookedness, deviousness, diabolicalness, sheepishness, shortcuttng = norm-bypassing, skulduggery, treachery etc).
        On another extreme, everything is set in stone and steered stiffly– no organic entity is ever capable of a scintilla of resistance, let alone reciprocation, rectification or redress– eg, the whole (potentially malevolent and monstrous) gamut of mass (state, deep-state, inter-state = (also) international, non-state and quasi-state) forces: administrations, businesses, celebrities, civil (law and order) forces, counselors, coteries (= ungood (= Shiv’s) ‘amigos’), courts, deciders, henchmen, lawmakers, mafias (extortionists, cyber hackers, money-launderers, liquidators and other racketeers, drug/human/weapon traffickers and vandals), middlemen (agents, brainwashers, bouncers, brokers, facilitators, lobbyists, and wheeler-dealers), military forces (in most failed &/or fanatic states), nepotists, NGOs (missionaries, poachers, social activists etc), promoters, politicians, regulators, universities (educational boards as well), and zealots unmentioned here so far, all of whom/which might very well mutate in a flicker or flash to become intendedly and intensely alien, indifferent and inimical to the masses, more sinisterly so to target masses, and most tragically so to target individuals!
        The Third Estate, as also we commoners have been stamped/stampeded and clubbed/clobbered euphemistically, through history by empires, states and nations, is best elucidated by the pre-French Revolution pamphlet Qu’est-ce que le tiers-état? (= What Is the Third Estate?)*: what is it? everything = nation; in the political order? nothing; desire? to become something; First and Second Estates? dead weight! Waxing poetic, angry and eloquent about the commoner’s aspiration, ascendancy and assistance from its side, almost every modern state (democratic and autocratic) has telescoped all the classical First, Second & Third Estates into itself, and stretched and spread itself out in turn as the legislature, administration = executive, and the judiciary.
        So, The System (= the prevailing power structure), autonomous and all-powerful, typically first calls out caringly its anonymous and faceless inhabitants, via an ingeniously framed benevolent proclamation etc. Second, it segregates them tacitly by rendering them polyonymous (blue/pink collar, differently abled, elder, juvenile, farmer = red collar, villager, victim, white/gold collar, widow, youth etc), as per convenience. Next, it deludes the segregation with aid, integration, upliftment, empowerment, primacy, supremacy, and the like, and thus orchestrates a selection/shortlisting, closer to its machination. And last, those selected/shortlisted groups, forever synonymous with myrmidons, are ingested in the raw by The System, digested for its own indulgence, incrementation and indissolubility, and egested rawer than before, with expended essentiality. Anyone, especially who’s been dropped and dumped, whom The System perceives as resisting, restraining or repelling it, is retaliated with reproach, recrimination and retribution. The person(s) simply can’t desist from feeilng defaced, defeated and doomed, if not yet facing dissolution or death.
        The Fourth Estate, starting off long ago in the form of free-functioning, freelancing and human-friendly polymaths, prodigies and pandits bedecking journals, magazines and multimedia, has already and nearly completely sold out to megacorporates with vested interests, eg, mass force (cf above) manipulation.
        The Fifth Estate, the energetic and ever-enlarging internet power house, enticing and endearing totally free individuals with all their itches, does look positive, particularly in ‘projecting’ buddy-buddy and goody-goody abstract stuff with literally all the conviction and backing in the world. But here, too, perennial power mongers, these also include state forces, are the worst enemies with their strong interloping, interrupting and appropriating tactics, as far as any instance of cherishing and nourishing virtuous dreams is concerned, and insofar as any dream such as that is defined to determine the cosmologic destiny. For all of us Bharat vaasis, defining our dear, own India’s destiny is our first and foremost step in this direction.
        But what combinations of what kinds of (personal =more abstract/idealistic, mass = more physical/materialistic) forces are more likely to succeed? Let us just pursue our ‘noble’ dreams and deeds with confidence, courage and commonsense, and not allow any doubt, diffidence or despondence adulterate or annex our body, mind and soul. Surrounded on all sides by noble, egging souls, none of us should need noughty, begging bowls, particularly inside our own, omnipotent country!
        Happy India Independence Day! Happy Krishnaashtami! Peace, progress and prosperity as well as power, pride and perenniality to India, and so to everybody on earth and in the Universe! Jai Hind! Jaya Bhaarata!
        *Wikipedia, and other website sources.

  2. People are reading the whole Gujarat RS elections wrong. Even if Ahmed patel was defeated in gujarat, the shameless crony party that congress is, they would have nominated him from either karnataka, kerala or punjab and got him in like they did Mauni Baba. Amit Shah sent a powerful message to evil tadaka and her crony Ahmed patel that he can give a run for their money to their political existence and almost pull it off. If pappu is intelligent, he will see the writing on the wall, rebalance himself for a future where he is likely to lose gujarat, HP, karnataka and again MP & Rajastan and along with that congress loksabha tally may become half of current 44 in 2019. Modi & Shah are out to break the evil pseudo sickular and liberal enterprise that Nehru and his clan have cultivated over last 70 years

    • I am in agreement with Jolly, of course. And yet, the people in power must also chase those off it into their own turf, which is still logically large even though physically puny, and whose very fabric is cent percent* trickery and treachery, and ultimately flush them out of it.
      After all, it’s a ‘game of thrones’ where power changes hands every 5 years when the incumbents as well as the exiles engage afresh their constituencies to regrab it.
      And we all should never forget, India has suffered heavily throughout history due to it’s measly logic and logistics.
      *I’m sorry, if this old British Raj phrase (= cent percent) sounds weird nowadays!

  3. I think the BJP slipped miserably on its tactical terrain and fell dead headlong in the process, thus losing both the situation and its facade, having fed and filled itself all along with overconfidence and oversight. Undeniably, the mousy Congress was locked in a do or die battle against the mighty BJP, but had a lot more places to hide, tricks to hatch and (BJP) loopholes to hack. In the end, the mouse proved in reality to be a vampire which not only vanquished the very group busy victimizing it, but also vamoosed with the very thing offered baiting it.
    The moral of the story: The incumbent folks are mere minions on the tactic, trickery and treachery turf of those in exile.

  4. wonderful,,3 amigos are more interested in short cuts,deviousness and diabolic..We have a hindutva version of crookedness and skullduggery..Kaliyug is bringing out the worst in this country.GOD only can save Indians or probably DrSwamy at the helm.Why not people think that bold,honesty , straight forward,transparant can get us the goals we are seeking? For that, one needs cajones,,I remember the long speech of Al Pacino in defense of the boy in the film “Scent of a woman”,,sheepish school administrators exactly resemble our amigos.


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