Has BCCI made Cricket a spectacle rather than a sport? An in-depth look with M R Venkatesh

Right from 2017 Champions Trophy final, the goings-on in the BCCI and the team performance have been an object of humor - Captain takes a bad decision and when questioned, Coach is fired. What is the reality of BCCI and Cricket and how long will the charade continue? Will the goose that lays golden eggs die soon?


  1. MRV’s analysis, as always, os absolutely correct. It is indeed a spectacle for the Indians as regards cricket is concerned. As a layman and a lover of cricket, with a limited exposure to administration, I have still not been able to fathom the relevance of the creation of another supervisory body over the flamboyant BCCI. Much more can be said in this respect but, for the sake of decency, I would go along MRV on the subject covered by him. Is someone in the cricket body listening?


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