How many political parties are there in the US?

In a two-party Democracy that is the United States, signs are emerging that there are six political parties inside them.

In this conversation with Prof. R Vaidyanathan (Prof RV) on who really runs the United States, he had defined some new terms such as a Democrat-Republican and a Republican-Democrat. In effect what he was defining was that inside the two tents Republicans and Democrats, there were in effect 4 political parties. In this wide-ranging video (see below) the reality of the Wall that Trump wants to build, the price of Crude and who really controls it was discussed. This was aired in April 2017, almost six months ago.

To my pleasant surprise, I came across this video posted hours ago, by Prof. Robert Reich of the University of California at Berkeley on the six political parties that make up the Republican and Democratic parties. You will, after seeing this 2-minute video, understand how close Prof. RV came to defining them in his chat of April!

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