India Today caught for PRESSTITUTION in fake photo shooting of Tamil farmers in Noida

In a clear instance of Presstitution, images have surfaced of India Today photographers directing "farmers" from Tamil Nadu to pose with skulls

In a clear instance of Presstitution, images have surfaced of India Today photographers directing
SM is agog with India Today photogs directing TN farmers

India’s leading magazine ‘India Today’ has committed an unpardonable fraud in journalism. The magazine tried a dramatic photo shoot session by taking some of the protesting farmers from Tamil Nadu in Delhi’s protesting area Jantar Mantar to a nearby Greater Noida farming area. Social Media is abuzz with photos of the blatant violation of journalistic ethics where India Today’s cameramen are directing poses for three farmers with some skulls.

The photos exposed the fact that the magazine photographers were directing the poses to the farmers for their next edition.

This was first brought out by S G Suryah, BJP’s Tamil Nadu youth wing leader who tweeted as follows:

He put out India Today’s dramatic and unethical photo session of Tamil Nadu farmers at Greater Noida’s Chauroli Village. The photos exposed the fact that the magazine photographers were directing the poses to the farmers for their next edition.

Internet warrior Media Crooks came out with a scathing attack on India Today Group Chairman Aroon Purie for choreographing the Tamil famers in Noida farm lands: Ravi Narayan who runs Media Crooks quoted the Facebook post of Mahendra Singh Chauroli, a farmer leader from Chauroli Village in Greater Noida.

Not only Aroon Purie, India Today’s Group Editorial Director Raj Chengappa also owes an answer for committing this fraud on journalism. Raj Chengappa is also the President of Editors Guild of India, a letter pad body or Club of Editors which issues statements off and on.

Aroon Purie and Raj Chengappa owe answers to the nation.

Moreover, India Today TV’s Consulting Editor Rajdeep Sardesai’s role in this questionable activity also needs to be mentioned. This incident happened hours after Rajdeep did a few live shows with the protesting farmers in Jantar Mantar and started stressing on the skulls dramatically displayed by this doubtful gang of Tamil Nadu politicians. In the past, Rajdeep has invited controversies with questionable and dramatic coverage in Cash For Vote Scam in Parliament in 2008. The journalist who covered this dramatic sting operation had deposed before a court that he was directed by Rajdeep on this fraud operation. Once Prime Minister Narendra Modi had criticised Rajdeep in his interview with veteran writer Madhu Kishwar for his inflammatory reporting and frauds in covering Gujarat riots of 2002. For the past few days, through his tweets Rajdeep was trying to fan flames portraying Tamil Nadu farmers’ dramatic protests as a national issue.

This is a clear instance of Presstitution by India Today. Unpardonable fraud on Journalism. Aroon Purie and Raj Chengappa owe answers to the nation.

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  1. Acutely i leaving in tamilnadu since 30 year one of NGO Greenpeace who ply role to brack india Russia friendship through kudankulam nuclear projects get money from that ngo and eat briyani 6 month but sleeping primeminister Manmohan ji finaly wake up otherwise tamilnadu have no electricity and india friendship with Russia colepsed thanks god same grop still create anti national propergrnda country kindly wake up modi ji and kill the main culprit behind this so small group will automatically closed

  2. I am not surprised at all. Such media groups have been fabricating fake evidences to prove their perception. It is not first time they have been caught. Need to be simply ignored by one and all. Once TRP evaporates and ad revenue dwindles, they may come to senses. Foreign funding, if any, will also disappear if their are few viewers or readers.

  3. I mean what is wrong with this , they are trying to attract more attention to this issue through making a photoshoot that will make farmer’s situation visually understandable, they are not giving any false data!

    • India Today is a media and if a media’s role is to report what is going on, how come they being willing participant is acceptable to us?Indiatoday is a crooked organisation

  4. This are so called intellectuals but are they really. They are termites eating away our country. They have no place in country like Bharat. They should be expelled from our nation. I am in London/UK but upon seeing this makes my blood boil.

  5. The jokers in joker party could have established ground rules when they took charge but these bumbling idiots had no prior plan how to handle press and like bumbling idiots they thought the best way is to ignore them.So the biggest of all 56″ did that for some time but then realised he needed them after all.The lesser jokers couldn’t resist to show off so became regular visitors to these studios where the hosts have abundant opportunity to mock at them.Now the crooked media is emboldened having realised that these are just bumbling idiots , so they can do what they please.This photoshoot crooked effort is a result of their brazenness.Guys who voted for the bumbling idiots have to live with them.

  6. just bought NDTV frauds, journalist in India have made a mockery of everything,be it executive or judiciary.Never trust these empty shells.

  7. Well done Team PGurus! And compliments also to TS G Suryah, BJP’s Tamil Nadu youth wing leader. It’s an excellent example of how the younger brand of politicians do for clean politics, and how dedicated journalist can expose the media frauds who are doing so much damage to our country by viciously converting non-issues into a national one. Shame to such journos, Rajdeep Sardesai included.

    • Please Sir, Add My congratulations also to the young soldier for exposing these rogues. I would love to hang them from the nearest lamp post.

  8. As stated in the article as President of Editors Guild of India Raj Chengappa must respond on the fraud on Journalism committed by his staff.
    Further, it is confirmed by this shoot, this is paid and fake dharna. These so called tamilnadu farmers, made a fool of themselves by their pranks and have brought a shame and disrepute for Tamilnadu .

    Agitation is for an issue and minimum civic decency should have been maintained . Running naked has never been a method adopted in any agitation.
    Probably this is the first time that agitators behaved in such indecent ways. Normally in political agitations such indecent acts never take place.
    It appears all their pranks – running naked / acting like mentally deranged drinking urine are planned and executed for the TV Channels .
    It is unfortunate there is no leader worth his salt in Tamilnadu to properly guide these agitataors.
    Delhi police should have arrested these people for such indecent displays in public. Next time if these people seek permission for dharna in the capital, the Delhi Police should take an undertaking from them that such indecent acts would not take place. and invoke the above section of law to arrest them if they violate the undertaking.

    Section 294 of the Indian Penal Code lays down the punishment for obscene acts or words in public. The other sections of Indian Penal code which deal with obscenity are 292 and 293. The law does not clearly define what would constitute an obscene act, but it would enter the domain of the state only when it takes place in a public place to the annoyance of others. Hope Delhi police are aware these sections of law.

  9. Rajdeep,Burkha,,Sagarika etc funded by leftidts and may be China also to defame the present Govt.If possible such journalists who are doing innumerable damage in the guise of educated eltie journalists are as dangerous as terrorists holding weapons

  10. It is really shocking. Government must ban India today. I can’t write anything more. They are destabilising India. Please book the entire team.

  11. There is absolutely no question that presstitution is a thriving profession in this country, rivalling in returns what is called the oldest profession in the world.


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